The next morning Katie woke up at 8:00. Her aunt had already left for work. Katie woke up Becky and they started to get ready. Katie did her mile and a half run, that she did every morning. When she got back it was 8:20. She got into the shower and got ready for work. She got to work at 9:30. She set up and got everything ready.
The day went by so slow. It was 12:00 and Katie was in the kitchen getting the meal for the only people in the hamburger place. She heard the chimes on the door go off so she hurried to get the family their food and wait on the next people that had walked in because the other waitress that was supposed to work with her quit so Katie had to take over for the day. She walked over to the table.
“Hello. My name is Katie and I will be your waitress this afternoon,” said Katie. She didn’t look up at the people because she was getting out her pen and pad of paper to take their drink order. When Katie looked up she saw Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ and Howie all sitting there.
“Hey hun what’s up?” said Nick.
“Hey guys, what are you doing here?” asked Katie.
“Well I tried calling you but you weren’t there so Becky told me where this place was so the fellas and I were hungry from working in the studio and we wanted to see you on the job,” replied Nick.
“Oh ok, umm…” then the man at the other table called Katie over. The restaurant was really small it was called Cheeburger Hamburger. It was like a 50’s hamburger joint.
“Excuse me mam can you come here for a minute,” said the man.
“Yes sir. Hold on guys, I’ll be right back,” said Katie as she started to walk away.
“Is that man more important than your boyfriends?” asked Nick as he grabbed her arm.
“Nick I have to do my job and satisfy the customers,” said Katie. Nick let go and Katie walked over to the man and his family, and the man started yelling at her.
“Sorry to take you away from your boyfriend,” he said sarcastically, “But you are not serving us well!”
“I’m sorry sir. What would you like?” asked Katie.
“I would like for you to bring my food a little faster!” exclaimed the man.
“I’m sorry sir, but I am bringing everything as fast as I can,” said Katie.
“WELL THAT’S NOT FAST ENOUGH!” yelled the man. Nick then walked over.
“What is your problem?!? Don’t yell at her, YOU were the only people in this place until we came here and we have been here for only like two minutes!!” yelled Nick.
“Nick go sit down. I will take care of this,” said Katie sternly.
“No!” refused Nick.
“Nick! Go sit down,” Katie said louder this time. Brian came over and pulled Nick back to his seat.
“I demand to see the manager!” exclaimed the man.
“Ok sir, one minute,” said Katie. She walked back to the kitchen and got her uncle, who was the manager. The restaurant was a family business.
“George, some guy out there wants to see you,” said Katie.
“Which one is he?” asked George. Katie showed him. “That man complains everytime he comes in here. If he hates it so much why doesn’t he just stop coming? What does he want now?” exclaimed George.
“He said the service wasn’t fast enough,” replied Katie.
“WHAT!! Him and his family were the only people in here,” said George.
“Just go out there and straighten it out,” said Katie. George went and talked to the man while Katie took the boys’ drink order. The man and his family left because George yelled at them. Since no one else was in the restaurant Katie pulled up a chair and sat with the boys and talked. She went to go get their food, when your grandfather walked in. He was the owner of the restaurant. Katie saw him as she was taking the food to the boys.
“Oh Pop, I want to introduce you to some people,” said Katie. She gave the guys their food. “These are my friends Brian, Kevin, AJ, Howie, and my boyfriend Nick,” said Katie introducing the guys to her grandfather. Nick stood up to shake her grandfather’s hand.
“Nick to meet you sir,” said Nick.
“Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you also gentlemen,” said Pop. All the guys said hello.
“Pop, do these guys look familiar to you?” asked Katie.
“Umm sort of. Who are they?” asked Pop.
“They are the Backstreet Boys,” replied Katie.
“The music group, your favorite group the Backstreet Boys?” asked Pop.
“Wait here,” said Pop. He walked back to the office and a couple minutes later he came out with a video camera. “Is it ok if I take a picture of the 6 of you? So I can hang it up in here somewhere?” he asked.
“Yeah sure,” said all of the guys.
“Ok because you are the 1st celebrities that we have ever had in here…Katie get in there,” said Pop. Katie went in and she stood next to AJ.
“Wait…Nick will be upset if Katie isn’t next to him. Here switch with me,” said Brian. Then Katie was standing next to Nick. It was her first picture with Nick. Then her grandfather insisted on buying the boys lunch. After about 20 minutes the guys finally gave in. Later they finished eating and got ready to leave.
“Oh yeah Katie are we still going to the beach tonight?” asked Nick.
“Ok will you be ready at 5:30?”
“Yeah I should.”
“Ok then I will see you at 5:30,” said Nick.
“Ok…oh Nick what time are the girls and me supposed to be ready to go on tour with you guys?” asked Katie.
“Umm well me and the guys don’t even know yet. I’ll call you when we find out,” replied Nick.
“Ok I’ll see you at 5:30,” said Katie.
“Ok bye I…I…I’ll see you then,” said Nick, he gave Katie a hug and a kiss and he left.
Katie got off work at 4:45. She went home, took a shower, and changed her clothes. She was wearing short shorts and an Abercrombie and Fitch tank top. She heard a knock on the door. When she answered she saw Nick.
“Hey you’re early,” said Katie.
“Yeah I know, I just wanted to see you,” said Nick. Katie and Nick started kissing and they went to the couch. They made out for 15 minutes. Then Nick pulled away.
