Val and the Backstreet Boys were off to Pennsylvania and they were supposed to stay there for four days. The guys had to do some work to further promote the new album and Val pretty much had three days off since the concert was on the fourth day. She decided to go back home and surprise Zack. She really missed him and thought that a weekend alone would be the perfect thing to start where they left off. She told the guys that she was taking a bus back home and that she will be back in time for the concert. They all told her to have a great time and then she left.


Val got home around 2 o’clock on Saturday and quietly tip toed into the house. She didn’t know if Zack was home but she heard some noise coming from the living room so she figured that he was watching TV. She went to the living room and announced:
“Surprise Zack, I’m…” the words died in her throat when she saw the scene in front of her. Zack was on the couch making out with another girl. Val’s eyes widened and immediately filled with tears and anger. “You asshole!” she yelled and then ran to her room and slammed the door.

“Val open the door!” demanded Zack.
“NO!” she yelled. “And I want you out of my house by noon tomorrow!” she added through tears.
“This is my house too!” said Zack.
“No it’s not! I bought this house and I only let you live here because I thought that you were my best friend. I was wrong so I want you out!” she yelled.
“Please let me explain.” Begged Zack.
“There’s nothing to explain. The minute I go on tour you invite some girl to our house and you make out with her like you don’t have a girlfriend, oh wait, that’s right, you don’t…anymore.” She yelled back.
“Please Val…” started Zack.
“NO! I don’t want to hear another word from you as long as you’re here.” Interrupted Val. Zack realized that she wasn’t going to listen to him at all so he went to his room to pack.
Val sat crying for a good two hours. She tried calling Nick, since they’ve become very close friends, but he wasn’t picking up his cell, which meant that he was doing promotions. Soon Val was all cried out and she just sat and stared into the window thinking about how good her life used to be and how screwed up it was now.

Zack moved out at noon the next day and Val was left in an empty house. She didn’t feel like sticking around so she caught a bus back to Pennsylvania and checked into the same hotel as the guys.

Nick was returning back to the hotel from a photo shoot when he noticed a familiar person sitting in the hotel lobby.
“Val?” he asked uncertainly and got closer. She turned her head and Nick saw that she has been crying. “OMG Val, what’s wrong?” Nick asked and immediately rushed up to her.
“I went home and I found Zack on the couch making out with another girl.” Said Val and tears started to pour from her eyes all over again.
“I’m so sorry.” Said Nick and wrapped his arms around Val. “What happened after?” he asked.
“I told him to move out and he did.” Said Val still crying into Nick’s shoulder.
“I’m really sorry Val. Is there anything I can do?” he asked looking at her face.
“You’re doing it.” said Val and buried her face in his shoulder. “Thank you for being there for me.” She added.
“Anytime.” Said Nick and they just sat there with Val crying into Nick’s shoulder for a while.

It was three days later, the day of the concert in Pennsylvania. Val was feeling better thanks to the long talks that she had with Nick. She realized what a good friend he really is and how much she needed him in her life. As she prepared for their duet she looked over at Nick who was putting the finishing touches on his hair. Val smiled as she saw him try to get one stubborn hair into place and then finally succeeding. Nick turned and gave her a thumbs up sign and his famous smile. Val returned the smile and mouthed ‘thank you’ to which Nick smiled again.
Nick and Val went onstage and started singing. When Nick was singing his part, Val looked at his face and realized that he meant every word he sang. She then knew that he had feelings for her and she had feelings for him, which she tried to previously push away. When it was her turn to sing, Val put her heart and soul into the words and Nick looked at her surprised that she was singing with so much feeling. After they finished singing, Nick and Val went backstage so that they could change clothing. They didn’t have time to talk about what happened onstage because Nick was supposed to go back and sing and Val was supposed to go back and play.
After the concert was over and the guys were going to their bus, Nick pulled Val aside and motioned for her to come with him on the bus. She agreed and followed him. Once they were on the bus, Nick led Val to the back of the bus where they could talk privately.
“Ok, we need to talk.” Said Nick sitting down.
“Yes, we do.” Agreed Val and sat next to him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys were sitting in the kitchen area curiously looking over to the back of the bus where Nick and Val were talking.
“Is it just me, or was there something different about their performance today?” asked AJ.
“It’s not just you, we all noticed it.” said Kevin.
“So you think that they have feelings for each other?” asked Howie.
“Of course, didn’t any of you see it?” asked Kevin and got pretty much blank looks from the other guys. “Ok, it was obvious that Nick had feelings for Val from the first day he saw her, but Val started to feel something for him later on.” Explained Kevin.
“And how do you know that?” asked Brian giving his cousin a questioning look.
“Simple, it’s the way they are when they’re together.” Said Kevin. “They look at each other and there’s a spark in both of their eyes. I was wondering when they were gonna act upon it.” he said and grabbed a burger.
“So you think that we’ve got a couple on our tour?” asked AJ taking a sip of his soda.
“Definitely.” Said Kevin.

