The next morning everyone was downstairs eating breakfast but Julie still hasn't come to the kitchen.
"Nick, why don't you go wake Julie up? Since you two were acting so friendly yesterday." Said AJ mischievously smiling at his friend.
When Julie and Nick had come back from the beach everyone was already home and they all saw that something was going on between the two of them.
"Fine, I'll do just that." And with that Nick left the kitchen and went upstairs. He got to Julie's room and knocked.
"Julie?" he called softly; when he got no reply he opened the door and went in. Julie was still asleep in her bed. Nick just stood near her for a few minutes seeing for the first time, how beautiful she really was. He bent down and softly kissed her lips.
"Hey sleepyhead, wake up." He said.
"Mmm, I'm not sure I'm completely awake yet." Said Julie with her eyes still closed. Nick kissed her again, only this time longer.
"Okay, I'm awake and I really like being woken up like this, it sure beats my alarm clock!" grinned Julie.
"Well, just call me your alarm clock but it's almost ten o'clock already, everyone is eating breakfast. You better get up quickly or there will be nothing left." Said Nick laughing. Julie stretched and got out of her bed.
"Alright, I'm up. You might wanna go downstairs now seeing how I wanna take a shower and get dressed…in private." She said emphasizing the word 'private'.
"Okay, I can take a hint, I'm leaving, but if you're not downstairs in a half an hour, I'm coming back up." He grinned and then left the room. Julie was still smiling when she took her towel and went to take a shower.
Twenty-five minutes later Julie had showered and got dressed and she went downstairs. There she saw Brian, Jessica, AJ, and Kevin finishing their breakfast, while everyone else sat there chatting. She greeted everyone and got herself some cereal.
"Well finally, a few more minutes and we were gonna send Nick back up there again." Said Kevin when he saw Julie.
"Yeah, I overslept a little. I don't usually sleep this late, I think this was just a one time thing." Said Julie.
"We don't mind, we just wanted to make sure that you're still alive and well up there." Said Brian laughing.
"I'm alive, somewhat." Joked Julie.
"Yeah, so Nick has noticed. His eyes haven't left you since you came in." pointed out Jessica. As soon as she said it Julie turned to look at Nick whose cheeks have become visibly red from that comment.
"Oh really? Well, would you like to take a picture? It'll last longer." Said Julie mischievously raising her eyebrows at Nick. He got even redder.
"Very funny, all of you are enjoying this way too much. I promise as soon as I find something to embarrass you people with, I'll keep using it." Said Nick.
"Wow, I'm so scared." Said Brian. He was laughing hard and so was everyone else, including Julie.
"Sure sure, get it out of your systems all of you. I will get you back." Promised Nick. When everyone was finally done with their breakfast the guys had to go to the studio because they needed to start recording a song for their new album. The girls decided to go shopping for the entire day. They got into two cars and off they went, one car to the studio and the other to the large shopping mall not far away.

"Ok Nick, spill, what's going on between you and Julie?" asked Howie as soon as all five guys got into their car.
"Well, I won't get into many details, but we did decide to give us a try. I can definitely see us in a relationship, and a good one too." Said Nick. He didn't want to tell everyone what had happened the evening before. No one knew about it except him and Julie.
"And how, might I ask, did you come to that decision?" pressed AJ.
"You may ask, but that doesn't mean that I'll answer. Whatever happened yesterday remains between me and Julie and that's that." Said Nick with a definite nod of his head.
"Okay, point taken." Said AJ. "But just answer one question."
"What is it?" asked Nick.
"Are you and Julie a couple or not?" AJ raised his eyebrows at Nick.
"I don't know. It's not like we've been out on even one date yet." Answered Nick. "We might become a couple in the near future, but for now, let's just leave this topic alone, okay?" The rest of the guys agreed to let the topic drop. By that time they have arrived at the studio and were now supposed to go and start recording their newest song "In My Dreams" (note: this is not a real BSB song, I just made it up).

