The next morning they all woke at and went out for breakfast. When they arrived at the restaurant, the host escorted them to their table. They sat down and ordered their food. While they waited they talked about the tour was going to be constructed together. After breakfast they returned back to Christina house and packed their belongs. They all went on the Backstreet Boys tour bus. They showed Christina around and where she'll be sleeping for the next 2 in a weeks.
This is really nice being on the bus, Christina said.
Thank you, Brian said in response.
Christina put all her belongs on her bunk. It was right above Nick's bunk. She was excited then she was able to talk him. When everything was ready and organized they left. They first concert was in Orlando that night. The next couple of weeks they toured in different cities in the U.S. They were now half way through the tour. They had a couple weeks ahead of them off.
Half way through a concert in Miami Christina was back in her dressing rooming. For a couple of week she had a bad pain in the side of her back. She never said anything to anyone cause she thought it was no big deal. She thought the pain would eventually go away on its own but, the pain just became worse. She didn't want to disturb or complain to the other guys because it would ruin the tour. She walked out of her dressing room. She saw the other guys rehearsing and preparing to go on stage after Christina. She ignored the pain and walked on stage. The song she sang was "What A Girl Wants" as she was half way through the song the pain just became more agonizing. She tried not to let it bother her. Backstage AJ was wondering why Christina kept on slipping. As the sang came to an end she ran backstage. While she was running she collapsed on the floor. Nick and AJ went to see if she was alright. She kept on trying to grasp for air. Brian, Kevin and Howie saw Nick and AJ sitting on the floor.
What's going on, Brian asked nervously?
I don't know, she came off the stage from doing her last song and then she suddenly collapse on to the floor. AJ said.
Go call an ambulance, Nick said.
Howie went straight to the closest phone. he dialed 911 and a woman picked up.
Hello, the woman said.
Hello, We have a girl that is unconscience, Howie said.
The woman asked Howie for the location and other important information.
Christina was lying on the floor unconscience and not breathing. The guys were really nervous and worried about Christina and how she was. They were hoping that she was alright. Howie returned saying that the ambulance is on it way. Nick became scared and concerned on how Christina was. He was praying that she would get through the whole thing. When the paramedics arrived they put Christina in the ambulance. The ambulance took Christina directly to the hospital. The guys had to cancel the rest of the concert and instead go to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital they went to the desk and asked for what room number Christina was in. The nurse said room # 114. They took the elevator to the 2nd floor and looked for room 114. They saw a doctor standing outside talking to a nurse. Kevin went up to the doctor and asked how Christina was doing. He said she was under a respiratory and not responding. They became worried about how it would turn out. The doctor said they had awhile before they had more information on her. They sat in the waiting room for 4 hours. For them it seem like an eternity. It was almost midnight when the doctor came out and said they could see her. She was breathing but lightly. Kevin, Brian, and AJ went in first. They were afraid of how she was. They stood by her bed in silence thinking that she would be alright. They came out after a few minutes.
Did she improve a bit, Howie said in concern?
Were not sure yet, Brian said sadly.
Are you alright Nick, AJ asked.
No, not really, what if she goes into a coma or her heart stops. I'll be devested if she dies. I'll feel like a part of me has been taken away, Nick said nervously.
She'll make it she a strong girl, AJ said.
I hope your right I really do care for her, Nick said.
Everything will work out, AJ said.
Howie looked at Christina in worriness. As he came out of Christina room he had fear in his eyes.
You could now go in now Nick, Howie said nervously.
Nick was terrified and frightened seeing Christina in that condition. When he entered the room he was panic-stricken by the way she looked. She had a bruise on her left eye from falling down. He stood by her bed frightened and frusuated because she had to go through this whole situation. He prayed for her hoping that she'll get through the whole thing. He gently put his hand on her cheek rubbing it saying everything will turn out for the best. Nick kissed her cheek saying, I will always love you. He was hoping that Christina heard what he said, but he knew that she was unconscience and probably didn't even know what was going on at the time. He walked to the door seeing if the rest of the guys were still there. They were all asleep. Nick went over to Brian waking him up.
What's wrong, Brian said in startled?
Nothing, Nick said.
You better go home and get some sleep Nick, Brian said.
No, I'll be alright I wanna stay here with Christina, Nick said.
Well, I'm going back to Christina house and getting all her belongs Brian said.
Brian woke the rest of the guys up. Howie and Kevin went with Brian back to to Christina's house. AJ and Nick decided to stay behind and see how Christina was progressing.
The next morning Nick walked into Christina room seeing how she was doing. She stilled looked lifeless. Nick rubbed her forehead and kissed her on the cheek. He slept on the chair next to her bed. A few hours later AJ entered the room with a Get Well Gift. He notice how Nick was sleeping next to Christina bed. He thought it was sweet seeing them together. He walked over to Nick and woke him up
Hey, AJ said.
Hey, Nick said.
How is she doing, AJ said?
I'm don't know yet the doctor did saying anything. What 's that in you hand, Nick said curiously.
Its a Get Well Gift for Christina, AJ said.
Oh, That's nice, What did you get, Nick asked.
Its flowers with a teddy bear inside, AJ respond.
That's sweet, Nick said.
Can you give this to her when she gets up, AJ said.
Ya sure, Nick said.
I wanna go home and get cleaned up, AJ said.
Nick decided to go with AJ and get clean up. He left the gift in her room. They both left the hospital telling the nurse they would be back in an hour or 2. When they arrived at Christina house they cleaned themselves up and ate lunch. During lunch the phone rang. Kevin picked it up. The doctor was on the other receiver. he said that Christina was breathing normally. Their was a scence of relief. Thank You, Kevin respond. They both said their good-bye and then hung up. Howie, Brian, and AJ weren't their at the time. Nick was seating at the kitchen table in fear hoping everything turned out ok. Kevin walked over to the table and said that Christina was breathing normally. Nick sprung from his chair and went directly to the hospital to see how Christina was recovering. Kevin followed Nick to the hospital. Nick rushed into the hospital and went to Christina room.
Hey, Christina said in a cheerful vocie.
Hello, Nick said in relief.
How are you feeling, Nick asked
Just a little soar and dizzy, Christina replied.
Here a little something from me and the guys. We all decided to get you a Get Well Gift, Nick said.
Oh, Thank you very much that was very sweet and thoughtful of your guys, Christina said. Christina gave Nick a hug for the wonderful gift.
We were scared to death about what happened, Nick said.
I'm sorry about the what happened. I didn't mean to make everyone worried and concerned about me, Christina said.
You don't have to apologize for anything, what happened was an accident it wasn't done purposely. What happened that made you fall like you did, Nick said.
I had a pain in the side an I didn't want to say complain about it because it would ruin the tour. Christina said.
Christina you didn't have to keep it a serect and wait until the pain became worse, Nick said.
I'm sorry I put everyone under pressure I won't do that again. Thanks for everything, Christina said.
Your Welcome, Anytime, Nick said