Kevin’s point of view

I sat crying in the hotel room. I hated myself for letting Howie and Nick get caught. For all I knew, they could have been executed or tortured or something.
There was a soft knock on the door. I wiped my eyes and got up to open the door. It was AJ. I could tell he’d been crying himself.
“Oh, come in, AJ,” I invited.
He slowly walked in.
“Are you OK, man?” AJ asked. “I can hear you crying from the next room.”
“It’s just everything that’s happened is getting to my head,” I explained. “Are you OK? I mean your face looks painful, no offence!”
AJ felt the four scratches on his face from the attack, “It’s fine….” He replied, tears filling his eyes.
“Actually I came because I think I remember what happened!”
I gestured for him to sit down.
He took a deep breath, “When we were attacked, the Kindorian was going for Nick, but I didn’t want him to get hurt, so I tried to knock the alien’s gun out of his hand, but I missed and he started attacking me, he musta knocked me out since that’s all I remember!”
AJ then burst into tears, and I hugged him comfortingly as I felt tears beginning to roll down my face.

Howie’s point of view

Nick sat silently on the cold, stone floor. Luckily, they hadn’t killed him or knocked him out this time. I didn’t know what had happened while he was gone, but it had affected him a lot. I decided not to quiz him about it, and left him to his thoughts.
I looked over to Tohja. He was asleep now, and I decided not to wake him, even though I needed to talk to someone. I followed Tohja’s example and tried to drift into the quiet world of rest.
But knowing my luck, the guards came back in. There were four of them this time.
“Take Carter’s friend to the van, and have the kid moved upstairs. Bring Carter this way!” the leader of the guards ordered. They all nodded.
As I was untied and taken away to a van outside, I caught a glimpse of Nick being dragged into another room, and Tohja was led down the corridor.
It was raining heavily outside, and even though I was only outside for a few seconds before I was shoved into the back of the van, I got soaked.
Shaking rain droplets off my face and hair, I awaited what was to come next.

Nick’s point of view

I was taken into a room as Howie was dragged outside.
Much to my relief, I saw Jen again, but the expression on her face wasn’t good.
“OK, you’ve both got three minutes!” Hon’Kaarn, who was also there, stated before he and the guards left the room.
Jen watched them leave, then turned to me sadly.
“Jen, what’s going on?” I asked her softly.
“It’s simple really,” she claimed, hanging her head. “I have to leave!”
My eyes widened as they filled with tears, “No…… you can’t…….. I need you!”
“I’m sorry Nick!” she wept, stepping forward and falling into my arms.
We both stood crying for about a minute.
“I couldn’t let him shoot you!” she added, her voice a whisper.
After, stopping and looking into each other’s eyes, we kissed for the last time.
I never wanted it to end, because I knew she would have to leave when it did, but it had to.
When it did, she wiped her eyes and hugged me tightly.
“I’ll never forget you….” I sobbed.
She nodded and headed for the door, she banged on it.
“We’re finished in here!” she yelled through.
Hon’Kaarn and the guards came back in and led us outside.
“Take him out to the van. Drive him and his friend back to their hotel and give them back to their friends. Then come back here and follow us in your aircraft.”
The guards obeyed and dragged me out as I watched Kaarn lead Jen down the corridor and up some stairs.
I was practically thrown into the van, and greeted by Howie.
“Nick, what happened? Where are Jen and Tohja?”
I immediately broken down in sobs, and I guess it suggested to Howie what had happened, as he nodded understandingly and let me rest my head on his shoulder and cry.
Howie looked up, out of the van window, at something in the sky, and I followed his gaze. There were six aircraft slowly soaring upwards.
Fresh tears came to my eyes as the van pulled away and drove us back to our bandmates.