The four girls got to the shopping mall and went into the nearest store that they saw, which was Sears. They went directly to the clothing section and spent the next hour picking out things that they would like to try on and hopefully buy. Jessica had picked out a dark blue velvet ¾ sleeve shirt with glittery jewels sewn around the neckline and a matching short skirt. Angela picked out a leopard print tube top and tight black pants. Jen picked out a long emerald dress with light-green flowers on it. Julie looked long and hard to find the perfect thing and she found it. She picked out a short black velvet dress. It had small shiny rhinestones sewn in around the neckline and the short sleeves. All four girls went into the dressing rooms to try on the clothes. Jessica, Angela, and Jen came out of their dressing rooms to see how everything looked; Julie was still inside.
"Jen, that looks so great on you!" exclaimed Angela. "You definitely have to buy it." Everyone else agreed.
"Angela, if you wear that around AJ, he won't be able to pick his jaw off of the floor!" laughed Jessica when she saw how great Angela looked.
"Hmm, then I'll definitely have to buy this." Grinned Angela. "And I love your outfit too, can I borrow it sometime?"
"Ha ha, very funny. I didn't even buy it yet, but sure, when I do buy it you can borrow it anytime." Said Jessica.
"Thanks, I definitely will." Said Angela. At that moment Julie came out in her dress.
"So what do you think?" she asked.
"Wow!" said the three girls.
"Does it look ok?" asked Julie not certain.
"OK? It looks amazing!" said Jen.
"Nick's gonna fall instantly in love with you when he sees you in that dress!" added Jessica.
"Definitely, you should buy it without hesitation." Said Angela.
"Thanks, I think I will buy this." Said Julie.
"Great, so we're all buying the stuff that we tried on. Let's hurry up and buy them and then go shopping for accessories." Said Jessica. So everyone quickly went back into their dressing rooms, changed and went to the cash register. They all bought their clothes and went looking for jewelry, bags, and shoes. After about three hours they all managed to find everything that they needed and they headed home.

All the guys were already home when the girls got back from shopping. "That's a lot of stuff you bought, how much money did you spend?" asked AJ his eyes growing wide when he saw all the packages that the girls were carrying.
"Oh, I don't know, we pretty much lost track after $300." Said Jessica casually.
"You better have bought something completely out of this world for that much money." Said Brian.
"Oh, don't worry, we did." Said Angela laughing. "And if you guys are lucky, you might actually see it." she added. Then Nick came up to Julie.
"Can I talk to you, in private?" he asked.
"Sure." She replied. And they both went into the kitchen.
"Look, about yesterday, I really meant that I want to give us a try so will you go out with me tonight?" asked Nick shyly.
"Of course I will!" said Julie happily. She was thrilled that Nick had finally asked her out.
"Great, so it's 6 o'clock now, how about we set the date for 8:30?" asked Nick.
"Sure, 8:30 it is." Said Julie smiling.
"Ok, so I'll pick you up then." Said Nick and he was about to go back into the living room when he heard Julie laughing.
"What's so funny?" he asked confused.
"Nick, you don't have to pick me up, I do live in the same house with you!" said Julie laughing.
"Oh yeah, I forgot." Said Nick and then he realized what he had actually said and started laughing too. "In that case, I'll knock on your bedroom door at precisely 8:30."
"Ok, I'll be ready." Said Julie. Then they both headed back into the living room. Julie quickly told the other three girls what happened and they all agreed to help her get ready for her date. They all got up and started to leave the room.
"Hey, where are you four off to?" asked Brian when he saw the girls get up.
"Well, Julie has a date tonight with Nick and we're going to help her get ready. So no one bother us until 8:30, got it?" said Angela.
"Yeah, no problem." Said the guys. Then the girls went upstairs.

