A few days later Nick was back to his old self and feeling perfectly fine. It was a Saturday afternoon and him, Julie, Brian, and Jessica were trying to decide what to do with their free time.
"How about we go see a movie?" suggested Brian.
"Isn't that kind of risky for you guys?" asked Julie. "I mean, with all the fans that you have, isn't it possible that you'll be recognized?" she added.
"Not if we wear some disguises. We've done it before and we weren't recognized." Said Nick.
"Well, which movie do you want to see?" asked Jessica.
"'Scary Movie'"? Suggested Nick.
"Yeah, I've been wanting to see that, I just haven't had the chance to." Agreed Brian.
"Sure." Said the girls. So they all got ready and went to the nearest movie theater, which was within walking distance from their house. Nick and Brian wore caps pulled low over their faces and sunglasses. They got to the movie theater and saw that they were right on time to see the 5 o'clock show. They bought tickets and popcorn and went to find seats. The guys took off their disguises since the theater was dark. All four of them enjoyed the movie and laughed all the way through it. When they came out one and a half hours later, they were still laughing about some of the funniest parts of the movie.
"Oh, that was such a great movie!" exclaimed Nick.
"Yeah, I loved how they made fun of every single horror movie that came out recently." Said Jessica.
"I think that that was the best comedy I've seen this year." Said Julie laughing.
"Definitely, I'm so glad we went to it." agreed Brian. At that moment, they heard somebody yell:
"OMG! It's Nick Carter and Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys!"
Brian turned to look at Nick and saw that in all the talk about the movie, Nick had forgotten to put on his cap and sunglasses. Brian told himself not to panic and that it's probably just a few people who recognized them, when he saw a whole crowd of people running towards him, Nick, and the girls.
"Ok, don't panic." Said Brian to everyone. He took Jessica's hand and Nick took Julie's hand. At that moment, the crowd of people had reached them and they were all of a sudden engulfed in a human ocean.
Everywhere Nick and Brian looked, there were papers and pens being thrown, among other objects. They weren't able to move an inch and more people kept coming every minute. The theater security couldn't get to them and they were all stuck right in the middle of the crowd. In all the commotion Nick somehow managed to take out his cell phone. He dialed the number of his security manager and quickly told him where they were and what was happening. Nick asked for a limo and some bodyguards to be sent to the theater as soon as possible. He barely finished his sentence when his cell phone was knocked out of his hand and disappeared in the crowd. It was getting out of hand because the crowd was getting larger and everyone was trying to get to the two Backstreet Boys, so there was a lot of pushing and shoving. Finally, after about ten long minutes, Nick and Brian spotted five of their bodyguards making their way towards them. The bodyguards formed a circle around Nick, Julie, Brian, and Jessica and slowly led them out of the theater and into the limo, away from the screaming fans. Once in the limo, they all relaxed.
"Ouch." Said Jessica rubbing her ankle.
"What's wrong?" asked Brian concerned.
"I twisted my ankle." Explained Jessica. "I need to get some ice on it."
"Are you sure it's not more serious?" asked Brian looking at his girlfriend's ankle, which already looked slightly swollen.
"I'm sure I just twisted it." Said Jessica.
"I think we need to stop by the emergency room and make sure that it's not broken." Said Brian rubbing his shoulder.
"I'm sure it's not." Said Jessica.
"I think Brian's right, just to be sure, we gotta stop by the hospital." Said Nick. His cap and sunglasses were lost in the theater and his right arm was sore.
"Yeah, you never know what exactly happened to it unless you get an X-ray." Said Julie. There was a rather large, but not deep, cut on her upper arm. Apparently when one of the fans tried to get to Nick, that person had accidentally cut Julie's arm with something that he or she was holding.
Brian noticed the cut and told Julie that it should be looked at also. With that, the four of them, plus the bodyguards, headed off to the hospital.

