“You really blow my mind/ can’t believe it’s true/ I’ve been waitin’ all night long to get a boy like you/ Let’s have a party.” That was the song that changed Katie McElroy’s life forever.
She was doing the hardest dance move ever; when she noticed five gorgeous guys walk in the door. They were the none other than the Backstreet Boys: Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, and Nick Carter. They all stopped and looked at them when they noticed the song!!! None of the other girls noticed but Katie!! The guys laughed and sat down…except for Nick. His eyes were fixed on Katie. He just kept watching her!! When Katie’s part of singing was over, she jumped off the stage and walked over to see if it was really Nick. When she got closer there was no doubt in her mind that it was him.
“Hey you have a really good voice. My name is Nick.” He said shyly.
“Thanks. My name is Katie.” She replied trying not to go crazy. She forgot all about her friends and just start talking to him.
“So where do you live?” asked Nick.
She kind of hesitated and then answered “Indiana.” Katie could tell that Nick was disappointed that she didn’t live in Florida. “But I am staying with my aunt here. My aunt is trying to get custody of me.” Katie quickly added. Nick looked happier but confused.
“Did your parents die or something?” He asked still confused. She just looked down. She never liked talking about her parents. After a few seconds she looked up.
“No they don’t care about me like parents should. We always argue and that is just not the way that I want to live. So I come down here as much as possible.” She answered never looking up at Nick. She was afraid of what he would think of her. He didn’t say anything for a minute.
“I’m sure they care about you.” He finally said reassuring her. She looked up at Nick with tears in her eyes and just shook her head ‘No.’ Nick saw Katie crying and his expression immediately turned worried. “How do you know?” He asked putting his arm around her making her feel better.
“It’s a long story.” She somehow managed to say.
“Ok. I understand. Let’s change the subject.”
Katie and Nick talked for hours. Before they knew it, it was 3 o’clock. Katie’s friends had already left and so did the other four Backstreet Boys. Katie and Nick noticed that Nick didn’t have a ride home.
“Do you want me to drive you home.” She asked as she locked up the restaurant.
“No, I’ll just call one of the guys to come and get me.” Nick said as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. He started to dial AJ’s number when Katie stopped him.
“I am not going to let you wait out here for two and a half hours for one of the guys to get here. It isn’t that big of a deal.” Katie said with a smile on her face. Nick smiled back, which made Katie want to melt, and said ‘ok.’ She drove Nick home to Orlando. The entire ride they just got to know each other. Nick was kind of worried about having a fan going to his house, but he knew that he liked her. When she got to Nick’s house it was 5:00 in the morning.
“Thanks for the ride.” Nick said with a yawn. “You know it is really late, I mean early, why don’t you just stay here tonight. I don’t think you should drive home.” He added.
“Thanks. I am really tired.” Katie said with a yawn. Nick showed her to her room.
“Here you can wear this. It is big on me so it should be huge on you.” He said handing her an oversized tee shirt. “Good-night.” He said as he walked out of the room and shut the door.


Katie woke up and looked at the clock; it is noon!! She got up, changed clothes, and then went downstairs. She looked in Nick’s room to see if he is there. He was still sleeping so she went out in the living room and turned on the TV. She was watching the news because that was the only thing that was on.
“Good Morning, This is Grace Trayhan with your news for September 14, 2000. This morning in Naples, everyone is looking for popular Estaro High School student, 18 year old, Katie McElroy. She was last seen at Tony’s Pizza Plaza on 41 and Coconut RD. Here is a recent picture of her and if you have any information please call this number. She is living with her aunt, Lora Corey.”
“OMG!” She yelled louder then she had intended. Nick woke up from her yell and walked into the living room.
“Hey how did you sleep?” He asked tiredly.
“Nick I got to go” she said looking for her car keys.
“Why?” he asked worriedly.
“Because my aunt thinks that I am missing!! Can I use your phone?” She asked spotting her keys.
“Yeah sure. It’s over there. How do you know?” he asked pointing over by his couch.
“Hold on Nick…Hey Lori sorry” she said on the phone.
“Where in the world are you?!?” her aunt yelled loud enough that Nick could hear.
“Lori you will never guess in a million year where I am!!!” she said with excitement in her voice looking at Nick.
“The only place you should be is here young lady!!” her aunt said very angrily.