“So what do we do now?” asked Val.
“I think we should give this a try. I mean, we’re both attracted to each other and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go with out instincts.” Reasoned Nick.
“I know you’re right, but I keep remembering what happened with Zack when we decided to give us a try.” Said Val the memories of finding Zack on the couch still fresh in her mind.
“Val.” Said Nick taking Val’s hand in his. “I would never hurt you the way that Zack did. I’ve had feelings for you ever since I saw you walk into the audition room. I didn’t act upon them cause you were with Zack.” Said Nick looking into Val’s gray-blue eyes. She looked at him surprised.
“You’ve liked me all this time?” she asked.
“Yes, not only that, but I think I’m falling in love with you.” Said Nick and Val’s lips parted in the shape of an O.
“You are?” she asked quietly.
“Yes, I am.” Said Nick and then leaned in to kiss her. As soon as their lips met, both Nick and Val knew that everything was exactly how it was supposed to be.

Nick and Val came to the front of the bus both smiling. They sat down as the other guys curiously looked at them.
“So?” asked Kevin. “Are you a couple or not?” both Nick and Val looked at him in shock. “What? You thought no one knew?” asked Kevin with a surprising expression. “Well, ok, I was the only one who figured it out, but while you two were…uh…talking, I told the other guys.” He explained.
“So all of you know?” asked Val.
“Yep and we’re all very happy for you.” Said Brian and smiled.
“Thanks you guys. I have a feeling that everything is going to be great from now on.” Said Val and Nick nodded.
“We’re all sure it will be.” Said AJ.
Afterwards, everyone sat and ate and then they all went to watch TV for a while. By that time they already arrived in New York City because that’s where their next concert was supposed to be. They all checked into a hotel and went to their rooms. After showering and changing his clothes, Nick decided to go pay Val a visit. He knocked on her door and heard her say ‘come in’. He went in but didn’t see Val in the room.
“I’ll be out in a minute!” called Val from the bathroom.
“Ok!” called back Nick and sat down on the bed. Val came out soon dressed in a white robe with a towel in her hands, drying her hair.
“Hi.” Said Val and leaned forward to kiss Nick. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her down with him. They lay there kissing until they both pulled away.
“Mmm, I don’t know how I went for so long without that.” Said Nick stroking Val’s hair.
“Neither do I.” Said Val putting her head on Nick’s shoulder. “But as much as I’m enjoying this, don’t we have a concert in a couple of hours?” asked Val looking into Nick’s eyes.
“What concert?” he asked and then kissed her again. She giggled and pulled away. “You know what concert, now come on, get up.” She said and pulled his arm for him to sit.
“Ok, ok, but we’re gonna continue where we left off.” Said Nick flashing her his smile, which made Val’s heart melt.
“Definitely.” She said and then grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to change. She came out in five minutes and her and Nick headed off to the bus once again.
By the time they got to the bus, the other guys were already sitting there and waiting for them. Since there wasn’t much room left to sit, Nick sat on one side of the couch and Val sat on his lap.
“Well aren’t you two comfy.” Observed AJ.
“Very.” Said Nick wrapping his arms around Val.
“So you think you two can keep your paws off of each other during the concert?” asked Brian with a grin.
“We can try…” Said Val mischievously.
“…But I don’t know if we’ll succeed.” Finished Nick.
“Oh, so now you’re finishing each others sentences? Wow, you’ve only been a couple for about,” Brian looked at his watch, “Six hours.”
“Seems like six years to me.” Said Nick gazing at his girlfriend. “I feel like I’ve known her forever.”