Jennifer, Kevin, AJ, Angela, and Howie were sitting in the kitchen talking when they heard Nick, Julie, Brian, and Jessica return. They all went into the hallway to see why their friends were gone for such a long time. It was then that they saw that Jessica's right ankle had a cast; Julie's left arm had a white bandage; Brian's left arm was in a sling because as it turns out, he had dislocated his shoulder; and Nick had a large bruise on his right arm, right below his elbow.
"OMG! What happened to you guys?" exclaimed Jennifer when she saw her friends.
"We got…what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, mobbed by fans at the movies." Said Brian, looking at Nick, who looked guilty.
"How did that happen?" asked Kevin while he helped Jessica get to a chair and sit down.
"Well, I'm afraid I'm partly to blame." Started Nick. "I kind of forgot to put on my cap and sunglasses when we came out of the movie and someone spotted me and then figured out that it was Brian who was near me and that caused a large commotion and before we knew it, we were in the middle of a large crowd of screaming fans."
"Ok, first of all, I would like to ask you why in the world would you go into a movie theater in the first place?" exclaimed Kevin; it was easy to see that he was getting mad.
"Well, we wanted to see a movie and it wasn't on video yet…" said Nick slowly, but Kevin interrupted him.
"Why didn't you set up a special showing of the movie before the theater opened?" he was practically yelling now.
"Kevin, calm down." Said Brian to his cousin.
"Yeah Kev, it's not like they knew that this was going to happen." Said Howie trying to defend Brian and Nick.
"After seven years of being in this business, that thought should've crossed their minds." said Kevin, he was still mad, but he had stopped yelling.
"Well excuse us for trying pretend like we're normal people for a few hours!" exclaimed Nick.
"You're not excused." Retorted Kevin.
"Geez! Are you trying to say that this is completely my fault?" asked Nick his eyes flashing angrily.
"I'm not trying to say it, I'm flat out saying it." Snapped Kevin. "One or all of you could've been seriously hurt because of your carelessness."
"But we weren't." Interrupted Jessica.
"You still all got hurt in one way or another." Pointed out Kevin.
"Kev, this is not the big deal that you're trying to make out of it." said AJ.
"Yes it is; I'm not trying to make a big deal out of it because it IS a big deal. Why can't all of you see that?" exclaimed Kevin.
"Look, we all know that what happened was bad, but that's no reason for you to snap at Nick like you did. Not all of this was his fault; I'm not saying that it's not his fault at all, it is, but only some of it. We were all there and we should've all been a little more careful than we were, so chill out." Said Julie sternly.
"I'm only trying to tell you how dangerous this situation was…" started Kevin but Julie interrupted him this time.
"We know how dangerous the situation was, we were there remember? But everything turned out fine, and in case you forgot, it was Nick who saved our butts by calling the bodyguards on his cell phone, which might I mention, he lost." She pointed out. Kevin was silent for a moment.
"Okay, Nick, I'm sorry I snapped at you like that." Apologized Kevin looking at Nick. "I guess I was trying to be the big brother figure again and I took it a little too far this time."
"Apology accepted, but can you just please remember that even though I'm the youngest of the Backstreet Boys, doesn't mean that I'm the most careless?" requested Nick.
"I'll try." Promised Kevin.
As soon as the issue was resolved, the tension in the room disappeared and everyone began to breathe a little easier. Everybody dispersed to go do his or her own thing. Jessica, Angela, Brian, AJ, and Howie all went to watch some TV, Kevin and Jennifer went to get a bite to eat and Julie and Nick wandered off to Julie's room.
"Thanks for reasoning with Kevin." Said Nick after he closed the door to Julie's room.
"No problem, glad to help." Said Julie with a smile.
"And I'd like to properly thank you for it." said Nick coming closer to Julie and kissing her.
"Mmm, you're definitely welcome." Said Julie after which she and Nick proceeded to kiss, and kiss, and kiss some more.

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