Brian’s point of view

To say I was relieved when the aliens brought Nick and Howie back safely would be a bit of an understatement. We all were happy, but one look at Nick made me think again.
His tearful face was all I needed to see to figure out the worse had happened, and Jen and Tohja had to leave for home.
A week later, and Nick was still moping about and didn’t speak to any of us at all. Kevin worried most, but he felt, as the oldest, we were all his responsibility.
Whether Nick would get over this properly was beyond me, but I hoped he would. I’d hate to see him permanently depressed, or turn to drink and drugs, but I knew he was a smart kid, and would follow his own advice: ‘live life to the fullest for the future is scarce’.
At least I hoped he would…
For all our sakes.

Jen’s point of view

“Maybe if I didn’t let him get captured…….?” Tohja dismayed.
“You tried your best, Tohja. You saved him more than once,” I reassured.
I enveloped my younger brother in a tight hug as I began to cry myself…… hoping….. vowing to try and come back, one day…………..