“I am AT NICK CARTER’S HOUSE!! I was at Tony’s and the boys came in and I needed to take Nick home because we were talking and the other guys had left. I was going to call you but by the time we got here it was 5 in the morning and Nick said that I was too tired to drive home so he let me sleep in his guest bedroom.” Katie said it really fast so that she could get her side of the story in before her aunt would interrupt. Her aunt was surprised.
”Tell Nick that that was very nice and responsible of him and I want to see you here in 2 and a half hours young lady!!!” she said shocked but very serious.
“OK I will be there soon.” She hung up and told Nick what her aunt had said. Nick walked her out to her car.
“Thanks,” said Katie.
“Sure anytime…ummm…Katie?”
“Yeah?” she asked.
“I ugh…ummm…I…I know we just met and everything but I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend??”
“Yeah yeah I would like that.” She gave him her number and he gave his to her. Then he kissed her. They kissed for a while and then Katie pulled away.
“Call me later after I am done being grounded.” She said jokingly.
“When will that be?” asked Nick laughing.
“Umm not long I hope. Bye.”
The whole ride home Katie thought of nothing but him and how down to earth he is!! Then she thought, “WOW Nick is my 1st boyfriend.” (She never have had a boyfriend because she had been moving back and forth between Florida and Indiana so guys didn’t want to go out with her if she was just going to leave.)
Katie got home at about 3pm after getting lectured for an hour about calling no matter how late she was. Becky (Katie’s cousin) came into Katie’s room and told Katie to tell her everything. She told her everything that happened!! And in the middle of the conversation the phone rings! Katie went to answer it.
“Hello is Katie there?” asked the person.
“This she.” Said Katie.
“Hey Katie waz up? What happened to you last night? I saw you talking to some guy!! Who was he??” asked Jessie.
“Oh just a friend.” Said Katie. She didn’t know if Nick wanted her to tell all of her friends that she knew him…especially if they were all bsb fans. (Katie only told Becky because she knew that she wouldn’t tell anyone.)
“He was REALLY hot but I couldn’t really see his face. Anyways the reason I called is because Sue (the owner of TPP) wanted to know if we would sing tonight because someone bought out the whole night and wants to hear us sing!!” said Jessie.
“I’ll do it, hold on let me ask Beck if she wants to…ok yeah Jess what time?” asked Katie.
“Ummm 5…I need you to call Erin and Jackie…I Would but Nate is over here.” Said Jessie, Nate was her boyfriend. “Oh yeah and you can invite one friend!!”
“Ok how about we get there at 4:30 to set up?” asked Katie.
“OK I’ll…see…you…” said Jessie and hung up.
“Ok??” said Katie. She called Erin and Jackie…Erin was bringing her boyfriend Jason and Jackie was bringing her boyfriend Scott. And Becky was bringing her boyfriend Brad. Katie tried to call Nick to see if he wants to come but he wasn’t answering.
When it was 4:15 Katie tried calling Nick one last time before she had to go…still no answer. She was kind of disappointed that he never called her or that he didn’t pick up.
Then Katie and Becky went to TPP. They got to TPP and there was no one there so they set up the mics and everything and then began to warm up.
At 5 tons of people showed up. Katie saw Sue.
“Hey Sue who is throwing the party?” asked Katie. “Because we want to start the show by saying thanks to them for throwing the party.”
“Ummm I forget his name so just go on and start and when I remember you can say it,” said Sue.
“Ok.” Said Katie. They always want to start off with a Bang so they start with a fast pitch song…this time they chose LARGER THAN LIFE!! Katie was looking out into the crowd when she was dancing and she didn’t recognize anyone!! And she knew pretty much everyone in Bonita Springs and Naples.
When that song was over Katie wanted to slow it down some so she brought out stools for all of the girls to sit on and started to sing I NEED YOU TONIGHT, Katie’s favorite song. Then she saw someone come in the door. She could them from the corner of her eye. She looked over at who they were and it was the Backstreet Boys…Nick was just looking at Katie in this loving gaze. Katie just looked right back at him.
The girls noticed the boys this time but they tried to act cool and not yell. Katie told them to keep singing without her for a few songs. She ran up Nick!! He threw his arms around her and gave her a really tight hug. She didn’t expect it but immediately hugged him back.
