When Nick got home that day he wondered if he did the right thing inviting Veronica over. “Maybe I should call the guys. Nah. They’d just start saying “Hey! Nick’s finally going out!” I know they will. Why am I making a big deal out of this?” Nick thought. About an hour later the doorbell rang. “Probably Veronica.” Nick thought as he headed for the door. He looked out the peephole and saw the guys. “SHIT! If they find out about Veronica I’ll be forced to go out with her! Why is that a problem? What am I thinking!? Just open the damn door, Nick!” Nick whispered to himself. The doorbell rang again. This time Nick opened the door. “Hey guys.” Nick said with a nervous look. “Hey bro. What’s wrong? You look nervous.” Brian said. “Oh, nothing. So why are you guys here?” “Because we want to be here, dork!” AJ said looking at him strangely, “Why all of a sudden do we need a reason to be here?” “Oh, well you don’t. I just thought maybe something was up.” Nick said hastily. “Nick, why do I feel like you’re hiding something from us?” Kevin asked. “Hiding?” Nick said in a high voice. He cleared his throat and said, “I’m not hiding anything.” “Whatever. Well, anyway, can we come in?” Howie asked. “Oh, umm, sure.” Nick said nervously. The guys talked for about 2 ½ hours and Nick forgot all about Veronica until……the doorbell rang. Nick looked up instantly and mumbled “Veronica! Oh no!” “Who’s that Nick?” Brian asked with a sly look on his face. “Umm……haven’t the foggiest.” He said nervously. He got up and walked very slowly to the door. “ “Haven’t the foggiest” ?” AJ wondered out loud. Nick opened the door and there stood Veronica waiting to come in. “Veronica! Hi. Nice of you to drop by. Bye!” “Wait! You said you wanted me to come by and I did. Aren’t you going to let me in?” she asked. Nick sighed and said, “Yeah, come on in.” Veronica and Nick went back into the living room. “Guys, this is Veronica. She’s a friend of mine. Veronica, I’m sure know everyone’s name, right?” “Yeah.” “Okay. Well, umm….. I’m gonna get something to drink. Anybody want anything?” Everybody said no. “Ok. Be right back.” Nick said as he walked into the kitchen. “So, Veronica, how do you know Nick?” AJ asked. “AJ! Stop being so nosy! But since it’s all ready been brought up….how did you meet him?” Howie asked. “Today I was crying on the beach and he walked up to me so as to comfort me.” Veronica answered. “Then he invited me over. I didn’t think all of the Backstreet Boys were going to be here.” “Yeah, well, no one ever does.” AJ said. “You two have been awful quiet. Why aren’t you talking?” Veronica asked Kevin and Brian. “Oh, we’re talking. We’re talking to each other.” Brian said. “Oh. Well, why don’t you talk to me?” “We don’t know you.” Brian said with a frown. “Brian! Sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with him today.” Kevin said. “I’m back.” Nick said coming out of the kitchen. “Why don’t you just keep talking to them? I really don’t want to talk to you.” Brian said harshly. Veronica looked shocked. “Well, umm, I think I should be going.” “Yes, I think you should!” Brian said with a sneer. “BRIAN!!!” the guys all said loudly. “Bye, Nick.” Veronica said as she got up and left. “Way to go Einstien!” Kevin said. “Really, Brian! What got into you?!” Nick yelled. “I just didn’t like her.” “No one said you had to like her! But that doesn’t mean you should be a jackass!” Howie said harshly. “Man, you should know better! You were brought up to be Mr. Nice Guy!” AJ said. “Fine! If one fan means so mu…..” “She is not a fan. She said so herself.” Nick said with a discusted look. “Sorry! I didn’t know! If she means so much to you guys, I’ll go apoligize.” Brian said getting up. “Good!” Kevin and Nick said together.