Katie started to run out of the church. Nick was right behind her. They were running to their limo. They got about halfway there when Katie tripped. Nick was helping her up when the policemen caught up to them. They pulled Nick away from her!
“No!! Katie!!!” yelled Nick.
“Let go of me!!! Nick Help!!!” screamed Katie.
“I can’t!” yelled Nick. They took them both and threw them into a car. The driver sped off. Katie was really scared. She was shaking really badly. Nick gave her a hug.
“Everything is going to be ok!” he assured her.
“Nick there is something that I need to tell you,” said Katie.
“What is it you can tell me anything,” said Nick.
“I don’t know what is going to happen to us so I want you to know that I love you. I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you!! I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long but I just didn’t know when you say it,” said Katie.
“I love you too Katie!! Ever since I saw you at Tony’s!! I love you more than life itself!! We are going to make it through this. Some how!! We are not going to die today!!” exclaimed Nick and then he kissed her.
“Hey you two Shut up!!” yelled the driver. The rest of the drive Katie and Nick sat in silence. They were holding hands the whole time. About an hour later the car stopped. They were in the middle of nowhere. The driver yanked Katie and Nick out of the car. Then there was a car that pulled up behind them. It was Katie’s mom.
“Well, Katie. It looks like you got your wish after all. You are going out with Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. You are a singer and you live in Florida. But I bet that dying a week before you 19th birthday wasn’t one of those wishes. Was it?” asked her mom. Katie didn’t answer. The driver of their car was now holding a gun that was aimed right at Katie. “WAS IT?” yelled her mom.
“No it wasn’t. Why are you doing this?” asked Katie.
“Why did you leave? Because you wanted to. Now I want to ruin your perfect life because I want to!!” yelled her mom.
“I didn’t leave because I wanted to! You kicked me out and this was the only place I had to go!” yelled back Katie.
“I didn’t go through 29 hours of labor just to have a C section just to kick you out,” said her mom.
“Mom, you didn’t have 29 hours of labor with me just to have a C section. That was Megan!! You can’t even tell us apart and we are as different as night and day!” yelled Katie. Her mom just stood there in silence trying to sort everything out. Then Katie heard a cop car with sirens. They were getting closer. Katie’s mom and her continued to argue. Then Katie heard Jackie!
“Katie!! Nick!! Are you guys…OMG!!” yelled Jackie.
“Wait right there!!” screamed Katie’s mom. Jackie stopped and didn’t move afraid for her life. “Turn around Jackie,” instructed Katie’s mom. Jackie turned around. “Now walk over next to Katie,” continued Katie’s mom. Jackie walked over. Katie could hear all of the police officers running around in to trees behind her.
“Ok Sir. Drop the gun and no one will get hurt,” said the officer.
“NO!!” yelled the driver.
“Will you please let the children go!” requested the officer.
“OK. But only the boy and the new girl. Katie has to say,” agreed the driver. Jackie quickly walked away. Nick didn’t move.
“Nick, go,” urged Katie.
“No I’m not leaving here without you by my side,” said Nick stubbornly.
“Hey boy leave or she goes bye bye!!” warned the driver. Nick looked at Katie and then slowly walked away.
“Nick, what would you do if I killed Katie right now?” asked Katie’s mom.
“I would…kill myself just so I wouldn’t have to live without her!!” replied Nick.
“Well we’ll have to see about that…see how much you really love her!!” said Katie’s mom. Then the driver pulled the trigger!! Katie tried to jump out of the way but she wasn’t quick enough. The bullet hit her right in her lower right shoulder. She fell to the ground in pain. Nick came running to her. The officers knocked the gun out of the driver’s hand and handcuffed him and then Katie’s mom. One officer called for an ambulance. Katie was lying there, Nick was crying.
“No…Katie stay with me…don’t leave me I love you!! I don’t know what I will do without you!!” begged Nick. Katie was getting dizzy and she was seeing spots. She had lost a lot of blood.
“I love you, Nick,” said Katie and then she passed out.

Katie woke up to find Nick by her.
“Katie!! Hey!!” exclaimed Nick.
“Where am I?” asked Katie. She felt really dizzy and like she was going to throw up.
“You don’t know how happy I am to see you awake!! I missed you so much,” said Nick. Then her started to kiss her. She kissed him back the best she could but she was really weak. Then she pulled away.
“Where am I?” asked Katie again.
“You are in the hospital,” replied Nick. Then all of the fellas and the girls and their boy came in the room.
“The doctor told us that you woke up and that we could all see you,” said Howie.
“Thanks for coming you guys! How long have I been out?” asked Katie.
“About 2 weeks! The longest two weeks of my life!!” exclaimed Nick.
“TWO WEEKS!! What about the tour?” asked Katie.
“We told them that we were going to reschedule the whole tour because we wanted to make sure you were ok. You are like our little sister!” replied Kevin.
“Aww thanks guys that was really sweet! What about my mom?” asked Katie.
“Oh she had her trial last week. They wanted you as witness but since you couldn’t come they had Nick do it because he was there for everything,” answered Brian.
“And how did it go?” asked Katie.
“Well both your mom and the driver have life in prison without parole. And they have a restraining order from us,” responded Nick.
“Wow that is a lot,” commented Katie.
“Not enough for almost killing you,” said Nick.
Katie was let out of the hospital a week later. She moved in with Nick. Becky moved in with her new boyfriend, Matt. Katie and Nick bought a new BIG house right on the beach, about 30 minutes from everyone else. Nick had to help her do everything. She was getting ready to go on tour!! Her arm wasn’t completely healed yet but Fatima changed her and the girls’ dance moves so that she didn’t have to move her arm as much. Nick arranged it so instead of their normal tour bus that they got a bigger one so Katie and all the girls could stay together. Katie and Nick were inseparable the whole tour.