“Did you like my surprise?” asked Nick.
“This is your party?” asked Katie.
“Yeah and they are all record producers. I told them that you guys were really good!!” said Nick. “So who was the friend that you brought?” he asked.
“I didn’t bring anyone,” Said Katie. Nick just smiled. Katie was freaking out then because she couldn’t believe that she might get a record deal that night…her dream might be coming true!!
“Thank you soo much!!!” said Katie hugging Nick again.
“You need to start singing again before they think the group only has 4 members instead of 5.” Said Nick. Katie went back onstage and started to sing THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT.
After about three hours of singing Katie and the rest of the girls decided to take a break. Katie didn’t tell her band mates about the producers because they would freak out and start doing bad. She went to talk to Nick and the rest of the Boys, who didn’t know about her and Nick yet, while the girls went to see their boyfriends.
“Hey you guys are really good…you’re really hot!!” said AJ.
“Hehe thanks.” Said Katie.
“Don’t mind him he is always trying to flirt with girls EVEN THOUGH AMANDA IS AT HOME!!” said Brian.
“Hey!!” exclaimed AJ.
“Did you know that Nick was planning this?” asked Howie.
“Nope it was all a surprise!!” said Nick.
“Nick can I talk to you alone for a minute??” asked Katie.
“Sure.” Said Nick. They went over to an empty corner.
“Nick do they know about you and me?” asked Katie.
“No, I didn’t know if you wanted me to tell them,” replied Nick.
“Oh I think…” began Katie but then Erin came up to her and grabbed her hand.
“Katie come here I want you to meet some one!!!” said Erin.
“I’ll be right back Nick,” said Katie.
“Ok,” said Nick. Erin took Katie to the girls’ bathroom where all the girls were.
“WE DEMAND AN EXPLAINATION!!!” exclaimed Erin.
“What?” asked Katie.
“I don’t know...umm... just why have you been leaving us to sing by our selves and WHY ARE THE BACKSTREET BOYS HERE...AND WHY ARE YOU AND NICK SO BUDDY BUDDY??” asked Jackie.


The guys were asking Nick the same thing about him and Katie.
“Are you guys going out or something?” asked Kevin.
“Well something like that I asked her to be my girlfriend this morning. We haven’t gone out on a date yet or anything.” Said Nick.
“This morning??” asked Brian.
“Oh yeah when you guys left I had no ride home so Katie took me home and when we got to my house it was 5 an she was to tired to drive back home so I let her sleep in my guest bedroom.” Said Nick and AJ gave him a funny look.
“NOTHING HAPPENED, but don’t say anything to her because I don’t know if she wanted me to tell anyone.” Said Nick.

~~~Back in the Bathroom~~~

“Well we would like an answer!!” exclaimed Jackie.
“Well Jess you know that guy that I was talking to last night that you said was hott but you really couldn’t see his face…well it was Nick!! They came here last night all of them…you could kind of say it was love at first sight!” said Katie.
“Are you guys going out or something??” asked Erin.
“Yeah he asked me this morning.” Replied Katie.
“WHAT DO U MEAN THIS MORNING??” exclaimed Jessie.
“Well you know how you left before I did. Well, the guys left right after you. Me and Nick didn’t really think about it but Nick didn’t have a ride home so I took him home. It was 3 and when we got there it was 5 and I was too tired to drive home so Nick said that could sleep in his guest bedroom. But don’t say anything.” Explained Katie. Erin and Jackie looked at each other with a big smile on their faces.
“NOTHING HAPPENED. So when I found out that people thought I was missing I was getting ready to leave and Nick asked me out.” Said Katie.
“So when is you first date?” asked Becky.
“Ummm well we he hasn’t mentioned anything yet…but I think we need to get back out there and sing some more.” Said Katie. So they sang for another 2 hours and then everyone started to leave. Katie and the girls and their boyfriends helped clean up. Sue had to leave early so Katie had to close up. All the boys left (they were staying at the Holiday Inn about 2 minutes away from Katie’s house), except Nick, he wanted to talk to Katie when she was done. The girls and their boyfriends invited Katie and Nick to go to Delia’s Night Club. Katie and Nick decided to go. Katie and Nick were driving in Nick’s car and started talking.
