Nick’s point of view

“But how have I ignored the warning?” I asked, frightened.
Tohja though for a moment. “Jen must in NYC.”
“So, they thought Nick was looking for her?” Kevin questioned.
“I think so, and when you guys didn’t leave, they tried to kill Nick, and Howie for spotting the assassin.”
“That’s it!” Kevin exclaimed. “We’ll have to scrap the rest of the promotional stuff and find somewhere safe to hide out until we hear from Jen again!”
We all sighed. We’d had to stay indoors for a long time before when the fans gave us trouble. But this was worse. I had killer aliens on my tail!

Brian’s point of view

It was a few days later when we arranged to stay at a safe bunker just outside the city. For the first time in ages, I couldn’t sleep. Everything that had happened was going to my head, and I couldn’t stop worrying about my best friend.
He’d kept to himself and confided in me a lot over the past few days, but stayed mainly quiet. I guessed he was half torn between fear and heartache. Yet, how would I feel if I had a bunch of angry aliens after my blood just because
I went out with a certain person, and that person had to leave to try and change things around?
Being careful not to wake anyone, I grabbed my jacket and crept outside. Luckily for me, it was a quiet evening, and no one was around to bother me.
I walked a little way down the path by the bunker, inhaling the clean night air. I seemed to forget the peril we were all in for a few minutes. The atmosphere was so peaceful. But that soon changed.

About ten minutes later, I decided it was time to go back. Walking down the path, a sense of danger stopped me. I slowed my pace down a bit, and listened intently. As I feared, I could hear soft footsteps behind me. I was being followed, by at least two or more people, most probably Kindorians. Gulping, I quickened my pace. Slowly, as not to make it look too conspicuous, I reached for my cell. Frantically pressing buttons, I quickly punched in Kev’s number.
“C’mon, pick it up Kev!” I whispered to myself.
Kev had just picked up when one of the aliens pounced on me from behind, knocking the cell out of my hand. I watched helplessly as it smashed off the stone pavement.
The Kindorian grabbed me, spun me around and grabbed my throat.
“Tell us where Carter is, or die!”

Kevin’s point of view

“The phone you have called may be switched off. Please try again later.”
I put my cell down.
Annoyingly, I had once again been woken up by my cell. It was Brian’s number, but the minute I picked up, the line went dead. I had phoned his cell back, but had got that frustrating recorded message.
Fearing something had gone wrong, I got up and knocked on Brian and Leighanne’s door. Leighanne answered.
“Is Brian there?” I asked immediately.
“No, he must have got up. I’ve been asleep!” she replied.
“Got up? At this time of night?” I pondered on a possible reason.
“He has been worried about Nick a lot,” Leighanne stated.
“We all have,” I sighed. “At least he got to sleep tonight.”
I looked over to Nick’s door, wondering what was going through his head right now.
“I’ll go and see if he’s outside.” I said, turning back to Leighanne.

Brian’s point of view

“Please, just let me go!” I pleaded vainly for the fifth time. “I don’t know any Nick Carter!”
The Kindorian hit me across the face hard, stunning me.
“Don’t lie! We know he’s a friend of yours!”
The other creature, that had been watching me struggle before, now let out a cry of surprise.
Both my interrogator and me looked over to him. He was thrashing about, with, much to my surprise, Tohja clinging onto his back and covering his eyes with his paws. The creature couldn’t see anything due to Tohja blocking his vision, and therefore couldn’t see Tohja to get rid of him.
When Tohja began to bite and scratch at him, he started appealing to his friend.
“Kanath, help!” he wailed.
“C’mon, Polah! He’s just a kid!” Kanath urged. “Just hit him!”
“How can I hit him if I can’t see him, you puddenhead!” Polah retorted. “Ow, he’s eatin’ my shoulder!”
Kanath growled in frustration, “Stand still you moron! I’ll deal with him!”
Kanath showed me forcefully away, turning to help his companion and I stumbled to the floor.
The minute I was free, Tohja shouted, “Go! Get out of here!”
I followed his instructions and ran back to the bunker as fast as my shaking legs would allow, only turning back once to see Tohja jump off the Kindorian called Polah and run off in the opposite direction as he was pursued by both creatures.
I was within reach of the door when I ran headlong into Kevin. We both fell over, but I fell into a world of darkness as I hit my head off the hard pavement.