Nick's POV

"We have to go on tour again, I'm sorry." I said toChrissy. She look horrible. "I can't stand t be away from you formore than a day," Chrissy said, tears streaming down her face. I felt horrible and just the same aboutleaving her. "Well, you could comewith us, I guess." I brightened atthe thought and so did she. "Really?! That would beperfect! Thank you!" She exclaimed. With that I picked her up and gave her a kiss...


Why do we have to go on tour? Sure, hearing millions of girls screaming for you is great...but... Here come Nick and Christine...HAND IN HAND! God, that annoys me! "Hey Bri," Nick called afterkissing Chris and walking over. "Yea?" I asked. "Chrissy is coming on tour withus! Isn't it great?!" Nick said. Crap! She couldn't come withus! Howie and Nick would be all overher! It would be hard to protect her. "That's great! I can't wait." I said...half happy---half sad.


O my God! I'm going ontour with Nick! This will be great,well except for Brian watching my every move and Howie thinking he has a chancewith me. Oh well. "Nick, babe," I said. "Yes hun." hereplied. "I'm going to go startpacking and called Teresa, ok." "Sure," he said. WE exchanged a kiss and I went upstairs.

Brian's POV

This was going way to far, she's going to get her heartbroken, Ijust know it. I told Nick he could dowhatever, and went off to call Kevin, he understands these things. "Yo," Kevin answered. "Hey." "Hey Brian, sup?" "W/I've got a problem." I said. We talked about Chrissyand Nick for awhile but I almost dropped the phone when I saw Chrissy andNick. They were making out BIG time onthe couch! "O my God! Kev, they're making out!" "I'll be right over!" Kevin said. This was just what I hoped WOULDN'T happen! Why did they have to make out? Why did they have to go out? That's just gross! A few minuteslater Kevin was over and he joined me in the kitchen. He couldn't even look at them. "That's not right." hesaid. WE talked for awhile about how wefelt protective of her when we were done a hour later they were still at it


This was freaky, just plain freaky. This was my little cousin whose practically my sister making outwith one of my best friends! When theyfinally did stop it was because Nick had to go to a photo shoot. She walked him out and they exchanged alittle more spit and she walked back with a huge smile on her face.


Nick is GREAT kisser! Iwalked back to the house and into the kitchen to get some water. "Did you have fun with Nick?" Brian asked. "What are you talking about?" I questioned. "I sawyou and Nick on the couch!" Howdare he spy on me?! Does he think I'mthree, well Iím not! He needs to learnthat. "Shut up Brian." Kevinstarted to say something. When I said"Shut up Kevin!" I slapped them both on the arm. I felt proud, but a little hurt. I retreated to my room and called TCers. "Hey." "Guess how crazy my life has been." "How crazy?" "Well Iím goingon tour with BSB, and Iím in trouble with Brian for making out with Nick on thecouch." "Kewl," shesaid. "Hey my other line is beeping, let me call you back, ok. "Kbyes." I answered to hear Nicksvoice on the other end. "Heybabe!" he said. "Whats upbaby?" I asked. "AJ is goingcrazy because he can't stand to be away from Teresa for 3-4 months." Nicksounded exhausted. "Oh, don't worry he'll get over it." I said anything to hear his voice. "Just a sec. Babe my cell isringing." he said.

Nicks POV

"Carter," I said into my cell. "Nick get your ass over to myhouse." Brian said. "Yea ok,whatever. C-ya". I switched back over to Chrissy "Brianshaving a BSB meeting can't be good. Love you." I said. "Love you too, byes." I drove quickly away from the photoshoot and got to Brian and Chrissy's house in record time. Chrissy ran out to meet me.


"OK guys, we need to talk to Nick about how taking Chris istotally inappropriate." Howie tookno time in arguing to say that she should come. Of course he would want her to come. He likes her! Why doesn'tanyone see that this is wrong? "Christine?! Comehere!" I yelled. Chris walked down the steps wearingsomething that made Nick smile and blush. She was a dark green halter top with short black shorts. She went over and sat on Nick's lap. "Christine Alana Rose Littrell! Get off his lap this instant!" Nick looked unhappy when Chris got off andshe sat next to him. I can't believethey would do that in front of me! Heput his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder. AJ looked off in his own world he keptlooking at the stairs and smiling, odd. "Why can't I come Bri," Christine asked, pouting and lookinghurt.


