“Mike! You have to find Val!” yelled Nick to his bodyguard, who nodded and went to find Val. He found her soon enough and brought her back to the bus.
“Baby are you okay?” asked Nick his eyes full of concern.
“Nick, don’t worry I’m fine.” Said Val and grinned at him to assure him that she was okay.
“Are you sure?” asked Nick.
“Positive.” Replied Val. The rest of the guys were giving her worried looks. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not hurt or anything like that.” She said to them.
“Ok, if you’re sure.” Said Kevin.
“I’m sure.” She assured him.
Afterwards, the concert went by without any mistakes and soon everyone was in their hotel packing their things because they were leaving for England the next day. After packing their stuff, the guys and Val went to the hotel restaurant to get something to eat. They were eating when Val’s cell phone rang.
“Hello?” she said picking it up.
“Hi honey!” came Mrs. Stans’ voice over the phone.
“Mom!” exclaimed Val in happiness. “Where are you? Are you home already?” asked Val firing questions at her mother.
“Yes, we are home already. But the cruise was absolutely lovely!” said Mrs. Stans enthusiastically. “Even your father enjoyed it.” she added laughing.
“Wow, if Daddy liked it, it must’ve been out of this world!” said Val laughing because she knew that it was hard to please her father with any type of vacation.
“Yes, it was. But tell me about you, how is everything going on tour?” asked Mrs. Stans.
“It’s wonderful! Today was the last US concert and we’re going to England tomorrow to start the European part of the tour.” Said Val her eyes shining with excitement.
“That’s great! How’s Zack?” asked Mrs. Stans not knowing that it was a touchy subject for Val.
“Zack who?” asked Val her voice turning bitter.
“Oh, I see something happened.” Said Mrs. Stans.
“Yeah, he cheated on me.” Said Val.
“Oh honey I’m so sorry.” Said Mrs. Stans sympathetically.
“I’m not, I’m much happier with Nick.” Said Val grinning at Nick, who grinned back.
“Nick? You mean Nick Carter?” asked Mrs. Stans amazed.
“Yep, he’s absolutely wonderful mom!” exclaimed Val.
“In that case, both me and your father are very happy for you sweetheart.” Said Mrs. Stans kindly.
“Thanks mom, I’m really happy too.” Said Val. She talked with her mother for a few more minutes and then hung up. Excitement was written all over her face.
“Hey guys, guess what?” she asked. Everyone turned to look at her.
“What?” asked Brian.
“My parents are flying out in their jet to see the concert that’s in two days!” exclaimed Val.
“That’s terrific!” said Nick hugging Val.
“Wait a minute, did you just say jet?” asked AJ.
“Yeah, I did.” Replied Val. “It’s not a big deal or anything.” She added. All the guys looked at her.
“Val, you wanna clarify something?” asked Nick.
“Um, okay, so my parents are kinda rich.” Said Val shrugging.
“How rich is kinda?” asked Kevin.
“Uh, well, my mom is a surgeon and my dad is the president of a prestigious law firm.” Replied Val.
“Really?” asked Nick.
“Yeah.” Admitted Val.
“Why didn’t you say anything sooner?” asked Brian.
“Well, I didn’t see the point in doing so. I mean, it doesn’t matter that my parents are rich. And it’s not like I kept it from you guys either.” Said Val.
“True, but that does kinda explain your BMW.” Said Nick grinning.
“Yeah, it was a present from my parents on my 16th birthday.” Said Val smiling at the memory of that day.
“So I’m gonna be meeting your parents?” asked Nick and gulped.
“Very funny, it’s not that bad. You meet thousands of new people every day.” pointed out Val.
“Yeah, but none of them are my girlfriend’s parents.” Said Nick defensively.
“Don’t worry about it. My parents are absolutely the most remarkable people I know.” Said Val. “I’m sure they’ll love you.” She added.
“I hope so.” Said Nick. He was sort of worried about the meeting.
“You’ll be fine.” Assured him Val and everyone went back to eating their food.


The following day Val and the guys arrived in London, England. Since they had the day free, they decided to go sightseeing. Val’s never been to London and so Nick and the rest of the guys acted like tour guides for her since they’ve been there before. They were sightseeing from morning till night and returned to the hotel completely exhausted.
The next day Val was standing onstage and running through “The Music of Love” with Nick when she heard someone say that she had a phone call. She told Nick that she would be right back and went to pick up the phone. Nick followed her anyway. He watched her pick up the phone smiling. Her face expression then turned to confusion and the next moment she lost all color in her face. Nick tensed. He heard Val say ‘ok, thank you’ and then she hung up the phone. Before Nick could react, Val collapsed.

“Val come on wake up.” Val heard Nick’s voice coming from somewhere far away. She slowly returned back to consciousness and opened her eyes. She saw Nick sitting next to her and the worried faces of Brian, Kevin, AJ, Howie, the BSB dancers, and some of the crew were around her.
“What happened?” asked Val groggily sitting up.
“You fainted.” Said Nick gently.
“Oh.” Said Val, then the phone conversation came flooding back and Val started crying hysterically.
“Val, calm down please. Tell me what’s wrong.” Begged Nick trying to comfort Val. It wasn’t working, she just kept crying. “Can we have some privacy?” asked Nick turning to all the people standing around them. Everyone nodded and went back to their activities. Now it was just Val and the five guys. Val was still crying but she had somewhat calmed down. “Val,” said Nick raising her chin with his hand, “What happened?” he asked.
“That was the C-C-Coast Guard on the phone.” Chocked out Val through tears. “My parents’ jet had engine failure and…and…and they crashed into the ocean…about…an hour ago.” Sobbed Val. “There…were no survivors.” She said and broke down crying again.
“Oh my God Val! I’m so sorry! I don’t even know what to say.” Said Nick shocked and at a loss for words. He looked at the other guys but they seemed as speechless as him.
“Val I…I…” started Kevin but trailed off because he knew that there was nothing he could say to make Val feel any better. He remembered how he felt when he lost his father, but he knew that he still had his mom. He had no idea what Val was feeling because she had just lost both of her parents.
Val managed to compose herself again and looked at everyone with her puffy eyes. “I have to go back to Florida.” She announced.
“Florida?” asked Howie. “We thought you lived in New York.”
“I do. But my parents live in Florida. Since they’re now…gone, I inherit the house and everything else they had.” Said Val emotionally. “I’m sure that our family lawyer will be contacting me soon to talk about everything.”
“I’m going with you.” Said Nick determinately.
“Nick, you have a tour that’s still going to last for another one and a half months.” Said Val turning towards her boyfriend. “You don’t have to go with me. There will be friends and relatives in Florida.” She added.
“I know, but I also know that you need me now more than ever.” He said softly and wrapped his arms around Val tighter.

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