Katie and Nick went home and they changed their clothes and got in bed.
“Are you ok?” asked Nick.
“Yeah, I’m feeling better now. I don’t know what was wrong with me,” replied Katie.
“Ok well I am going to take a shower, and then I will be in bed.”
Nick walked into the bathroom. He sat down on a stool in there and pulled a black velvet box out of his jacket. He opened it up and looked at it.
“I love her so much,” he said quietly sighing. Then his cell phone rang. Katie heard it ring and thought that Nick was in the shower so she went to go answer it. When she got to the door she heard Nick’s voice.
“Hello?” said Nick.
“Hey Nick. How’s Katie?” asked Brian.
“She’s fine. She went to bed so I think she is asleep right now…Bri, what is wrong with me. I love her so much!! I am so afraid that if I ask her she will say ‘no’,” exclaimed Nick.
“You are just worrying too much. When Leigh, Katie, and me were all outside she only talked about how much she loved you. You have nothing to worry about!” assured Brian.
Katie heard everything that Nick said. She couldn’t believe it. In her head she was yelling, “I’ll say YES!! I’ll say YES!!” but on the outside she was keeping her cool. To calm herself down she went downstairs to get some water.
“Yeah, she is the one for me I know it. But I don’t want to lose her,” continued Nick.
“Don’t worry!! She loves you a lot. And tell her that I hope she feels better. I got to go,” said Brian. Then Leighanne got on the phone.
“Nick, me and Katie have become really good friends and trust me, I know that she would say yes if you would just ask her,” she said.
“How do you know?” asked Nick.
“Because you can always tell when a girl is in love. Plus… Well I got to go,” replied Leighanne.
“OK. Umm tell Bri that I will see him later. Talk to ya later, Leigh,” said Nick slightly confused.
“Bye!” said Leighanne. Then Nick hung up the phone. He looked at his watch and decided that it was too late to take a shower so he just put on a pair of boxers and a wife-beater. He walked out of the bathroom and looked at the bed and saw that Katie wasn’t there. He walked out of the bedroom and looked over the banister.
“Katie? You down here?” he called out.
“Yeah I’m in the kitchen,” yelled back Katie. Nick went down stairs. Katie walked over to him and gave him a long passionate kiss. Then he pulled away.
“What was that for?” asked Nick.
“Just because I love you. If you don’t like me kissing you I won’t do it anymore,” said Katie jokingly.
“Aww I love you too. Don’t worry I like it,” said Nick grinning. Then he leaned in for another kiss. This time it lasted a lot longer. They slowly made their way upstairs and to their guys’ bed. And then lets just say that Katie made him a happy man for the night.
Then next morning Katie woke up at noon. Nick was in the shower. She went down stairs and got a bowl of cereal. Nick came down stairs and gave her a kiss on the cheek since she had cereal in her mouth.
“I have a surprise for you tonight, Katie,” said Nick.
“What is it?!?”
“Can’t tell but make sure you wear something that you can dance in. We are leaving at 4:30.”
Katie and Nick chilled together until 3:30. Katie went and took a shower and started to get ready. When she was done getting ready she went down stairs. She was wearing tight black leather pants and a tight white Abercrombie and Fitch tank top.
“You look great!” complemented Nick.
“Thanks.” They walked out to Nick’s Durango. They drove for 3 and a half hours. Then Katie realized where they were. Nick turned into Tony’s Pizza Plaza.
“What are we doing here? I haven’t been here since the party,” said Katie.
“I thought Sue would like to see you again,” replied Nick smiling. Katie walked in and saw all of her old friends that lived down in Naples. Then Sue went on stage and introduced the girls. They went up on stage and the first song that they sang was ‘Larger Than Life.’ Katie watched Nick the whole time. She was getting ready to sing ‘I Need You Tonight’ when Nick walked up on the stage. All of the girls got off the stage so it was just Katie and Nick.
“Stand up and close your eyes,” instructed Nick. Katie did what he said. He took a deep breath and got down on one knee. “Ok you can open your eyes,” said Nick. Katie saw him on one knee and started to cry. NICK- “Kathryn Alise Corey, I love you more than anything in the world. And I can’t imagine my life without you. Will you marry me?” proposed Nick. Katie was still crying because she was so happy. She couldn’t speak so all she did was just nod her head. Nick had a big smile on his face. “Really?!?” he exclaimed. Katie somehow managed to say yes. Nick put the ring on her finger and then got up and gave her a nice long kiss and then a hug. The rest of the night Katie stayed with Nick. About 3 hours later they decided to leave. It was really late and neither Katie or Nick or any of the boys wanted to drive home so they all stayed at a hotel. When they got to the hotel it was 12:00. The hotel was a really nice hotel on the beach. Katie and Nick decided to go for a walk.
“I’m really glad that you said yes. I have had the ring for like two months. I didn’t know when to ask you or if you were even ready for me to ask you,” admitted Nick.
“Why would you think that?” asked Katie.
