Thanking My Lucky Stars

Kevin’s point of view

I listened as John told me everything and then hung up the phone numbly.
“Kev? What happened? Are there news on Nick?” asked Brian, worriedly looking at me. I nodded slowly, not being able to speak.
“What’s wrong?” asked Kristin.
I shakily told them what happened to Nick and they all gasped.

Julianna’s point of view

“That was so much fun!” exclaimed Annie. We had just left the Bronx Zoo and she was completely ecstatic. I ran after her all over the zoo, I had actually forgotten how much energy an eight year old has.
“Did you have fun?” I asked, catching up with her as she ran towards my car.
“Of course!” she said enthusiastically. “I always have fun with you,” she added grinning widely.
“Aww, you are so adorable,” I said catching her and spinning her around. She squealed with joy.
“Again!” she begged.
“No, that’s enough,” I said, setting my little sister down near my car. “Get in,” I said opening the door. Annie quickly got in and closed the door after her. “Hungry?” I asked after getting into the car myself.
“Definitely!” said Annie nodding.
“Okay, where do you want to go?” I asked.
“McDonald’s,” she replied.
“Okay, Mickey D’s it is,” I agreed and steered the car onto the highway.
By the time we got back to my parents’ house it was around eight thirty. I knew that Annie’s bedtime was exactly nine o’clock, so I was grateful that we got back just in time.
“Hey, we’re back!” I yelled opening the door.
“There are my two favorite daughters!” said my dad stepping out of the den smiling widely.
“Dad, we’re your only daughters,” I said laughing as both Annie and me gave him a big hug.
“True, but you’re still my favorite,” he said, his green eyes twinkling.
“Daddy, can I stay up since Julianna is here?” asked Annie, her large blue eyes pleading.
“Sorry kiddo, but you still have to be in bed by nine,” said Dad shaking his head.
Annie pouted.
“But tell you what, if you get into bed real quick, I’ll read you a story,” I offered.
Annie’s face immediately lit up and she ran upstairs. I laughed and then followed my dad into the living room where I saw my mom watching TV.
“Hey,” I greeted her.
“Hi sweetie, how was the zoo?” she asked turning down the volume.
“It was great, but wow, Annie has so much energy, I was barely able to keep up,” I said laughing.
“Trust us, we know,” said my dad also laughing.
“So what’s this we hear about your show and the Backstreet Boys?” asked my mom.
“Oh that,” I said, my mood slightly deflating at the thought of Nick. “They’re supposed to guest star on an upcoming episode. It’s supposed to be filmed on Wednesday, but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen,” I replied.
“Because Nick is missing?” asked my dad. I nodded.
“Is it just me or do you not like the idea of them guest starring on the show?” asked my mom. Did she know me or what?
“Well, I’m fine with Brian, Howie, AJ, and Kevin. It’s Nick that I have a problem with,” I said. “He’s a total jerk, I really don’t want to work with him,” I added.
“I see, but why don’t you give him a chance?” asked my mom.
“Mom, I did, I gave him plenty of chances, the last two times I saw him, he acted like a jerk,” I explained.
“Well, maybe he was having some problems,” suggested my dad.
“It’s still not a reason to take it out on everyone else,” I said stubbornly.
“I agree with you, but still, you’re a wonderful person Julianna, and we raised you to give everyone a chance, whether they deserve it or not,” said my mom kindly. I knew she was right, but still, Nick was a jerk, a big one.
“You wanna know who’s upstairs reading me a story? Nobody!” announced Annie coming downstairs in her pajamas.
“Sorry Annie, I’m coming,” I said and followed her upstairs.

