Katie and Nick drove for about 10 minutes. Then they saw Pop's car stop. Nick pulled up behind him and then stopped. Katie jumped out of the car, amazed by what she saw.
"Other than the wedding, this is your present," said Pop. Katie and Nick just looked in amazement. They were looking at a house bigger than the one that she and Nick already had.
"This is for us?" asked Katie.
"Yeah well you two are always down here for something and you are always wasting money on a hotel so Judy and I thought that you should have your own little house down here," replied Pop.
"Little? This is huge!" exclaimed Nick.
"Well it is right on Barefoot Beach, because I know that both of you love the beach, and it is fully furnished," said Pop. Katie ran over and gave Poppy and Judy a big huge hug. Nick did the same. That was the first time Katie had ever seen her grandfather hug Nick. She was so happy that they got along. Poppy gave her the key to the house so she ran up to see it. Poppy and Judy followed behind her. If was so beautiful!
"Oh yeah there is something in the garage too," added Pop. Katie looked for the garage door. When she found it she looked in there. She saw a silver 2000 Mustang convertible. She was so happy.
"Well, we are going to go and let you to get used to your new house," said Pop.
"Ok. Thank you so much," said Katie.
"Well, I got to go to," said Nick.
"Where do you have to go?" asked Katie.
"All of our stuff is at the hotel. Someone needs to go get it and then check out of the hotel," replied Nick.
"Nope you don't. I went and got your stuff and brought it here. It is in your room," said Judy.
"Oh thanks," said Nick.
"No problem," said Judy. Katie and Nick gave them a hug good-bye and told them that they would see them tomorrow and they left.
"This is so cool," commented Katie.
"Yeah I know! You want to try and find out room?" asked Nick.
"Yeah. It might take all night," said Katie laughing. They saw everything in the house. The kitchen was huge. It had an island. On the island there was a vase with roses. They walked over to see who they were from.
The Note: Hope you like the house. Pop and Judy better do something like this for me when Matt and me get married. Love ya, Becky.
Katie walked out of the kitchen to the living room. It was the biggest room in the house. It was a big square. It had a huge entertainment center with a DVD player and two VCR's and a big screen TV. It also had a stereo that held 100 CD's at once. There was a big L couch in the middle of the room. In front of that, there was a coffee table. In the room there was also a love seat and next to that were 2 big chairs. Katie was completely amazed by it. Then she heard Nick call her. She went upstairs and followed where his voice came from. She walked into a room, but she didn't see Nick. She saw her suitcase on the bed. She walked in a little more to see if Nick was somewhere else in the room.
"Nick?" she said. Then she felt someone grab her from the back. She got really scared and jumped. She turned around really fast to see who it was. It was Nick. "You scared me!" yelled Katie.
"Yeah I know," said Nick. Then he leaned in and kissed her. Then one thing led to another and lets just say that Katie made him a happy man for the night.

~~~The next Morning~~~

Katie woke up in Nick's arms. It was noon. She jumped up.
"NICK!! Get up!! We are suppost to be at rehearsal!!" she screamed.
"But we aren't on tour," said Nick sleepily.
"Not that type of rehearsal, our WEDDING REHEARSAL!!" exclaimed Katie. Her and Nick got up and got dressed really fast. They sped their way down to the church. Everyone was sitting there waiting for them.