“Aww, you’re so sweet.” Said Val and then her and Nick proceeded to kiss.
Kevin cleared his throat. “Excuse me, but some of us are trying to keep our dinner down.” He said with a perfectly serious expression. AJ smirked but nodded. Nick and Val ignored them and kept kissing. Kevin turned to the other three guys. “How are we supposed to stand this for another three months?” he asked faking his face expression so that it would look desperate.
“We could lock them in the back and not let them come out until we get to the hotel or the concert arena.” Suggested Howie grinning.
“Hmm, not a bad idea. I like it. Ok, I’ll grab Nick and guys, one of you grab Val. One, two, three, GO!” yelled Kevin and him and Brian tackled Nick and Val and then dragged both of them to the back and locked the door.
“Hey what was that for?” yelled Nick from the other side of the door.
“To keep us from getting cavities from all the sweetness in the room provided by you and Val.” Called back Kevin and laughed.
“Ok.” Said Nick and then there was silence.
“I’m beginning to have my doubts about that being a good idea.” Said Brian looking at the locked door.
“So, maybe they can do whatever they want in there, but look at it this way, we don’t have to see it.” said Kevin simply and went to get a drink.
“Good point.” Said Brian.
They arrived at the concert arena and the guys opened the door to let Nick and Val out. They were sitting on the couch in each other’s arms and kissing.
AJ cleared his throat. “Hey you two, we’re here.” He said. Nick reluctantly pulled himself away from Val and got up.
“Ok, we’re coming.” He said and held out his hand for Val. She took it and he pulled her up.
The five guys and Val went in through the back door since there were hundreds of fans gathered outside. As they were all getting ready for the concert, Nick and Val kept sneaking in fast kisses in between all the stuff they were doing. It was now five minutes before the concert and Val was still backstage standing with Nick. Howie came up to them.
“Ok, Val, you gotta be on stage already. Come on, let’s go.” He said and gently pulled her by the arm away from Nick.
“Party pooper.” Said Val pouting but went onstage. Nick almost followed her but Howie held him back.
“You’re not going anywhere yet, it’s not time for us to come out.” Said Howie. “Stay.” He said to Nick and then went to adjust his microphone.
All throughout the concert, whenever Nick wasn’t dancing, he came up to Val and stood there singing. During the break he changed into his white outfit fast and Val did the same. It was then that the other guys came up to them.
“Look Nick, I know that you’re totally head over heels for Val, but can you please go to some other parts of the stage when we’re not dancing?” asked Brian.
“Well, I’ll try.” Said Nick looking at Val who nodded her head that she agreed with Brian.
“Good, cause you can spend all the time in the world with Val when we’re not on stage, but when we’re performing, please try to control yourself, ok?” said Brian but he was grinning cause he was happy that Nick finally found someone who he was so happy with.
“Ok, it’s a deal.” Said Nick. Then he and Val headed onstage cause it was time for their duet. It was their best performance yet since they both put so much into their singing, it was slightly overwhelming even. When they got backstage, everyone started clapping.
“You two are hot!” exclaimed the producer. Everyone agreed with him.
“Definitely.” Added Liz.
“Thank you.” Said Nick and Val smiling widely.
“As much as I’m sure you guys are enjoying being together, it’s time for the five of us to go sing and it’s time for you, Val, to go back to the keyboard.” Said AJ and then everyone went to take their places. The concert went great and soon everyone was back on the bus relaxing.

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