"Ok, so what do you want to do with your hair?" asked Jessica when the girls got to Julie's room and set up all the stuff that they would need.
"Well, I was thinking of leaving it down, but doing something special with it. What if I curl it? Would that look good?" asked Julie.
"Yeah, and I know exactly in what way you should curl it." Said Angela.
"Ok, so we're going to do your hair first, and then we're going to do your make up." Said Jen.
"Ok, sounds like a plan, let's get started, we don't have much time." Said Julie. So for the next two and a half hours, the girls did Julie's hair and make up and she looked great when they were done. Half of her hair was gathered into a small tail and then secured with pins to that the curls would frame her face. The rest of her hair was also curled into nice tight curls. Julie had on black eyeliner and black mascara, plus very little of black eye shadow topped off with white eye shadow giving her eyes a light glow. She had on pale lipstick with clear sparkling lip-gloss. Sparkles around her eyes and cheeks completed the effect. When Julie put on the dress, she added a silver sparkling necklace complete with matching earrings, a silver bracelet, a black purse, and black high heels.
"Perfect!" said the girls when everything was done. Julie stood in front of the full-length mirror looking at her reflection. She was very nervous on the inside.
"So, do you think Nick will like it?" asked Julie turning to the girls.
"Are you serious?" exclaimed Angela. "He's just gonna stand there and stare, and stare, and then stare some more!" she laughed.
"Angela's right, you have nothing to worry about. Nick is going to be in complete and total shock when he sees you." Added Jen.
"Thank you for everything." Said Julie and then gave each girl a hug. "I don't think I could've done this without you guys helping me." Then they heard a knock on the door.
"Ooh, it's Prince Charming." Said Jessica. She pushed an uncertain Julie towards the door. Julie opened the door and saw Nick standing there holding a beautiful bouquet of many different kinds of flowers. As soon as Nick saw Julie his eyes went wide and he just stood there holding the flowers with his mouth open like he was going to say something but he forgot how to speak.
"Nick? Are you okay?" asked Julie after Nick stood there for over a minute not saying a word.
"Uh…uh…uh…WOW!!" said Nick after another long pause. "You look…I don't even think that there's a word invented for how beautiful and amazing you look right now!" he was still staring, but at least he remembered how his mouth works.
"Thank you, that's so sweet." Said Julie and smiled at Nick. Nick then looked at the flowers in his hand and realized that they were for Julie.
"Oh, these are for you." Said Nick handing the bouquet to Julie. "I didn't know what your favorite flower was so I decided to get one of every beautiful flower that they had in the store." He added.
"Thank you, I love them! And I don't really have a favorite flower, I love them all, so this is perfect, thank you again." Said Julie and then gave Nick a hug. Julie then put the flowers in a vase in her room and she and Nick went downstairs where all the other guys were sitting and watching TV. All four of them turned and stared at Julie when she and Nick came down the stairs.
"Julie? WOW!" commented Brian.
"You look wonderful!" said Kevin.
"All I can say is that you look absolutely gorgeous!" said AJ.
"Yes, I agree with the other guys, you look breathtaking!" said Howie.
"Thanks you guys." Said Julie giving them all a big smile.
"Well, we better get going, we don't want to be late." Said Nick taking Julie's hand in his.
"So where are you two crazy kids going tonight?" asked Jessica. The three girls have come downstairs and were standing near the staircase.
"We're going to the new Italian restaurant that just opened followed by a walk on the beach under the stars." Answered Nick and looked at Julie for approval.
"It sounds wonderful, I can't wait." Said Julie. She was happier than she had ever been in her entire life.
"Now you two be home by twelve." Said Kevin jokingly shaking his finger at Julie and Nick.
"Very funny Kev." Said Nick. "Last time I checked, I didn't have a curfew and neither did Julie." He added.
"Well yeah, but it's still fun to mess with you." Laughed Kevin.
"Ok, we really better get going before we spend the entire night talking to these guys." Said Julie.
"Good idea, have fun everyone, we're leaving." Said Nick and then him and Julie went out the door.

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