Brianís point of view

I threw the basketball at Nick. I had offered to shoot some hoops with him when he got back fromÖwherever he wandered off to. But he seemed a little absent-minded. He had screwed up some easy shots that a first grader could shoot no problem.
Nick caught the ball and slam-dunked it. For once he hadnít missed it.
"What is it?" I asked suddenly. He looked at me.
"What do you mean?" he questioned, retrieving the ball.
"You seem a little off today. Whassup?" I asked again, concerned.
Nick waved his hand casually, "Oh, nothing. I just feel tired, thatís all."
"Well, if youíre feeliní tired you should lie down, not play b-ball!" I pointed out.
"Iíll be fine!" he insisted, as he threw the ball at the net. He missed for the fifth time. I looked at him, as if to say ĎI told you soí.
"OK, OK!" he exclaimed, sitting down. "Maybe Iím a bit too tired for this."
I sat down next to him. "Aw, címon, Nick!" I persisted. "Whatís wrong?"
"Well, youíre gonna think Iím mad butÖ."
Nick proceeded to tell me about this stranger at the hospital the year before who he believed cured his blindness. I paused and looked at him for a second when he had finished.
"You were sort of right before, you know," I informed him.
He glanced at me sideways, "So you think itís true too?"
"No, I meant about the bit where you said Iíd think youíre crazy."
"Oh," Nick realised.
"But you say you met her at that bar," I continued. "So go and ask her about it!"
"I was gonna but she left before I could ask!" he told me.
"Ah, tough luck, huh?" I replied. "Lets go inside, Iím thirsty."
I was trying to change the subject to cheer him up a bit. He seemed very disappointed at that last fact; not being able to meet the girl, Jennifer, straight away. But heíd get to sometime. I mean, itís not like she was goiní anywhereÖ. was she?
"OK, but donít think I donít know youíre trying to change the subject!" he stated. I grinned. He knew me too well.

Nickís point of view

"But I think I should go back sometime soon, because the guy at the bar said sheíd be back at about Ö.hmmÖ." I paused to look at my watch.
"12:30, and itís about 11:50 now. Iíd better go and see if sheís there. It takes a while to get there."
"Good Luck, man!" Brian called to me as I left to go to the bar.
I drove back to the exact same spot. As I got out of my car, I heard a lot of noise coming from the bar. It sounded like someone was trying to strangle a cat. I rushed in, to see two large men having a punch up. Jennifer was standing a safe distance away, trying to threaten them into stopping.
"Hey, I told you about fighting in here!" she bellowed over the dim of the two fighters. "This is the third time! If you two donít stop, Iíll have you barred from here!"
They both ignored her completely and continued their brawl across the room. I had to jump out of the way as one of them was thrown into the table next to me. Jennifer seethed in rage, clearly unafraid.
"Thatís it! Iím having a word with Karlos about you two, and he wonít be pleased!" she yelled.
The victor of the two picked up the loser and hurled him straight at Jennifer. Acting swiftly on instinct, I dashed across the room and pushed her clear out of the way. The unfortunate loser only had a barstool to break his fall. He stumbled upright and ran out of the bar, mumbling insults to his enemy.
I stood upright and helped Jennifer up.
"Hey again!" I greeted.
"Oh, Nick! Why do you always seem to come out of nowhere?" she asked smiling at me.
I laughed and shrugged. She proceeded to turn angrily to the other man who was fighting and lecture him about damages. He scowled and skulked off. We both watched him leave, and Jennifer turned back to me again.
"So what can I do for you?" she asked, heading back to the bar counter.
"I just came across to talk with you," I claimed.
"You sure like to talk a lot," she commented, smiling at me enchantingly.
I grinned, and sat down.
"Can you excuse me while I call someone?" she asked.
I nodded and leaned back on my chair. At least one chair hadnít been destroyed.
I heard Jen come back from making a call.
"Just had to call Karlos about those two guys. So, what did you come to talk about?"
"Oh, well, it was about yesterday, when I heard you-"
She looked at me, nervously, "What? What about yesterday?"
"WellÖ." I paused when I saw the panic in her eyes. She didnít want to talk about this. I knew it, but I had to know what really happened. Then again, I didnít want to ruin my chances with her before I even got to know her.
"Oh, nothing. But I was wondering, is it alright if I sortaÖ hang out here and talk to you? Iím sorta local and Iíd kinda like to get to know youÖ.."
I waited anxiously for a reply.
"Well, I guessÖ." She answered finally.
"Thanks, Iíd really appreciate that," I thanked her.
My cell rang, and I picked up.
"Hey Nick! You wanna hang out shoot some hoops or somethiní?"
It was Brian on the other end. I hadnít spent much time with him because of all the tour details we each had to sort out.
"Well, OK. Iíll be back at the hotel in ten!"
I hung up and put my cell away.
"Must dash. I have to go hang out with a friend of mine." I claimed.
"Thatís cool," she commented. "Come back again!"
"I will!" I smiled as I got up to leave.
As I drove back, I could help but remember the hint of doubt in her voice when she agreed to get to know each other better.