~~~At the Church~~~

"Maybe they eloped," suggested Brian.
"Katie would do something like that," said Nate.
"No she wouldn't!" protested Jessie.
"I don't know she really wanted to get married. And she called him last night and he said that he had to leave and he couldn't tell us why," said Scott.
"She has wanted a real wedding all of her life. She wouldn't do this," said Becky.
"Nick would, you know a wedding when no fans know about it," said Kevin.
"Well the fans don't know about this one," commented Jackie. Then they heard a bunch of people screaming.
"What is that?" asked Matt.
"I think the fans found out where the wedding is," said Kevin jokingly.
"Just kidding," said Jackie. Erin and Jason walked over to the door and opened it. They saw Katie and Nick trying to get through the crowd. Erin held the door open for them and when they finally got in she shut it and locked it.
"Are you guys Ok?" asked Erin.
"It is about time you to got here. We all thought that you eloped or something," said Jason.
"No I would never do something like that," replied Katie. Then her and Nick went on with the rehearsal. Then they went back home and changed their clothes and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. Then they went home and fell right to sleep because they were so tired from running around all day.

~~~The day of the Wedding~~~

It was June 19th. Katie's wedding dress was so pretty. She had a long dress that was a tube top. It was her great-grandmother's dress that had been passed down for every girl in the family to get married. Every generation changed the dress somehow. Katie had the dress made into a tube top. She had white gloves to make it look like she had sleeves. Her dress dragged for about 5 feet. She was really beautiful. She was at the hair salon getting her hair done with her veil, when her phone rang.
"Hello?" said Katie.
"Hey wonderful. Are you excited?!?" asked Nick.
"Yeah but I am really nervous too," admitted Katie.
"Don't worry about it. You are going to do great!!" reassured Nick. Becky was gesturing to Katie while she was talking to Nick about the rings.
"Nick, my mom wants to make sure that you got my ring," said Katie, she sounded annoyed at Becky.
"Yes, I did. Did you get mine?" asked Nick. The two of them chose each other's rings so that it would mean more. They weren't allowed to see the other's ring until at the wedding. They gave each other clues of what they wanted. His ring was a gold band with six small diamonds inside the ring.
"Yep. I did. I'm looking at it right now. I hope you like it," replied Katie.
"Don't worry if you picked it out I'm sure it's perfect," said Nick. In the backround Katie heard Brian yell at Nick "Come on Nick, we are going to be late!!"
"OK Nick, well I'll let you go so Brian will quit yelling," said Katie.
"OK I love you. I will see you in…umm 3 hours and 15 minutes," said Nick.
"Ok I love you too," said Katie and then she hung up. It felt like it took forever for her to get her hair done. When it was finally over she stopped by the church to make sure everything was right. She wanted to make sure that her picture was in the right place. She had four big white frames that were up on white wire pedestals. When she was younger she lost her four closest family members to cancer and they all said that they were going to be at her wedding so she decided that she was going to have their pictures there. She had one of her grandfather, her dad's dad, Joe McElroy, one of her grandmothers, her mom's mom, Marilyn Corey, one of her great-grandmothers, her mom's grandmother, Elizabeth Corey, and the last one was a picture of her aunt/mother Lora. Katie was standing there looking at her pictures. She told everyone else that was with her to go and make sure everything was ok. She stood there looking at the pictures and she just started crying…missing them so much. Wishing that they could be there for the best day of her life. She wiped her face off and calmed herself down and then left the church. She had an hour and a half to get everything on and be at the church. She put on her dress and did her make up. She had 10 bridesmaids and a maid of honor. Katie's bridesmaids were her friends, Erin Brown, Jessie Broadstreet, Michelle Linn, Mariel Price, Erin Ponto, Leighanne Littrell, Kristin Richardson, and Nick's sisters, Bobby Jean, Leslie, and Angel. And her maid of honor was Becky. They were all wearing lavender silk dresses. Except Becky she had a pale pink dress on. The flower girl was one of Nick's little cousins. Both of Katie's parents were going to walk her down the aisle to give her away.

~~~The Wedding~~~

There were over 400 people there. All the boys were four of Nick's 10 groom's men. Nick's best man was, of course, Aaron. He was wearing the traditional black tux. Katie had all of her bridesmaids walk down. Then Becky started to walk down. Nick knew that Becky was Katie's maid of honor so when he saw her he was getting excited. Katie waited for her cue to start walking, which was the traditional wedding march. She started to walk down the aisle. Nick's eyes went wide. She was looking at him the whole time. When she got up to the alter, her grandfather was crying. The priest asked who was giving Katie away and her grandfather said he was. He lifted up her veil and gave a kiss on the cheek and took his seat. Nick walked Katie the rest of the way up to the altar. And the wedding went on. Nick had tears filling up in his eyes and he could barely say his vows. Katie was the same way. She was holding Nick's hand the hole time. Then it was time for the rings. Katie gave Nick his ring. He had a big smile and mouthed to her that he loves it. Then he gave Katie her ring. There were three of them. The first one was a gold band with 10 small diamonds in it kind of like Nick's, then the center one was a gold band with 2 small diamonds on the left side and then a big one in the middle and then 2 other small ones. Then the third ring was just like the first one. Katie loved it. Her smile got even bigger when she saw it. She told him that she loved it and then they were pronounced husband and wife. And they kissed. It was probably the best kiss that they have ever had. Katie walked back down the aisle with Nick. Everyone was standing clapping. She got out of the door and gave Nick a big hug!!
"You look so beautiful. When I saw you I almost fell. And I love my ring. It is perfect!" exclaimed Nick.
"You look very handsome, too. I love my ring it is so beautiful. I don't think I have seen anything so beautiful!!" said exclaimed Katie back.
"I'm looking as something right now," complemented Nick. Then he started to kiss Katie. They went into the back room waiting for Aaron to introduce them as Mr. and Mrs. Carter, and for the reception to start. When he did they spent the whole night dancing and meeting each other's family and friends. Nick got up on stage and so did the boys. There was a chair in the middle of the stage and Nick told Katie to come sit in it. He got on one knee in front of her and started to sing 'I Need You Tonight' by himself with the boys helping him with the chorus. Katie was crying when he was done. Katie and Nick's song, which they danced to, was 'But I Do Love You' by LeAnn Rimes. When it was 11:00p.m. Katie and Nick left the reception to leave for their honeymoon. They went to Hawaii. When they got there they went to sleep. Katie was so tired but she couldn't go to sleep. She was up all night just thinking about the day, Nick, and how her sister didn't show up. But she didn't let it get to her. She was with the man she loved, her soul mate.
"I love you, Nick." She said as she was laying her head on his chest.
"I love you too, Katie." He said and they fell asleep.