“I don’t know...I thought maybe you thought that you were to young or something like that. I guess I am just afraid of rejection. I don’t know what I was thinking,” replied Nick. Then he turned to her and gave her a nice long hug. Then they went back to the hotel. They rented the movie ‘Scream 3’ since they never got to see it. Everytime Katie would get scared Nick would hold her tighter. When the movie was over the two of them went to sleep.
The next morning Katie woke up to Nick looking at her.
“What?” she asked.
“Did you know that you get more and more beautiful everyday?” asked Nick grinning.
“AWW you’re so sweet,” said Katie grinning back. The whole day the two of them just lay in bed. They were just laying down not saying anything, then Nick said something.
“You know what? Your aunt was right,” he said.
“About what?” asked Katie.
“Well Becky broke up with Brad. And then found out that he was playing on her with another girl. And she knew that we were going to get married,” replied Nick.
“Yeah I never really thought about that,” said Katie. Then the phone rang.
“Hello?” said Nick.
“Hey Nick what are ya doing?” came AJ’s voice.
“I’m just laying in bed,” said Nick.
“Where’s Katie?” asked AJ.
“She is here with me. What’s up with all of the questions?” asked Nick curiously.
“I was just wondering,” said AJ.
“Yeah sure,” said Nick and rolled his eyes.
“Whatever,” said AJ.
“So what were you calling about?” asked Nick.
“Ummm oh yeah the guys and I were wondering if you wanted to play some basketball with us and Leighanne and Kristin are here wondering if Katie wants to go shopping,” said AJ.
“You aren’t going shopping with the girls? Are you ok?” exclaimed Nick feigning shock.
“Real funny!! Well do you want to?” asked AJ impatiently.
“I don’t feel like playing let me ask Katie about the mall. Hold on,” said Nick and then turned to Katie.
“Do you want to go to the mall with Leighanne and Kristin?” he asked but was shaking his head no.
“No. Have AJ tell them that I don’t feel good,” said Katie.
“She said no that she doesn’t really feel good,” said Nick to AJ.
“Yeah I’m sure. You two are going to spend the whole day alone right?” asked AJ.
“Not like that!!” exclaimed Nick.
“RRIIGGHHTT!!” said AJ laughing. Then Nick hung the phone up on AJ.
“What was that all about?” asked Katie.
“Nothing AJ was just being himself,” replied Nick. Katie laughed. “So do you not really feel good or were you just saying that?” asked Nick.
“Well I feel fine but I am a little hungry,” said Katie.
“Come on I know this place on the beach,” said Nick. They got dressed. When they left it was 5:30. So the two of them decided to walk the walk to the restaurant. It took them an hour and a half to get there. The whole way they just walked hand and hand talking about nothing that had any point. It was a really nice restaurant. They ordered their dinner and the whole time talked about the wedding. To their surprise no girls came running up to Nick asking for his autograph. Then Katie noticed that a bunch of girls kept looking at her. She and Nick were holding hands across the table. Nick could tell that something was bothering her.
“Is there something wrong? If you don’t want to do that at the wedding you don’t have to,” said Nick. Katie then realized that she had blocked out everything that Nick said.
“What did you say? Sorry. These girls keep looking at me like they hate me or something,” apologized Katie.
“Who?” asked Nick. Katie told him where they sat and he turned around and looked at them. They quickly ran over.
“Hey Nick, Can I have your autograph?” asked one girl.
“Yeah sure. What is your name?” asked Nick.
“Ashley,” said the girl.
“Can I have one to?” asked a second girl.
“Yeah sure.”
“Nick, can I ask you a question?” asked the third girl.
“Yeah sure.”
“Who is she?” asked the girl pointing at Katie.
“Well umm this is my girlfriend, Katie,” replied Nick.
“Well can I ask you another question?” asked the girl.
“Sure anything,” said Nick. The girl looked really sad.
“What is that on her finger?” she asked. She was pointing to Katie’s engagement ring. Katie quickly answered before Nick said what it really was.
“It was my mom’s wedding ring. She died not to long ago,” said Katie. She weren’t really lying because Becky gave Katie her aunt’s favorite ring. “It was just on the other hand,” she added. Suddenly the girl got happy again.
“Oh ok sorry. Nick, can I have your autograph?” asked the girl.
“Yeah sure,” said Nick. He looked kind of confused. When all the girls left, Nick looked at her weirdly.
“What?” asked Katie.
“What was that all about ‘My mom’s ring?’”
“Nick, did you see her she was sad asking the question and when I answered she got all happy again. I think we should announce it before we tell any fans.”
“Yeah I guess.”
Then the food came. Katie and Nick ate quickly then paid and left. They walked for about two hours and then just lay down in the sand. Katie snuggled with Nick. And then soon fell asleep to him humming ‘I need you tonight.’ Then next morning she woke up...alone!!
“Nick where are you?” said Katie. She looked around and noticed that she was the only person on the beach. She was scared and worried. Nick wouldn’t just get up and leave. Nick was gone. Katie started to run home and the entire time she was thinking ‘WHERE DID HE GO?’