It was an hour later and Nick and Brian were still in the building where Val had her photo shoot. They walked around then entire building and found no sign of Val. Nick was very close to freaking out by then and Brian was trying to calm him down; it wasn’t working.
“Bri, how can you tell me to calm down?” yelled Nick. “My girlfriend is missing!”
“I know Nick, but it’s not gonna help us find Val if you keep yelling your lungs out at me.” Said Brian sharply. Nick let out a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair.
“I know you’re right, but I feel so helpless!” he exclaimed. At that moment his cell phone rang. Nick quickly picked it up. “Hello?”
“Nick it’s me.” Came Val’s voice.
“Oh my God Val, where ARE you? I’ve been worried sick!” exclaimed Nick when he heard his girlfriend’s voice.
“I’m sorry that you were worried. I was heading back to my car when I fell through the boards in the floor. I got knocked out and I just came to my senses a few minutes ago.” Said Val, she heard Nick gasp. “Don’t worry, I’m okay, I would just really like to get out of here.” She assured him.
“Where are you?” asked Nick his voice full of relief.
“I’m somewhere near the parking lot, I think I was walking in the hallway towards the door marked ‘Exit 3’.” Said Val.
“Okay, I’ll be right there.” Said Nick motioning for Brian to follow him. Fifteen minutes later Nick and Brian found the hole, which fall had fallen through, and they could see Val standing right under the hole. An hour later Val was back safely in Nick’s arms.
“You scared me to death.” Said Nick hugging Val tightly.
“I know, I didn’t mean to.” Said Val looking into Nick’s blue eyes.
“I know you didn’t, I’m just glad to have you here with me again.” said Nick hugging Val even tighter.
“Nick…you’re squeezing too tight, you’re cutting off my oxygen supply.” Said Val while making chocking noises.
Nick loosened his grip. “I’m sorry, you okay?” he asked.
Val nodded smiling. “Of course I am. I was just playing around with you.” Nick grinned and planted a kiss on Val’s lips.


Two months later

The guys and Val were finally back home. The European leg of the tour was finally finished and they all had a two-month vacation ahead of them. While Val went back to her house, Nick began to prepare for the surprise that he had been planning for over a month now.
Around seven o’clock, Nick picked up Val at her house.
“So where are we going?” asked Val getting into Nick’s car.
“It’s a surprise.” Said Nick mysteriously.
“Really?” grinned Val. “I love surprises!”
“Good, now just sit back and enjoy the ride.” Said Nick as he started the car. They drove for about twenty minutes and then Nick stopped the car. “Don’t get out yet.” He said and got out of the car himself and went around to Val’s side. “Close your eyes.” He said. Val looked at him weirdly but closed her eyes anyway. As soon as she was out of the car, Nick put his hand over her eyes and started to lead her somewhere.
“Nick, I can’t see a thing!” whined Val.
“That’s the point.” Laughed Nick. “Don’t worry, we’re almost there.” He said. A few minutes later they stopped walking. “Okay, we’re here!” he said and took his hand away from Val’s eyes. Val opened her eyes and gasped in surprise. Her and Nick were at the beach and there was a table, complete with chairs, a rose in a vase, and candles, on the sand.
“Nick, this is wonderful!” exclaimed Val and hugged her boyfriend. “But what’s the occasion?” she asked.
“You’ll see.” Said Nick, then he took Val’s hand and led her to the table. They sat down and Nick took out a basket filled with food. After they ate, Nick suggested that they take a walk along the shore. Val agreed and got up. They were walking when Nick suddenly stopped.
“What is it?” asked Val.
“Look into the water.” Said Nick.
“What?” said Val in confusion.
“Just look, please.” Said Nick.
“Okay.” Said Val. She turned and looked into the water. There, she saw the words ‘Val will you marry me?’ spelled out in some form of glowing rocks underwater. Val looked at Nick her eyes wide with surprise.
“So, will you?” asked Nick gazing at Val.
“Yes!” exclaimed Val and Nick pulled her into his arms, and they kissed passionately. The sun was just setting and it cast a beautiful glow on the water. Nick and Val parted and then walked off into the sunset with their arms wrapped around each other for all eternity.

chapter 13 the end