Breaking the news

Howie’s point of view

It took a few seconds for the doctor’s words to sink in. We clearly were all finding this hard to believe.
“No! There has to be some mistake!” Kevin exclaimed, not willing to face the facts.
“I’m sorry, but this is a common case in some motor accidents. Like I told you, no one has ever been cured of this,” the doctor insisted solemnly.
I didn’t know what to say. It looked like none of the others did either.
Brian suddenly turned and walked in the other direction.
“Where you goin’, Bri?” I asked, still in disbelief.
“To tell Nick,” he answered moodily.
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Kevin queried with concern.
Brian spun around, his eyes filled with rage, “Well, I didn’t hear YOU volunteering to do it!!” He yelled.
We all looked at him in surprise. It was really affecting him, since he was usually calm.
“Besides, he has to know about it sometime. It might as well be now,” Brian stated, a little calmer, as he turned around again. “It’s his eyes we’re talkin’ about!”
He left us to wait in silence until he returned.

Brian’s point of view

I came back from telling Nick what was wrong. I saw the others expectant faces looking at me.
“He took it badly,” I stated, collapsing into the nearest seat.
“What’d he say?” AJ asked.
I sighed, “Nothing much. When I told him what was wrong, it took about five seconds to register, then he asked me to leave. I insisted I should talk to him, or keep him company, but he just asked me to let him be alone again.”
“That figures,” Howie stated.
“Do you think I should talk to him?” Kevin questioned. He wanted to help out so much. Probably because he felt responsible us all.
“Bad idea, Kev,” I informed him. “He really needs to be alone right now. Give him a few hours.”
He nodded and sat down next to Kristin, who had arrived a little earlier than everyone else with Kevin.

Nick’s point of view

I turned onto my side, still in shock. Brian’s words still haunted me; “This is permanent, Nick…... You’re blind! I’m so sorry, man!”
I couldn’t believe it. I’d lost my eyesight. I never thought being blind could be so traumatising. Being so demoralised, I tried to curl up as small as I could. It took me some time to realise I was crying. As far as I was concerned, my life was over. Practically everything I enjoyed would be nearly impossible; Basketball, dancing, playing on my Nintendo, drawing, watching TV…..none of these would be anywhere near possible for me now. Pulling my sheets around me, and tried to drift into sleep, where I wouldn’t suffer as badly. I took what seemed like an age, but I finally fell into a deep slumber.

Kevin’s point of view

I walked into Nick’s ward, but found he was asleep. His face was wet, so I guessed he had spent his time crying himself to sleep. I sighed sadly. It was bad enough for him to become blind, but for this to happen when he was this old, was worse. It would be harder for him to adapt to this than someone who was half his age. I shook his shoulder to wake him.
“W...what?” he blurted out wearily, as he opened his eyes.
“It’s just me, Nick,” I reassured, but I was in some agony of my own. I was concentrating on the blank, sightless look his eyes had. It was awful just to think about what he must be suffering with.
“Oh, it’s just you, Kev,” he said, his tone full of resentment and anger. He turned over so he was facing away from me. I wasn’t sure whom that resentment was directed at.
“Nick, I was just seein’ if you wanted any help,” I claimed in defence.
“I’m not angry at you, Kev. I don’t blame you. I don’t blame anyone! I’m just angry!” he dismayed.
“I suspect you’re in no mood to talk, then.”
“Look, I don’t want a lecture! I didn’t ask for your help! I just wanna be left alone!” he snapped in reply.
I patted him on the shoulder comfortingly, “OK, Nick, I’m goin’” I said softly. Nick merely pulled his sheet over his head. I shook my head in helplessness as I left him to his thoughts. He clearly didn’t want my help, or, at least, he didn’t want to admit that he did.

Brian’s point of view

“Baby, try not to worry so much,” Leighanne insisted. “At least he’s still alive!”
“I can’t help it!” I dismayed. “I just can’t even start to imagine what he’s goin’ through!”
My wife grabbed my arm and dragged me to a seat. “We’re all worried about Nick, but we have to be strong for him.”
“I guess so,” I sighed.
Leighanne just looked at me.
“OK, I know so!” I exclaimed.
Howie was sitting opposite me, “How’s your arm, Bri?”
“Better,” I replied half-heartedly. “I can’t get this off my mind. You see, words weren’t all that important to Nick; it’s what he saw that mattered to him sometimes!”
“It’s always the things you love the most that get taken away,” Howie stated.