Nick’s point of view

It had been a few days but it seemed like weeks. Our management had sorted some promotional stuff for us and we had to move to NY city for a few days. I was glad, as I believed it would take my mind of things for a while. But, at the hotel, we ran into problems.
“What do you mean you screwed up the hotel arrangements?” Kevin fumed. As usual, he was making a big deal of the smallest things.
“Sorry, Kev. It was a simple mistake!” our organiser, Michael, stated in defence.
“Yeah, and because of this simple mistake, there are only four rooms for seven of us!”
“Well its too late to do anything now!” Howie stated. “How about you and Kristin take one room, Brian and Leighanne take another, and us three will share the other two rooms.” He suggested, gesturing to AJ, me and himself.
“We’ll have to rotate so we each get a turn at sleeping in the single room,” AJ stated. “But who gets to use it first?”
“We might as well let D, since he came up with the idea,” I said, heading for my own room.
The others followed, but Brian ran ahead to join me, “Are you sure you’re OK?”
“Yeah,” I replied. “ Guess I just have to wait for her to come back, if she comes back!”
“Look, if you need to talk to me or any of the others, we’re always here, OK?”
“OK, thanks, man!” I gave him a small smile and went to mine and AJ’s room.
After settling in and hanging out with the guys for a while, I decided to get some sleep so I was awake for the promo stuff the next day. AJ complained about keeping him awake for the first hour or so after we went to our room to get some shut eye.

AJ’s point of view

Once again, Nick’s tossing and turning caused enough noise to wake me up.
“Nick, go to sleep, for God’s sake!” I moaned.
Nick sat up, “I’m sorry Bone, but I just can’t!”
“Why not? Is it about Jen again?” I asked, irritated.
“No, it’s just I feel like something bad is gonna happen!”
“You’re just tired. Now try and get some sleep!”
I turned over and closed my eyes, pulling my covers over my head.
I heard Nick steady breathing a few minutes later, signalling he had finally got to sleep. I followed suit and fell into
sleep’s dark, quiet embrace.

Nick’s point of view

I awoke as I heard noises. I nervously sat up and looked around the near pitch black room. I could barely see a thing but I could sense someone other than AJ and me in the room. Gulping, I whispered, “Who’s there?” I jumped as a clap of thunder resounded outside. Shaking nervously, I got that premonition again. Something was wrong… big time. I heard another, new noise. Like someone creeping around.
Psst.. AJ? AJ, did you hear that?” I asked, my voice a frightened whisper.
He gave no reply, but turned over to face away from me sleepily.
“AJ!” I shouted as quietly as I could, leaning over to his bed and whacking him with my pillow.
He moaned angrily and I saw his eyes flicker open in the darkness. He glared hatefully at me.
“Nick, stop that!!” he complained. “Stop hitting me, man! What do you want now?”
“Did you hear that?” I asked ignoring his grumpiness.
“What? What rubbish are talkin’ now?”
“I heard a noise, like someone was creeping around outside!” I claimed.
He groaned at me, “For the last time, GO TO SLEEP!!”
I protested but complied when he ignored me and fell asleep himself.
Resting my head back on my pillow, I wiped cold sweat from my brow and shivered as I drifted away.

When I woke up in the morning, I was in for a shock. As I opened my eyes, my blurry vision focused on something very threatening, placed right next to my throat.