Katie ran to the hotel! She didn’t know what to do or think! She knew that Nick wouldn’t leave her on purpose! She ran to the elevator. It was all the way at the top floor and Katie didn’t have the patience to wait for it so she headed for the stairs. When she got to her floor she already had her key out and ready. She ran into the room!
“NICK ARE YOU IN HERE?!?” she yelled. No one was in there. The beds hadn’t even been slept in. They were nicely made and it was too early for the maids to make them. The only thing that was going through Katie’s head at that moment was that something bad had happened to him or that her mom took him. Katie looked around for a note or something, but nothing was there. Then she ran down the hall to Howie and AJ’s room. She banged on the door as loud and as hard as she could.
“Hold on I’m coming,” Katie heard Howie say. She was crying really bad then and she was out of breath. “What do you wa…” began Howie but then he saw that Katie was crying. “OMG Katie what’s wrong?” he asked. Katie could hardly speak.
“Nick…we…” uttered Katie.
“What did you guys get in a fight or something?” asked Howie.
“No...He is missing!!” exclaimed Katie. She settled herself down enough to talk. “We went for a walk on the beach after dinner and we sat down and feel asleep and when I woke up this morning he was gone!” she said and started to cry harder again. While she was saying all of that Howie let her in the room. AJ was still sleeping.
“Did you check your room?” asked Howie.
“Yes. That was the first place I looked,” said Katie.
“Did you try calling him on his cell?”
“NO! Can I use your phone?”
“Yeah sure go ahead!!” Katie walked over to the phone and AJ woke up.
“OMG! Katie! What are you doing here?” he asked but Katie had already dialed the number so she couldn’t talk.
“Here I’ll tell ya,” said Howie. AJ got up and walked over to Howie and told him what was going on. Katie was sitting on Howie’s bed and shaking. **RING** **RING** **RING** **RING** **RING** **RING** Katie slammed the phone down. Then she called their house. She didn’t know why he would be there but she just thought that he might. **RING** **RING** **RING** Then their answering machine picked up.
Katie heard Nick saying the message. “Hey, this is Nick and Katie. We aren’t here right now so leave you name and we probably already know your number and we’ll call ya back later. See ya!” **BEEP** Katie started crying hearing his voice. AJ was now sitting on his bed across from Katie looking at her really worried. Katie hung up the phone not leaving a message. She looked up at AJ.”
“He wasn’t there or at home. What is the number to Brian’s room?” she asked.
“Ummm…362,” said AJ. Katie picked up the phone and dialed the number.
“Hello?” said Brian. Katie could tell that she just woke him up. She was crying really hard and was really scared. She was shaking so badly that she could hardly hold the phone.
“Brian? Is Nick there?” asked Katie.
“No! Are you ok? What’s wrong?” asked Brian alert. Katie could tell that he was fully awake now after hearing her voice. She told him the whole story. “Where are you?” asked Brian.
“I am in AJ and Howie’s room,” replied Katie.
“Ok me and Leighanne will be right there. I will call Kevin. Just calm down we will find him and everything will be fine,” said Brian.
“I hope your right, Brian,” said Katie. She hung up with him and just lay down on the bed crying. She didn’t know what she was going to do! About 5 minutes later Brian, Leighanne, Kristin, and Kevin came in the room. Katie was still crying. AJ and Howie got dressed and tried to calm her down but it wasn’t working. Katie and the girls and Brian all went to her room while AJ, Howie, and Kevin all got in different cars to look for Nick.
“Katie! Stop shaking you are scaring me! We are going to find him don’t worry everything will be fine! I got my phone if you hear anything. I want you to stay here if he comes back. Ok?” asked Brian. Katie couldn’t speak, she only nodded her head ‘yes.’ “Ok,” said Brian.
“Be careful. We’ll take care of her,” said Leighanne and gave him a hug. Then Brian walked over to Katie and gave her a really big hug to try to reassure her. Then he left. Katie was lying on the bed crying. Kristin was talking to her about different stuff to try and get her mind off of things. Leighanne turned on the TV about a half an hour later. All Katie heard was ‘We will have more on the fatal accident after these commercial.’ She got a sinking feeling in her stomach and felt like the commercials were lasting forever. Katie sat up to watch the TV.
“Good afternoon. I am Grace Trayhan. This is the latest news on the fatal accident on Highway 41. Teen idol, pop star, Nick Carter, was in a crash this morning. The police are not releasing any information at this time because they have not contacted all family about this tragedy. Now for other news…” said the newscaster. Katie ran to the phone and called Jane.