Brian’s point of view

“Please tell me you’re kidding,” I said to Kevin unable to believe what he had just said.
“I’m one hundred percent serious,” replied Kevin.
“Wow, how could he do that?” asked AJ in disbelief.
“What was he thinking?” said Howie shocked.
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” said Kevin.
“How could Nick drink and drive?” exclaimed Leighanne. “Doesn’t he know how dangerous that is?”
“He does know, that’s the scary part,” said AJ softly.
“Is he okay?” asked Kristin.
“Yeah, he’s fine except for a few cuts and bruises, he’ll be good as new in a day or two. Thankfully, he wasn’t driving very fast, so when he crashed into the guardrail, the impact wasn’t severe,” replied Kevin.
“We should go see him,” said AJ getting up. “Is he in the hospital?” he asked.
“No, they sent him back to the hotel with John because he went there when he found out what happened. He’ll be here in about a half an hour,” said Kevin.
“Okay, but what do we say to him when he does?” asked Howie.
“Good question,” said Kevin thoughtfully.
“Why do you think he was drinking anyway? He’s not big on alcohol,” said Leighanne.
“When Stacie broke up with him, it probably hurt him more than he would have liked to admit to anyone, even himself,” reasoned AJ.
“You’re probably right Bone,” I agreed.
About twenty minutes later, Nick walked in with John. He didn’t look too bad. He had a big bandage on his left arm and he had a small bump on his forehead.
“Hi guys,” he said warily and sank down into the only remaining chair.
“Okay Nick, we can see you’re tired, and you’ve been through plenty today. So go get some sleep, but we will talk to you about this in the morning,” I told him. Nick nodded and then pulled himself up and left the room.

Nick’s point of view

‘How could I have been so stupid?’ That was the only thought swimming around in my head as I entered my hotel room. I had no idea what possessed me to drink and drive. I was usually a fairly responsible person when it came to alcohol. I couldn’t believe that I had done one of the most dangerous things possible. I should have been thanking my lucky stars that I wasn’t killed in the accident.
I plopped down onto my bed and closed my eyes. The reality of the break up was still fresh in my mind even after all the alcohol I drank. How could it be over? We were together for over two years, and then Stacie just breaks up with me, like it was no big deal. I really thought that we were truly in love and that we would be together forever. It felt like she took my heart and just threw it against the floor making it shatter into a million tiny pieces never to be put together again. How was I supposed to go on without her? She was my everything for such a long time. I didn’t even remember what life was like before her.
I lay on my bed thinking for a long time. I didn’t realize how long until I saw the first signs of sunrise coming through my window. I was exhausted beyond belief and I still had to face the guys in a few hours for, what I expected to be, a huge lecture.
Thankfully, there was nothing for us to do that day. It was one of those rare free days. I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 5:57 in the morning. The rest of the guys wouldn’t be up for hours so I figured that I could at least get a few hours of sleep. I turned over to my left side, in an attempt to make myself more comfortable, and then winced in pain. I had turned right onto my cut that was covered by a large bandage. When the pain died down, I moved my arm into a position where I wasn’t leaning on my cut and tried to fall asleep. It wasn’t easy. But after about a half an hour of tossing and turning and telling myself not to think about Stacie, I finally fell asleep.