I was somewhat interested in Brian's talk, I really didn't careeither way about Christine and Nick. But Teresa was another story, I loved her she was the best! Actually she was sitting on the stairs whereI could see her. We were flirting,majorly. I guess Brian saw oureye-contact cause he yelled at Teresa to go away. She started to pout then she cried and ran outside. I shot Brian a dirty look and followed hercause I couldn't stand to see her like this. She plopped down on a bench and wept.

Brian's POV

"Christine, I just don't think it's in your bestinterest," I said as calmly as possible. "Why not, it's not in my best interest to be with me legalguardian, and the people I love." she questioned. "Umm because, well....." I stuttered "YOUDON'T HAVE A GOOD REASON YOU JUST DON'T WANT NICK AND I TO BETOGETHER!!"she screamed, with that she stormed up stairs. Nick started to follow her. "STOP CARTER AND SIT DOWN," Iscreamed. Nick looked at me, stuck up"the" finger, and ran after her. Why do people have to be so ignorant? I am older than Nick and Christine, so they should listen to me. After awhile I heard the crying stop and nomore noise upstairs. O great, Ithought, now they're "getting to know" each other. AGAIN! I made Teresa cry, now I've made Chris cry...this is a bad day! I'm guessing that Nick is super, super madat me now. I'm sure AJ is too. O well. They should have paid attention to me. Christine had better come down here real soon before I go up there...Idon't think she'll like that."

~~~~After about 5 minutes I stormed up the stairs and saw thatChris' room was closed and locked. Igot a cotton swab and nearly fainted when I saw what was inside. Nick was sitting on her bed holding her andtrying to stop her from crying. Theyweren't doing anything wrong. He reallycared about her because he had no interest in making out with her at thatmoment. This was purely "Chrissytime". I smiled to myself andwalked back down stairs. I Decided Ihad better apologize to AJ and Teresa if this tour was going to be asuccess. I walked out and told them howincredibly sorry I was thankfully they accepted it, however, then they excusedthemselves, AJ was taking TC to a very fancy restaurant. I walked back into thehouse Howie, and Kevin where out goofing around in the pool. I walked into the kitchen to find Chris andNick in a deep conversation so I just went on to the internet.


Chrissy was in bad shape. I tried to get her to stop crying, but she wouldn't stop. She kept repeating:"Why does he have tobe such an ass-hole towards us? Wedon't do anything wrong!" I kept replying:"It's OK, don't worry. He can't do anything that would hurt uspermanently." Whenever I said thatshe would bury her head in my chest and sob incessantly. After 5 minutes of this, Bri walkedin/unlocked the door and let himself in. He looked suprised that we weren't, well, you know! I motioned for him to leave so he left andshortly after I heard AJ's car drive away. At least he doesn't have as big a problem as we do with Brian.


"I have to go," I said to Nick throughtears as I stood up. "What,why," Nick asked. "Becauseits to much, my parents, I love you really, but it's to much stress on me andthe group." "Stay Christine,please," Nick begged "I can't," I said as I left with thekeys. I drove to Teresa's apartment, shewasn't home yet but I had a key so I let myself in. Teresa wasn't there, but AJ was. He said,"Teresa is taking a walk, she'll be back soon. What's wrong?" "I told him how much stress I was underand he understood. He said that maybe Ishould go on the tour as Brian's sister and not Nick's girlfriend. But I should still be his girlfriend. I thought that was good advice and proceededto call Nick. He was still atBrian's. Brian picked up,"Who isthis?" "It's Chris, I need totalk to Nick." "OK, here heis..." "Hello," Nick said," who is this.?" "Hey Nickolas," I said. "OMGyour okay thank God." "I love you Nick, really I do," I said."And I love you." "However, if I come on tour with you allow meto go as Brian's sister, before your girlfriend. Is that okay with you?""Of course babe." "Now may I please talk to Bri?" "Sure.....Brian!" Nick called. "Yea? What do you need sis? I'mlistening." Brian said. "I want to go on the tour as yoursister, not Nick's girlfriend." Isaid. I could have sworn that he wouldhave said no, but he said: "Sure! That's a great idea! Are you still going to go out with him,though?" "Yea...if that'sOK?" "Well, I'm still goingto be overprotective, but since I'll be with you......OK!a