“Hello?” said Jane, Katie could tell that she had been crying.
“Hello? Jane,” said Katie.
“Katie is that you?”
“Yeah! What hospital is Nick in?”
“What they haven’t called you yet?”
“No! None of us. Leighanne, Kristin, and I all just heard it on the news!”
“He is at Community South East. I will be flying in on the next plane.”
“Ok. Do you want me to pick you up?”
“No you just stay with Nick I will find my own way there.”
“Ok bye. I’ll see ya soon.”
“Bye honey, take care of my son!”
“I will!” promised Katie. Then she hung up and Kristin drove her to the hospital. In the car Katie was crying the whole time just hoping that he was ok. Leighanne called all of the other guys and told them what hospital. When they arrived there Katie ran into the front desk.
“Where is Nick Carter’s room?!?” she yelled. The lady at the desk looked at her weirdly.
“I’m sorry honey but no fans are allowed in,” said the lady.
“I am not a fan I am his fiancée! See here is Brian and Kevin’s wives!” exclaimed Katie.
“I’m sorry but you can’t go back there! NO FANS!! You are the 20th person coming in here to claim that they are Nick’s girlfriend! My daughter is a HUGE fan and she said that Nick only has a girlfriend and that he isn’t engaged!” The lady was yelling at Katie and Leighanne and Kristin were yelling at her trying to tell her that Katie was his fiancée. Then Brian walked in.
“Katie! Why aren’t you in with Nick?” he asked.
“She wont let me in she says that I am a fan!” said Katie pointing at the lady.
“We were trying to tell her that she isn’t a fan,” said Kristin.
“We even showed her a ring!” added Leighanne.
“This is Nick’s fiancée, but please don’t say anything. They are going to announce it later,” said Brian calmly. The lady was shocked that she didn’t believe Katie.
“Ugh..ugh..533,” she stuttered.
“Thank you,” said Brian. Katie had already started running for Nick’s room when the lady said it. She was looking for the room. When she found it she was getting ready to turn in a doctor stopped her.
“Please I need to see him,” begged Katie.
“Who are you?” asked the doctor.
“I am his fiancée!” exclaimed Katie.
“Are you Katie?”
“You can go in for 30 minutes. He has been calling for you.”
“Thank you!”
Katie ran in, next to Nick. She looked at his face. He had cuts and scratches all over it. She was sitting next to him crying. He was sleeping and she didn’t want to wake him because she had been in that place before with her mom, and she knew that the more sleep that he got meant the faster that he gets out. Katie was just sitting there and all of the memories of being in the same place with her aunt come back to her. She started crying even more. Then Nick started tossing and turning really badly.
“Nick! Nick! Wake Up!” said Katie. When he finally woke up he saw her and started to smile.
“What took you so long to get here?” he asked.
“No one called me and the guys,” replied Katie through tears. She was crying because she was so happy that he was awake.
“Oh when did you get here?” asked Nick.
“About 20 minutes ago.”
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” asked Nick.
“Because you needed your rest and you looked so cute.”
Katie couldn’t stand to see Nick this way. Nick could tell that she was really worried about him.
“I will be fine! Quit worrying,” he assured her.
“Yeah I know. I am just so happy to see you. I was so worried about you. When I woke up and you weren’t there I went crazy. I looked everywhere. Where did you go anyway?”
“I wanted to surprise you and bring you breakfast on the beach because it was so beautiful outside.”
“You didn’t have to do that.”
“Yeah I know but I wanted to.”
“Your mom is coming.”
“When?” asked Nick.
“I don’t know. She just told me that she was going to come in on the next plane. I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up at the airport, but she told me to stay with you,” replied Katie.
“Well good then you can stay here until she comes and then I can have my two favorite ladies next to me.”
“Actually no. I can’t you are only allowed to have one guest at a time, and the other guys what to see you. Plus, I am only allowed to be in her for a half an hour,” said Katie. Just then the doctor came in.
“Katie your time is up,” he said.
“No. I just woke up and we haven’t really gotten a chance to talk. Please,” begged Nick.
“Well the other guys are waiting and wanting to see you,” said the doctor.
“Just give me one more minute,” said Katie.
“Ok but only one minute. I’ll be back to get you,” said the doctor.
“Ok,” said Katie.
