Nick woke up the next morning in the hospital. Or so he thought it was the next morning. Beside him were his mom and Angel asleep in a couple of chairs. Flowers, cards, gifts, and posters hung all around the room. Aaron came in and when he saw Nick awake he ran out the room again. When he came back he had the rest of the family and the doctor and nurse. “How are you feeling Mr. Carter?” the doctor asked. “Like a million needles have been stuck in my legs.” he groaned. “Well, you did crush both of them Mr. Carter.” “WHAT?!?!” Nick yelled. “Mr. Carter, please. Be quiet.” the nurse said. “But my legs….” “Don’t worry Mr. Carter. You’ll just need to go through physical therapy.” the doctor said. “Oh, is that all?” Nick said sarcastically. A few minutes later the guys rushed in. “Nick! You’re okay!!! Hallelua!!” AJ said. “Oh, shut up!” Nick said. “What I say?” AJ questioned. “Nick’s in a bad mood AJ.” said Nick’s dad. “Don’t bother him.” The guys went back out of the room. “I’m so glad he’s alright. I didn’t lose him, too.” Brian whispered. Apparently, Kevin heard him because he said, “What do you mean you didn’t lose him, too?” “What?” “Don’t act dumb. What do mean by what you said about Nick?” “Oh. Well, I kind of knew Mariah before she went out with Nick.” “How? I didn’t know her.” Kevin said. “That’s because you never paid attention to her. She was one of my best friends.” Brian said sadly. “Like a sister to me.” “Man, Brian, why didn’t you ever tell us?” Howie asked. “Because Nick is my best friend, too. And we both thought that if he knew, it would ruin both relationships.” “Oh, ok. I get it now. Well, personally, I think you did the right thing.” Kevin said. “Yep.” AJ nodded his head. “Guys?” Aaron said from the doorway. “Yeah?” Howie said. “Nick wants to see you.” “Okay.” Brian said walking towards the door. The guys went in the room while everyone else came out . “You wanted to talk to us Nick?” Kevin asked. “Yeah. Sorry about going off on you like that, AJ.” “Hey, no prob, man. I understand. Physical therapy and all that shit making you feel like a crippled.” “Yeah, pretty much. I’m sopossed to start next week.” “It’s going to be a while before you can dance again. Are you sure you don’t just want to take break from it all for a year or so?” Brian asked concerned. “I’m sure, bro. I don’t want to let you and the fans down. Besides, dancing wasn’t really my thing to begin with.” “Are you kidding? You were the second best dancer out of all of us!” AJ said. “And let me geuss, AJ, you’re the best, right?” Howie said sarcastically. “Well, if you insist.” AJ said with a grin. “Well, I geuss we better go. You look like you need some rest. Bye, bro.” Brian said. “See ya, guys.” Nick said as they were leaving. “Man, a year of physical therapy!” Nick thought as he was falling asleep.