“Maybe I should jump off this bridge. At least then I’d be with Mariah. Oh, but I can’t! I’d let the guys down! Oh, but Mariah……. I miss her so much!” Nick was standing on a bridge near his house. “I wonder how deep this water is?” “Nick?” a voice said from the other side of the bridge. “What?!” Nick said harshly. “I thought you might want to talk but I geu…..” “Come her Aaron.” Nick sighed sadly. “Nick?” “Hmm?” “I’m sorry about Mariah. I liked her a lot. Angel and them did, too.” “Thanks bro. But nothing can bring her back now!” Nick said more to himself than Aaron. “It’s all my fault!” Nick was starting to turn red in the light of Aaron’s flashlight, or at least Aaron thought so. Nick stomped his foot on the old bridge. That was a bad idea. A huge hole formed in the place where Nick stomped his foot. He fell through and yelled. The water wasn’t deep. It was only a little creek but the bridge was somewhat high. Nick’ legs reached the water first and then the rest of body. His weight crushed his legs on the rocks. He screamed out in pain as Aaron was running toward the house. When everyone heard what happened, his mom called the ambulance and the rest went out to look at Nick. The sight they saw was terrible! When Angel saw her big brother she ran to her twin and hid her face and tears in his shoulder. Nick’s dad ordered everyone back inside. He told Nick he’d be right back but he wasn’t sure if his oldest son heard him. When everyone left, it was dark again. Nick closed his eyes for a minute and when he opened them again there was someone crying on the bridge. “Who’s there?” he asked with the little bit of breath he had left. “Oh, Nick! Don’t die! People are counting on you! Don’t think that if you die, you’ll be with me! Don’t!” the person said. Nick recognized the voice. “Mariah?! Is that you?!” “Oh, Nick! Don’t say your last prayer! Don’t die! Please! Don’t die! Don’t die! Don……” The voice, the tears, and the person were fading away. “Mariah, don’t go! Please! Stay with me!” Nick tried to yell out but could only whisper. “Mariah!” Nick whispered her name for the last time that night.