“Are you ready to go?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Katie started to head for the door when something told to take her phone with her.
“Why did you bring that?” asked Nick.
“I don’t know. Something is just telling me to bring it…I will leave it in the car so no one will bother us, don’t worry,” replied Katie.
“Ok.” Katie and Nick left and went to Barefoot Beach. They walked up and down the beach until it was time for the sunset. Nick brought a camera and asked people to take pictures of the two of them. When the sunset came they found a place with hardly any people. They just sat there. Katie was leaning against Nick. She was thinking about how romantic this was. It was perfect. She was with the man she loved on the beach with hardly anyone around and the sky was so clear! She looked up at Nick. He was looking down at her with those gorgeous blue eyes. They started kissing. They were just lying there in the sand making out. They didn’t realize that the sun had already gone down and that everyone had left. When they stopped kissing they just lay one the sand looking at the stars.
“What do you want to do?” asked Nick.
“Well I need to pack. But that can wait till later. We can go back to my place and see a movie,” answered Katie.
“What do you want to see?”
“Something scary.”
“How about Scream 3?” suggested Nick.
“Ok I haven’t seen that one yet,” agreed Katie.
“Ok let’s go.” They got to Nick’s car and Katie heard her phone ringing. She got into the car and answered it.
“Hello?” said Katie.
“OMG!!” exclaimed Katie. She got the directions and told Nick that they would have to wait on the movie. They got to the hospital and saw Becky waiting for them by the entrance.
“Katie!!” exclaimed Becky.
“Where is she?” asked Katie. Her, Nick, and Becky all went to her room. Katie was really scared. She was shaking really bad and crying. Katie and Becky start talking to her.
“Hi Mom,” said Becky.
“Hi Lori,” said Katie. She opened her eyes and looked at the three of them because Nick was standing right next to Katie.
“My two little girls. And my soon to be son-in-law,” said Lori. Katie looked at her really confused. LORI- “I know that you two will get married…I will be at both of your girls’ weddings in your hearts even though I am not really there,” said Lori. Katie started crying even harder then.
“No Lori you have to stay. DON’T GIVE UP!” pleaded Katie.
“You’re a fighter, mom, you have to pull through,” said Becky.
“Becky, break up with Brad before he hurts you. There is someone out there for you. I love you girls,” said Lori and then all they heard was a long steady beep.
“NO LORI COME BACK!! COME BACK!!” yelled Katie and Nick pulled her away as the doctors came running into the room. He was holding her tight. One of the doctors took them out of the room. Katie went over and gave Becky a hug. Then Becky pulled away.
“Katie! What are you going to do?!? When your mom finds out that my mom is gone you are going to have to move back to Indiana,” exclaimed Becky.
“No! I won’t let you go. You aren’t going to leave Becky,” said Nick determinedly.
“But we don’t have enough money to pay all the bills,” said Katie.
“Well we will be going on tour…what about the tour?” asked Nick.
“Nick, I’m sorry but I can’t go. Not after this,” said Katie apologizing. Just then a doctor came up to her and Becky.
“Are you Miss Corey’s daughters?” he asked.
“She only has one daughter,” said Katie.
“Well according to this she had two. This is for Miss Rebecca Astphan and Miss Kathryn Corey,” said the doctor. He had a note in his hand. On the front it said Katie and Becky in Lori’s handwriting. Becky told Katie to take the envelope because she couldn’t take it. It was very thick. Her and Nick sat down on near by chairs. Tears started to fill Katie’s eyes as she read the note out loud.

The note: Dear Katie and Becky, You are the two best girls in the world. I could have never asked for anything better then to have you in my life. I was blessed by God to have you here for me. I had something strange happen to me and now I know that Katie, you and Nick were ment for each other. Don’t let him go. Becky, Brad will do nothing but hurt you. I love you girls more than anything in this world. Katie, enclosed are the documents that say that you are now my child. Becky, enclosed for you is your Trust Fund money. That should help you and Katie take care of the bill for the next few months. And don’t let me ruin your dream. Go on tour with the boys. It will pay in the end. I will always be there for you. I will always be with you. Nick, take good care of my little girl. Becky, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the best person in the world and don’t let anyone tell you different. Katie, when I go some people will come and try and get you to go back to Indiana. They are not suppost to take you so don’t let them! And if they do, on your 19th birthday I want you to fly back to Florida. I love you always and forever. I will always be there for you. Love your mother, Lora Corey.

Katie was crying really hard. Becky had sat next to her by then. Nick had his hand around Katie’s waist holding her tight.
“Nick, when do the concerts start?” asked Katie.
“Umm well we are supposed to leave tomorrow to rehearse, but that can you wait a few more days,” replied Nick.
“I am going to do what she said I am going to follow my dream,” said Katie.
“Sure I’ll call the guys now and they will call Jive and the concert people,” said Nick. He called the boys and they got everything worked out. They had to cancel one concert and reschedule it to the end of the tour. Katie’s grandfather made all of the funeral arrangements. She was at the funeral and Nick held her the whole time. All the boys were there and so were the girls. Katie and Becky went to make a speech about Lori. Katie was in the middle of her half of the speech when she saw her mom walk into the door with 5 policemen. Katie stopped speaking and looked at Nick and then back to the policemen, they were now running at her.