Nick’s point of view

Jen and me got on really well. Over the next three months we became really close. I took her out loads of places on dates and I even convinced her to come to a few of Howie and AJ’s parties, with the rest of the guys and their friends, family, wives or girlfriends.
But something was wrong. It wasn’t obvious but I knew her well now. She was purposefully staying distant from me to a certain extent. It was as if she had something to hide, something she didn’t want me to know about, but I didn’t want to upset her by challenging her about it.
My mind drifted back to the bar, when she agreed to get to know each other better. That hint of doubt in her voice…..
I was jerked back to reality as Jen rested her head on my shoulder, fast asleep. We were in Brian and Leighanne’s car, being driven home from the nightclub. I smiled at her sleeping form. The car was pulled over at Jen’s apartment, and Brian leaned over to me, “We’re at Jen’s! Shall I wait here for you?”
“Yeah, please!” I replied as I gently picked Jen up, not wanting to wake her.
I carried her to the door, and awkwardly tried to open the door with her keys with one hand while holding her in both arms. After fumbling about a bit, I got the door open. I laid her down on the couch and kissed her forehead, before going back out. Locking the door from the outside, I pushed her keys through the letterbox so she was locked in safe and got her keys back. I went back to the car and was driven home. I waved goodbye to Brian and Leighanne and stepped inside. Feeling a bit tipsy, I collapsed on my own couch and instantly fell asleep.

Kevin’s point of view

I sat watching more news about increased sightings of UFO’s across the world. Things seemed tense with the other guys, except AJ, who didn’t seem to believe in ET or anything.
I switched off the TV as the phone rang. Kristin picked it up before I could move.
“Hello? Yeah ……. OK…… right, I’ll tell him. Bye.”
Kristin put down the phone.
“That was Brian. He said if you see or hear from Nick, could you tell him?” she informed.
“Why? Has he not tried his cell?” I asked.
“Yeah, but he isn’t answering either his home phone or his cell.”
“Not like him to be up this early……… ah well, he probably couldn’t sleep or something. Or he won’t get up!” I chuckled.

Brian’s point of view

I put my phone down after calling Kevin’s house. I was confused. Nick was never up this early, and he rarely ignored his cell phone.
“Is everything OK?” Leighanne asked, putting Lil’ Tyke down on the floor.
“I’ve called his cell three times already and he isn’t answering,” I worried.
“Maybe he’s asleep,” she suggested.
“But he always answers his cell after at least two tries!” I dismayed.
“He did have a lot to drink at AJ’s party last night, Brian,” she reassured.
“Yeah, you’re probably right,”
I hoped she was. I’d hate to think Nick had been kidnapped or something. I was becoming such a worrier.

Nick’s point of view

After getting up early, I hastily got ready and ate some breakfast. I felt lonely in the house by myself, so decided to go and see Jen before she left for work.
It was still dark when I left, and a bit chilly outside, and I absent-mindedly left my cell at home. I didn’t realise I didn’t have it with me until I reached for it to call Jen and tell her I was coming in the car.
Withdrawing my hand, I shrugged my shoulders and turned back to the road, just in time to see someone or something trying to dive out of the way of my car. I slammed on my brakes and closed my eyes, but too late.
I heard the thud as metal met the person or animal.
When I opened my eyes, I looked out of the window to see what I had hit. In the darkness, it looked like a dog, lying sprawled on the tarmac. I sighed unhappily and sat back in my seat.
“Hey, watch it next time, buddy!” a deep voice, about the same deepness as AJ’s, shouted at me.
I spun my head in the direction of the sound. The thing I thought was a dog was now standing upright, rubbing his head. He turned and ran down the next street, limping.
As I sat, I concluded that it must have been some kid heading home from partying all night, and they must have dived out of the way in time. The thud might have been the car hitting the curb.
Shaking myself back to reality, I reversed back onto the road and headed towards Jen’s again.
I parked outside her apartment and locked my car up. As I approached her door, I could hear voices, Jen’s and another, male voice. I frowned in worry. Was Jen cheating on me?! As I pondered, I put my ear to the door and listened.
“How did this happen?” Jen asked, irritated.
“Look, I just sprained my ankle a little trying to get out of the way,” the guy protested.
“You tell me to be careful with Nick when you can’t even cross a road safely!” she sighed.
“You know I don’t like that guy!”
“I don’t care. It’s my life!” Jen stated. “Anyway, are you sure you’ll be alright on that leg?”
“I’m sure,” he moaned.
I frowned at the familiar voice. The guy that was in there was the same guy he had nearly run over a few blocks back! I’d had enough. I banged my fist on the door angrily.
A few seconds passed before Jen opened it. She immediately saw the rage in my expression.
“Nick, what’s wrong?”
“Who the hell were you talking to?” I asked, fuming.
Jen’s face dropped, showing fear. She gulped, backing off.
“WELL?” I raged.
“You’d better come inside,” she stated, stepping aside.