“Come here,” said Nick. Katie scooted closer to him. He wiped a tear from her eye. “I will always love you. And I will always be here for you no matter what happens,” he promised Nick.
“I love you too Nick,” said Katie. Then the doctor came in and motioned for her to leave. All of the guys got their turns with Nick. Jane came around 10:00 at night. Nick talked to the doctor and they agreed that Katie could sleep in the same room as Nick.

~~~Four Days Later~~~

Nick was able to go home. Jane had to go home. Nick had a broken leg and a sprained wrist. After about 6 weeks Nick was as good as new. The scrapes on his face were gone and you couldn’t even tell where ones were. His wrist and leg was fine. He still had a little bit of a limp but the doctor said that it would go away soon. He couldn’t dance quite yet. But the doctor said that in about 3 more weeks he would be able to. The wedding was in 3 days and Katie was really nervous. Because of Nick’s accident the boys canceled the entire tour that they had scheduled and were going to do it when he was better. Despite what the press might’ve said, Katie and Nick thought that it would be a perfect chance to get married and have some private time with each other. Since Katie didn’t have a father she asked her grandfather to give her away.
She was at her grandfather’s house going over everything that was going on. He offered to pay for the wedding just like a normal father would. They talked about everything. Katie had hardly seen Nick all week because she had been so busy with the wedding.
“Good Night Pop. I’ll call you tomorrow,” said Katie.
“Where are you going?” asked Pop.
“To my hotel. I am really tired and I need to get some sleep. I haven’t really had a good night sleep all week,” replied Katie.
“Oh well you aren’t staying at the hotel anymore. Call Nick and tell him to come over here. I have a surprise for both of you,” said Pop mysteriously.
“Ok,” said Katie. She was really confused and didn’t know what was going on. She called Nick and he was over at Jackie’s. Him and Scott have become really good friends since Katie and him had started to date. So Jackie and Scott offered for Nick to get ready and everything at their house.
“Hello?” said Nick.
“Hey Nick,” said Katie.
“Hey! Waz up. I really miss you!”
“Yeah I miss you to. What are you doing?”
“Playing 64 with Scott. He really sucks I have beat him every time!”
“Well, my grandfather wants you to come over here at his house. He says that he has a surprise for both of us.”
“Really? Do you know what it is?”
“Nope. I have no idea.”
“Ok well I think I need to give Scott a break so I’ll be over in 5. Ok?”
“Ok see you soon. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Then Katie walked back to the dinning room where her grandfather was.
“So what is this surprise that you are giving us?” she asked.
“Well it is from Judy and me,” replied Pop. Judy was Katie’s grandmother. When her real grandmother died her grandfather got remarried about 7 years later.
“Oh,” said Katie. She was trying to get clues out of her grandfather about what it might be but she couldn’t get anything. He was really good at keeping secrets. Then Nick knocked on the door. She walked over and opened the door. Nick gave her a big hug and a kiss like he hadn’t seen her in forever.
“Oh I missed you so much!!” He picked her up and spun her around. And then sat her back down and kissed her. They were standing there kissing when Katie’s grandfather walked over to them and tapped Katie on the shoulder.
“Are you two lovebirds ready to go?” asked Pop. Nick started laughing and blushed.
“Yes sir,” said Nick.
“Yeah pop,” said Katie.
“That is why I like you so much Nick, you are polite. Every guy that Becky went out with was so rude it was unreal,” said Pop.
“Thank you sir,” said Nick. He smiled and Katie was happy that Pop liked Nick. Poppy is very protective of her and Becky because they are the only grandchildren that he had and he wanted the best for them.
“Katie, why don’t you and Judy go out to the car? I want to talk to Nick,” suggested Pop. Judy and Katie walked out to the car.

~~~Back in the House~~~

“What is it that you would like to talk to me about, sir?” asked Nick.
“Nick, you are a very nice man, and I am glad that Katie found someone that has made her so happy. I have never seen her this happy. Please don’t make me regret giving her to you. Because if you hurt her then you will be dealing with me,” replied Pop.
“You wont have to worry about that sir.”
“Please take care of her.”
“I will,” promised Nick. He had a big smile on his face. Katie’s grandfather could tell that he wasn’t going to do anything. Then Nick and Poppy walked out into the car. Katie was talking to Judy. Her and Nick got in his car and Poppy and Judy got in their car, and Katie and Nick followed them to their surprise.