Jen’s point of view

“I th…think I’ll need….need that glass of …..water now….” Nick stuttered, falling backwards onto the chair.
I picked up the glass and handed it to him and he emptied it in one go.
“But…. But you look human!!” he stated, still in a shocked state.
“Oh, this is just an illusion,” she claimed. “I really look like Tohja, but one of us has to bring money in. And I can’t go out looking like Tohja, now can I?”
Nick just looked at me blankly again. I didn’t blame him for being in shock. He’d just found out he’d been dating an alien.
“I’m sorry! I should have told you!” I apologised hugging him comfortingly.
He just sat there staring into space.
“Why does ‘Roswell High’ come to mind?” he asked in a monotone voice.
I laughed lightly and kissed him. After sitting with his own thoughts for a few hours, he got up to leave. I let him go, knowing he’d need even more time to think.

After a couple of days, Nick had pretty much gotten over the fact I was an alien, as well as Tohja being my brother.
But he still seemed tense. Luckily, he was taking it well and didn’t tell any of the other guys.
He long since figured out for himself that it was me who healed him last year at the hospital. I had to explain to him that some Kindorians have psychic ‘gifts’. Tohja still hadn’t figured out how to use his powers yet.
Everything seemed fine……. Until one day I got a message ………. …….And it wasn’t good news.

Nick’s point of view

Rehearsals had just finished, when an unexpected knock came at the door of the studio. Kevin went to answer it.
“Hey, Jen!” he greeted. “Is everything OK?”
“Is Nick here? I need to talk to him,” she replied.
I stood up, “What is it Jen?”
“Can we talk alone?” she asked. “This is private.”
“OK,” I answered, leading her back outside. “So, what’s so important?”
“You know all these UFO sightings? Well, they aren’t hoaxes. They’re my people! They left this note at my place,” she explained, handing me a piece of paper with completely alien symbols on it. I frowned at her.
She sighed, “It says they aren’t happy with me becoming too involved. They want me to go home and if I don’t agree they’ll force me to!”
“What?!” I exclaimed. “So, you’re gonna just leave?!”
“No, I want to try and talk them out of this, but I’ll have to leave for a while to do that. Tohja said he’d stay behind and try and protect you and the guys!” she stated.
I gave her the note back, and paused for a second, “When will I see you again?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll try and get back as soon as I can. I’m not very good at goodbyes…… so I’d better just go.”
She kissed me and left without a word. I felt like crying, knowing this was maybe the last time I would see her, possibly forever.

AJ’s point of view

This was way too weird. Standing with my back to the wall, I tried to get my head around what I had heard while eavesdropping on Jen and Nick. Jen was an alien? And the UFO’s were real? And who the hell was Tohja?
I heard Nick coming back, so I ran back to the other guys, still in shock. I quickly sat on my chair as Nick came through the door.
He was clearly crying and Brian went over to see him.
“What’s up man?” he asked. “What’d she say?”
“She’s leaving, and might not be coming back!” he sobbed.
Kevin looked to me and to a teary-eyed Nick suspiciously.
“AJ, what’s with your face?” he narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “Were you eavesdropping on them?”
All heads turned towards me. I knew it was no use trying to lie to them.
I sighed, “Yeah……”
“Calm down, Nick!” Brian shouted, grabbing Nick’s arm and pushing him into the chair.
I tried not to sound too nosy when I asked him, “Are you gonna tell us guys what the hell is going on?”
Nick wiped his eyes and shot me a hate-filled glare.
He then proceeded to tell us all about Jen, Tohja and these aliens.
And his story was so elaborate and complex, we all knew he couldn’t have made it up.