Kevin’s point of view

“Okay, when is it?” I asked.
“It’s at seven o’clock sharp. Everyone is going to be there,” replied our publicist, Jenna.
“What kind of a party is it?”
“It’s a post VMA party. They weren’t able to throw one the night of the awards due to some problems, so they’re throwing one tonight.”
“Okay, we’ll be there,” I said.
“Great,” said Jenna. “Bye.”
“Bye,” I said and hung up the phone.
I then proceeded to go and try to find the rest of the guys and tell them the news.
“Hey Bri! You in there?” I called out, knocking.
“Hey Kev, what’s up?” he asked opening the door.
“There’s a post VMA party tonight at seven and all of us have to be there,” I told him.
Brian nodded. “Okay, let’s meet in the lobby at six thirty,” he suggested.
“Alright, that works,” I agreed. “By the way, have you seen Nick yet?” I asked.
“No,” said Brian shaking his head. “My guess is he’s probably still sleeping,” he added.
I looked at my watch. “It’s after one in the afternoon,” I commented. “I’m going to wake him up and have a talk with him about yesterday. Tell the rest of the guys about the party and then all of you meet me in Nick’s room at one forty. All of us will talk to him then,” I said.
“No problem, see you then,” said Brian and closed the door. I walked down the hallway to Nick’s room and knocked loudly.
“What?” said Nick sleepily opening the door.
“Good, you’re up,” I said and walked past him into the room.
“I wasn’t before you pounded on my door,” said Nick grouchily.
“Nick, we gotta talk,” I said sitting down in a chair.
“About yesterday?” he asked with dread in his voice.
“Yes, what were you thinking?” I exclaimed.
“I don’t know! I was so upset over Stacie breaking up with me that I thought a few drinks wouldn’t hurt,” he replied.
“But why the hell did you drive afterwards?” I asked.
“I guess I was too drunk to think clearly at that point. Kev, before you say anything else, I know that I screwed up in a major way and that there is no excuse for what I did. I know that I am lucky to be sitting here and talking to you and I sure as hell am never going to do anything that stupid again. I am so sorry for making all you guys worry about me and I give you my word that nothing like this will ever happen again. I was up all night thinking about everything and I know that I have to move on. The world did not end when Stacie and I broke up and even though I still love her, I know that I will get over her.”
“Good Nick, at least you realized the consequences your actions may have had,” I said softly. “And I know that Stacie hurt you a lot, but believe me, you will find someone who’s a hundred times better than her, someone who will not use you for your money or your fame.”
“I know that Kev, thanks.”
“You’re welcome, now relax a little cause the other guys will be here soon to talk to you too.”
“Oh great, I thought that you were the only one who was going to give a lecture.”
“Nope, sorry, they also have some things to say to you. And also, there’s a post VMA party tonight at seven and all of us have to be there. So we’re all meeting in the lobby at six thirty sharp, don’t be late,” I told him.
“I won’t, and I mean that,” said Nick sincerely.
“Good, I’m glad that you have finally come to your senses,” I said.
“So am I,” replied Nick.

Julianna’s point of view

“So?” I asked Jess. “Do you want to come or not?”
“Are you kidding? Of course I want to come!” exclaimed Jess hugging me. “Thank you!”
“Jess, calm down,” I said laughing. “It’s just a party,” I added.
“But it’s a VMA party! There’s gonna be celebrities all over the place there. Oh my God, I can’t wait!”
“Okay, calm down,” I repeated. “Do you know what those words mean? Good, now do it,” I told her.
“What am I going to wear??” exclaimed Jess suddenly and ran up the stairs to my room.
“Jess?” I said after going to my room after her. “What are you looking for?” I asked.
“Something to wear for the party tonight. It’s like this huge event and I have nothing nice to wear. You go to these parties all the time, I know you have a dress that’s perfect for me somewhere in here,” said Jess rummaging through my walk-in closet.
“You forgot one little detail,” I said walking up to her.
“What?” she asked.
“I’m like five inches taller than you!” I exclaimed laughing. “Do you have any idea how one of my dresses will look on you? It’ll be totally long!” I was 5’9” while Jess was 5’4”.
“Yeah, but I was looking for a short dress, then it would be fine,” replied Jess.
“Okay, fine, let’s see if we can find you something,” I said chuckling and started looking through the closet also. “How about this?” I asked holding up a short red silk dress. “You’ll look amazing in red with your dark hair as a contrast, and it will really bring out your blue eyes,” I added.
“Think so?” asked Jess looking at the dress with uncertainty in her eyes.
“Definitely, try it on,” I urged.
“Okay,” said Jess. A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom wearing the dress.
“Wow, you look amazing!” I told her. The dress was absolutely perfect. It was an off the shoulder dress with long sleeves.
“You were totally right about the dress,” said Jess smiling happily. “Thank you so much!” she added.
“You’re welcome,” I told her. “How about we do something special today in honor of you going to your first post VMA party?” I suggested.
“Like what? And don’t forget, this is your first post VMA party too,” reminded Jess.
“Oh yeah, you’re right about that,” I said. “But how about we go to a salon and get our hair done, our make-up, our nails, and get massages while we’re there?” I asked.
“That sounds so great!” she agreed enthusiastically. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”
I laughed and quickly grabbed the dress I was planning on wearing. It was made out of pale blue velvet and it was a tube top dress that went a little past my knees. It had small black, but visible, flowers sewn on it all over.
When we got to the salon we immediately went to get massages with Jess chattering about how she wanted her hair done and what colors she wanted for her nails and toes. While she was talking, I was thinking about making a change for myself. By the end of the massage I had made up my mind, I was going to do it.

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