“Katie, can you call Brian and tell him that you and I are going out and that I will be late?” asked Nick.
“Sure,” After she was done calling Brian… “Thanks for everything tonight!! That was really sweet of you!!” said Katie.
“You’re welcome,” said Nick. “That is what I need to talk to you about…”
“What is it Nick?” asked Katie, she heard the seriousness in Nick’s voice.
“Well I talked to the producers. They really, really like your voice and they think that you can make it but they think that the others are good but not good enough to make it. They all want to sign you and not the other girls.” Said Nick.
“But I can’t just leave them. We all promised that if we were going to get famous we were going to do it together. I can’t break that promise.” Said Katie.
“I know and I don’t blame you. I told them it was either all of you or no you!” said Nick smiling.
“Thanks Nick that means a lot to me that you would do that!!” said Katie happily.


Katie and Nick danced to every song. The club had everything that she could think of, an arcade, and an underage part where no drinks were allowed. A lovers wall, a bar, a make out room (15 minutes per couple). Jessie and Nate went in the make out room 5 times. Jackie and Scott went in there 3 times, but had their own little make out spot in the corner of the club. Becky and Brad went in there 2 times. Erin and Jason went in 7 times! Katie didn’t think that Nick wanted to go in so she didn’t say anything. Then when there was no one in line and the room was empty Nick took her hand and they went in there. They kissed for the full 15 minutes and then took Jackie and Scott’s place against the wall while they were dancing. Then after about a half and hour of making out Katie and Nick went back out on the dance floor and danced to the last 3 songs. Then Nick drove Katie back to TPP to get her car.
“I had a really good time!” said Katie.
“Yeah me too,” said Nick, while moving closer and then kissing her like he did at the club. He was a REALLY GOOD KISSER!! Katie heard someone honk their horn and she looked back and it was Becky and Brad. She forgot that they were going to wait for her!!
“Get a room you two!!” yelled Becky.
“Is she always like that?” asked Nick laughing.
“Yeah pretty much!! You should be lucky that Jessie or Erin aren’t here, they would be going crazy. They have never seen me kiss a guy.” Said Katie.
“How many guys have you kissed before?” asked Nick.
Katie giggled, “Umm…”
“You can tell me…come on,” coaxed Nick.
“None, you are the first guy I have ever kissed. To tell you the truth you are my first boyfriend.” Said Katie.
“Really, cause you are a really good kisser to have never done it before!!” said Nick and then he started kissing her again. Brad honked again and then Jessie and Erin and their boyfriends pulled up!!
“WOW LOOK AT Katie GO!! SHE COULD GO ALL NIGHT!! Go Katie!!!” yelled Jessie and Erin. Nick started laughing.
“Told ya,” said Katie.
“Hey guys shut up I want to hear what they are saying!!” said Becky.
“Are you doing anything tomorrow night?” whispered Nick so everyone else couldn’t hear what he was saying.
“NICK YOU ARE NO FUN!!” yelled Becky.
“I have to work tomorrow. Hold on,” said Katie and then ran over to Becky because she worked at the same restaurant as Katie did, Cheebruger Cheebruger.
“Becky will you work for me PLEASEEEE!!” pleaded Katie.
“Why??” asked Becky.
“Ugh…you know why so I can go out with Nick tomorrow night!!” said Katie.
“But me and Brad are going out tomorrow night.” Said Becky.
“Aww let the lovebird go out, we an always go out!!” said Brad.
“Fine,” agreed Becky.
“Brad I love you, thank you Beck!!” said Katie happily and ran back over to Nick and told him that she could go out with him the following night.
“Great so I will pick you up at 7?” asked Nick.
“7 is great!!” said Katie.
“Ok I’ll call you tomorrow when I get back from the studio.” Said Nick.
“Ok I’ll see ya later.” Said Katie.
“Ok bye,” said Nick and gave Katie one last long kiss! Then Katie and Becky went home. Brad dropped Becky off and Katie gave him a hug and said thank you. Erin and Jessie and Becky all wanted to know what happened so Erin and Jessie spent the night and Katie told them every detail. She didn’t say anything about the record producers and how they wanted her and not the other girls. She didn’t want to make them mad. Katie was so excited about what had happened that she couldn’t sleep. She just thought about what a great day it was. Then at 3 in the morning she finally went to sleep.