Katie and Nick both had a break. Katie and the girls have recorded an album and it was going great. The boys were helping them promote it and everything. They even sung 3 songs on there. The girls also had already made a Music video for MTV.
“Katie?” said Nick. Katie was lying on his lap.
“Yeah,” said Katie.
“Do you want to go out tonight?” asked Nick.
“We can’t remember we have to be over at Becky and Matt’s at 8:00,” reminded Katie.
“Oh yeah I keep forgetting,” said Nick. That was like the 10th time Katie had reminded him.
“Nick is there something on your mind?” asked Katie.
“No why do you ask?” asked back Nick.
“I was just wondering,” replied Katie. It was 6:30 so her and Nick started getting ready. Both of them were ready at 7 so they went out on the beach just to talk. Nick had been really quiet lately.
“Nick are you ok?” said Katie.
“Yeah, why?” asked Nick.
“I don’t know you have just been really quiet lately. Are you sure everything is ok. You know that you can tell me anything,” responded Katie. At 7:15 her and Nick left to go to Becky’s. Katie and Nick were the first people there. They were talking with Becky and Matt when Nick’s cell phone rang.
“I’ll be right back,” said Nick. “Hello?” He said walking outside.
“Hey Nick it’s Bri,” said Brian.
“Hey!” said Nick.
“Did you do it yet?” asked Brian.
“No I was going to do it tonight but I forgot we had to come to Becky and Matt’s…by the way when are you and Leighanne getting here?”
“We are on our way right now. You need to do it soon.”
“Yeah I know I have been thinking of the best time to ask her. And how she is asking all of these questions like and I ok and stuff.”
“Hey Leighanne just had a good idea!! I got to go well be there in a few minuets I will tell you there. In the mean time act normal!” instructed Brian.
“Ok Bri I’ll see ya soon,” he said walking back in the room where Katie was. He walked up behind her and put his hands around her waist and gave her a kiss. Then he noticed that Howie and his date, Kevin and Kristin, AJ and Amanda, Jackie and Scott, Jessie and Nate, and Erin and Jason were all there. But he didn’t let it get to him. He just held Katie like that till Brian and Leighanne got there. Then Matt and Becky called a limo pick everyone up to take them to a fancy restaurant. They were having a great time until Becky stood up.
“Everyone I have an announcement. The reason that I called you all here tonight is because I have some good news and bad news the good news are…Matt and I are engaged!” proclaimed Becky.
“OMG!! Congratulations!!” exclaimed Katie.
“Wait there is more. And we are having an addition to our family in July!!” announced Becky. Katie was in complete and total shock and so was everyone else. Then they all snapped out of it and did all of their congratulations.
“But wait the bad news…” began Becky. Katie had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be good. “Matt and I have been talking and I am going to quit the group,” finished Becky.
“WHAT!!!!” exclaimed the four girls.
“Well I can’t be touring and still take care of the baby,” said Becky. Katie understood what she was saying. But she couldn’t believe that Becky was quitting the group. She didn’t talk much the rest of the night. Katie and Nick were standing up talking to Jessie, Nate, Scott, and Jackie when Brian came over.
“Nick, can I talk to you for a minute?” requested Brian.
“Yeah sure hold on I’ll be right back Katie,” said Nick.
“OK,” said Katie.
“What are we going to do about Becky leaving the band?” asked Jessie. Just then Brian came over to them.
“Hey Katie can Leighanne and I talk to you outside for a minute?” he asked.
“Yeah sure,” said Katie. Her, Leighanne and Brian walked outside.
“Are you OK?” asked Leighanne.
“Yeah I’m fine. Is anything wrong with Nick?” asked Katie.
“No I haven’t noticed anything,” replied Brian.
“Oh he has just seemed really quite lately. I don’t know be it is just me,” said Katie.

MEANWHILE - Back inside the restaurant.

“Everyone I need your guys’ help. I am going to propose to Katie tomorrow night at Tony’s. You know the place where we first met. I need the girls to call Sue and tell them that you are going to sing there for old times sake and that you have a special announcement. I need you girls to talk her into doing it too or you can surprise her that would be cool. I don’t know you can decide. OK then I am not going to show up until………” said Nick and then proceeded to tell them everything that was going to happen. Then when Nick was done he went outside to get Katie.
“Hey Katie here you are,” he said seeing her. It was really cold outside and Katie was shaking. Nick came around her and started to rub her shoulders warm.
“Nick are you ready to go home?” asked Katie.
“If you are,” said Nick.
“Yeah I don’t feel very good,” said Katie.
“OK,” said Nick and then turned to Brian. “Tell everyone that we said bye and Congratulations to Matt and Becky again,” he said.