It was a summer day in Florida and Christina was packing up for her summer tour with the Backstreet Boys. She was really excited about meeting them because they were her favorite group. She thought about they were really talented guys and she also had a crush on one of them.She liked Nick Carter, she thought that he had the most beautiful eyes and the greatest features. While she was packing the phone rang in her room. When she picked it up and said hello. Hello the person said on the other line. It was Brian from (BSB).
What's up, Brain said
Nothing much, Christina said
Are you organizing all your stuff for the tour, Brian said.
Yeah, I packed all my clothes and belongs, Christina said.
Well, I called to tell you that we will pick you up tomorrow for the tour, Brian said.
Ok, So what time are you guys coming tomorrow, Christina said.
Probably about 12:00 is that good, Brian said.
Its fine thas great for me, Christina said in return.
Well, I'll talk see you tomorrow, Brian said.
Ok, see ya, Bye Brian, Christina said.
Bye, Brian said.
The next day was going to be really hectic because we were busy getting everything situated. Its was almost 12:00 and the guys were going to be their in any minute. Christina was still trying to figure out what to where. She finally decided to where a tank top with a pair of capris. She heard the door bell ring and saw the guys standing outside waiting for someone to answer the door. She slipped on her sandals and ran down stairs to answer the door. Hello she said to the guys. Hello they said in return. They greeted each other and hugged. They all decided to go into the kitchen.
You guys wanna something to eat, Christina asked.
Sure, Kevin said.
They sat down at the table and eat some chips and had some refreshments for them.
She apologized for the mess that was in the kitchen.
It was alright they said in unison.
Christina also made some sandwiches for them.
They were the best sandwiches we have had in a while, Nick said.
Thanks, Christina said.
After they finish eating they went into Christina room to watch some TV.
Later that night they decided to clubbing before they have to leave for the tour tomorrow. They took Christina BMW to the club. There wasn't enough room for everyone so they took one of Christina other cars. Christina took Nick and Brian in her car and Kevin, Howie, and AJ went in the other.
When they arrived there they had some drinks.(not beer, soda, I'm just clarifying that.) Christina than decided she wanna to dance for a bit. While Christina was dancing Nick couldn't help looking at Christina when she was dancing. He was dazzled by the way she moved he liked her gorgeous. light blue eyes.
Earth to Nick Carter, AJ said joking around.
What, Nick said in amazement.
What's wrong with you it looks like you saw a ghost, AJ said sarcastically?
No, I'm just thought I saw someone familiar, Nick said.
Ya right, AJ said.
It was now almost 11pm and they had to get up early next morning. They all left at they same time. When they got back to Christina house they said they had to get going.
Where are you guys going to stay, Christina asked?
We don't know yet probably in a hotel, How said.
Well, why don't you guys spend the night here so you don't have to search for a hotel, Christina insisted.
Alright they said.
Nick's eyes lit up cause he wanted to get to know Christina more. Christina showed them where they were going to sleep. Christina had an enormous house she didn't have to worry about how many people were staying. When they found their rooms they situated their belongs. Brian and Howie had their own room and AJ and Nick had slept in another and Kevin and his own room cause he the oldest. Christina went into her room and undressed and put on her PJ's. As she was putting on her shirt their was a knock on her door. She thought who could that be. She quickly put her shirt on and answered the door.
Hello, Christina said.
Hi, Nick said.
You startled me, Christina said.
I' m sorry, I just wanted to say Thank You for letting us stay here the night, we could have stayed in a hotel in town, Nick said.
You don't have to thank me I should be the one thanking you guys for letting me go on tour with you guys. Your really talented and have amazing voices, Christina said.
Thanks, Nick said.
I'm going to get something to drink and then I'm heading to bed. Do you want to come and join, Christina asked.
Sure, Nick said.
They entered the kitchen and Christina opened the refrigerator to see what was in their to drink.
What do you want, Christina asked?
I'll just have a glass of water, Nick said.
They both sat down and chatted for a while. It was almost 1 o'clock in the morning.
Gee, I didn't realize it was that late already, Christina said.
They both said good night and went their separate ways.
As Nick entered his room he saw AJ laying on his bed watching TV.
What's wrong Nick you seem concerned about something, AJ said,
it just that I really like Christina. She's a genuine, consoulable,and intelligent person. Nick said.
So tell her you like her, AJ said.
Its not that easy to go up and say that I like her, I don't want to push her. If I do that she might get scared and run off, She's a great girl, she caring, has an incredible personality, Nick said.
I would just wait and see what happens don't get up tight about she'll come around, AJ said.
Thanks for the help I hope it works out, Nick respond.
Meanwhile in Christina room, she was writing in diary. She was writing down how she felt about Nick. She was thinking about how he is generous, charming, and how friendly he was, and supportive how was as an individual. She didn't want to saying anything to him cause it might be a little to forward about their relationship. They definitely wanted to be friend. She closed her diary and put it back in her drower. She turned off her light and went to sleep.