Nick was waiting near Party City for 10 minutes before he saw Christina coming.
"Nick?" she asked looking at him.
"Yeah, it's me." Said Nick.
"Good, I didn't really recognize you with that hat on." Said Christina. "So, shall we go?" she gestured towards the store.
"Yeah, let's go, we've got lots to do." Said Nick holding the door open.
They walked around the store and took the supplies that they would need for Saturday. Then Nick remembered about Julie's present.
"Christina, you know Julie well, what would you say would be the perfect present for her?" asked Nick.
"Well, it's fairly easy to shop for her, she likes everything." Said Christina.
"Yeah, but what would be the perfect thing for me to get her? I want it to be special." Said Nick stopping to take some balloons. He took a bag and put it in the shopping cart, Christina took it out. "What?" he asked.
"You took green balloons, blue is Julie's favorite color." Said Christina taking a bag of light-blue balloons.
"Oh, good thing you're here." Said Nick. "So about the present?"
"Well, you have to give her something that'll show how truly sorry you are." Started Christina. "How sorry are you?" she asked.
"Unbelievably sorry, I've been going through hell since we had that fight, especially when it's all my fault." Said Nick throwing his hands in the air.
"Well, then I guess you'll have to let your heart guide you to the perfect present." Said Christina shrugging.
"My heart? But what if it leads me to the wrong one?" asked Nick.
"Believe me, you can always trust your heart, especially when it's filled with love." Said Christina looking at Nick who looked surprised.
"How did you know I love her?" he asked.
"Well, I did talk to Julie yesterday and she told me about your little outburst, but you should see your face expression when you talk about her. There's a certain spark in your eye every time you mention her name, and the pain you're in from your fight is written all over your face. If that's not love, I don't know what is." Said Christina.
"So I gotta let my heart guide me." Thought Nick out loud.
"Yeah, it's the best thing." Said Christina.
They finished getting everything they needed and went out of the store. During the entire time Nick was thinking about what Christina had said. He knew now for sure that he loved Julie but he didn't know how to express it in a present. He dropped off Christina at her house and thanked her for coming with him and she wished him luck finding a present for Julie. He then returned home. He saw Brian sitting and playing his guitar. He looked up when he heard Nick come in.
"Hey, so did you get everything?" asked Brian.
"Yeah, I did." Said Nick.
"Was Christina any help with Julie's present?" asked Brian putting his guitar down.
"She told me to follow my heart and that it would lead me to the perfect present." Replied Nick sitting down on a chair.
"That sounds like good advice." Observed Brian.
"Yeah, but I still don't know what to get her!" said Nick.
"Wanna go to the mall and see if anything catches your eye?" suggested Brian.
"Yeah, I guess it wouldn't hurt." Agreed Nick.
"Oh, and please, don't take off your hat this time!" reminded Brian.
"Yeah, I know, I've learned my lesson." Said Nick getting up once again.
And so they set out to find the perfect present.

Meanwhile, the girls were dragging a very unhappy Julie from store to store. She didn't buy anything because she simply didn't feel like it.
"Come on Julie, please cheer up!" begged Jess.
"I'm trying but all the things that Nick said to me keep coming back and I wind up feeling miserable all over again." Said Julie sadly.
"Everything between you and Nick will work out fine I promise you." Said Jen, she sounded convinced.
"I don't know what to think anymore. I mean from one side, Nick did see me hug Todd and guys are jealous, but from the other side he should've trusted me not to do anything to hurt him like that!" exclaimed Julie.
"Exactly! So you shouldn't go around feeling down because it's all his fault and let him worry about how he's going to dig himself out of this." Said Jess.
"Yeah, I know you're right, but I still can't get myself to feel happy." Said Julie.
"Well, you'll snap out of it, I'm sure." Promised Angela. "In the meantime, let's go to this store." She said pointing at a nearby clothing store. They went in and spend the next hour looking around and trying stuff on.

Nick and Brian went into yet another jewelry store to look for a present. They were looking at the various necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings on display when a saleswoman came up to them.
"May I help you with something?" she asked.
"I hope so, I'm trying to find a present for a very special girl and it has to say that I'm very very very sorry, but I can't seem to find anything." Explained Nick.
"Well, does this girl have a favorite color, or a preference of metal?" asked the saleswoman.
"Well, her favorite color is blue and I'm pretty sure that she likes silver or white gold best." Said Nick remembering what Christina had told him.
"Well, maybe she'll like this." Said the saleswoman taking out a white gold necklace. On it was a beautiful pendant. It was in the shape of a heart and the stone was light blue, and around it were very small diamonds.
"That's beautiful!" exclaimed Nick when he saw the necklace. He turned to Brian. "Remember what Christina said about following my heart?" Brian nodded. "Well, it's telling me that this is the perfect present." Said Nick.
"So you should buy it." Said Brian. Nick turned to the saleswoman.
"I'll take it." He said smiling, happy that he found the perfect present.

The three girls returned home around 10 pm and were exhausted. Jessica, Angela, and Jennifer were all carrying at least five bags each while Julie was only carrying one, and it was a small one. The only thing she bought was a lipstick and some nail polish.
"Did you have at least a little fun?" asked Jen when they all reached Jess's room.
"Yeah, somewhat, it was good to get out of the house though, thanks everyone." Said Julie managing a small smile.
"Anytime, oh, and tomorrow we're going to Six Flags!" said Jen enthusiastically.
"Six Flags? Isn't that in New Jersey?" asked Julie.
"Yeah, but it's only a two hour drive from here, so we need to get up early. Set your alarm for 6 o'clock." Said Angela.
"6? Are you serious?" asked Julie in disbelief.
"Yes 6, and if you're not downstairs by 6:30 one or all of us will go to your room and drag you out ourselves." Promised Jen.
"Great, just great." Said Julie. She then stretched. "Well, I'm going to go take a nice long bath, I'm so tired from today. Good night everyone." She then went down the hallway and into her room.
"Well, at least she doesn't suspect that we're trying to keep her out of the house." Said Jen.
"Yeah, do you know if Nick got all the stuff that he needed?" asked Angela.
"I talked to Brian earlier today and he said that Nick got everything and that they were looking for Julie's present." Said Jess.
"I hope they found it." said Angela. "Which reminds me, what are we going to get her?" she asked.
"Hmm, how about Nick all wrapped up nicely in a box?" suggested Jen laughing.
"That's a good one." Said Angela also laughing. "But I don't think Nick will want to be wrapped up and put in a box."
"I don't think he'll mind, at this point, he'll pretty much do anything to get Julie back." Said Jess laughing.
"True, but we need to get her an actual present." Said Jen. "Oh, I know! I saw this perfume set when we were in Macy's. It had a small perfume bottle, a spray bottle, a body lotion, a shower gel, and soap all in one box."
"Does Julie like the perfume?" asked Angela.
"Yeah, I saw it in her room, in fact the bottle that she has is almost finished so it's perfect!" said Jen.
"Great, but when are we going to buy it?" asked Jess. "We're spending the day in Six Flags tomorrow remember?" she reminded.
"Oh yeah, well, I'll ask Kevin to get it. I'll give him the money and he can go buy it. I'll tell him the store and the name and where exactly it was and all he has to do is go there and get it." said Jen.
"That works, but you better go tell him now." Said Angela.
"Yeah, good idea." Said Jen and left to find Kevin. She found him in his room.
"Hey." She said and came up to him and kissed him.
"Hi, what's up?" asked Kevin.
"Well, I need you to do me a favor." Said Jen sitting in his lap.
"Anything, just name it." Said Kevin with a smile.
So Jen told him about the present and Kevin agreed to go and get it the next day.

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