Howie’s point of view

A soft thud awoke me. To tired to even move, I yawned and called, “Shut up, Nick!”
There was no reply, but I could now hear the soft padding of footsteps in the room.
“Nick, go back to bed, it’s late!” I moaned.
There was no change, and I sighed angrily. I reached for the bedside lamp as I spoke.
“Nick, what is wrong with….. AAGGHH!!” I screamed as I switched the lamp on.
Instead of seeing Nick wandering around the room, my gaze met that of a large, angry-looking alien.
It growled at me. It had been heading for Nick beforehand, but now it had started to move slowly towards me! It drew a long, glinting knife as it stepped closer and closer. I wanted to dive out of bed and run for the door, but I was frozen in terror.
Closing my eyes, I prayed to God that this would be a quick death, and not a slow, agonising one. I sat waiting for this creature to strike at me, but the blow never came. What did come, though, was the shattering of glass and more angry, but confused growls. A loud thud was clearly audible and was followed by silence.
When I opened my eyes, Nick was awake and wondering what was happening, and another, smaller alien was standing on top of the first alien, brandishing a baseball bat, which was now unconscious.
“Tohja? What are you doin’ here? What happened?” Nick asked.
“Stopping this guy from killing you and your bewildered friend here,” the small alien replied.
“Nick, what the hell is going on?!” I demanded, still frightened.
Nick looked at me, concerned. “This is Tohja, the one I told you about, remember?”
“You told them?” Tohja’s eyes widened.
“Well, I had to! AJ was eavesdropping on me and Jen so he found out about it.” I retorted.
“Aw well, I suppose you would have found out anyway, with me flying through windows and everything!” Tohja replied, looking at me.
“So which one are you?” Tohja asked. “Brian?”
“No, Howie,” I corrected.
I hesitantly shook his outstretched hand. No sooner than we had done this, Kevin, Brian, AJ, Leighanne and Kristin burst into the room, with Kev in the lead.
“Guys, we heard noises and the security out here have been knocked…..” he stopped talking when he saw who else was in the room.
Nick quickly explained the situation to the others so as not to start an unwilling fight with an alien on our side.
“Well, at least you guys are OK!” Brian stated.
“Your luck is short lived I’m afraid!” Tohja pointed out. “You ignored their warning, so now they want you dead!”