One day, Julie was sitting home alone bored out of her mind. She was reading a book that she really had no interest in; it was just something to do. All of a sudden her cell phone rang. She picked it up.
"Hello?" she said.
"Hi, guess who?" came Brian's voice over the phone.
"Oh my God!!! Brian! Where are you?" asked Julie, she was so excited to hear from him since she hasn't spoken to any of the guys for two months now.
"Right outside of your door!" laughed Brian.
"What?!" asked Julie, completely confused.
"Open your front door!"
"Okay." Said Julie and went to open her door to find Brian, his girlfriend Jessica, AJ, his girlfriend Angela, Kevin, his girlfriend Jennifer, Howie, and Nick. Julie was so happy to see everyone. The guys came inside and hugs were exchanged all over. Everyone came into the living room and sat down.
"Wow, Julie, you sure have changed since we saw you last." Commented Brian.
"Well, two years is a long time. I'm almost 18 now."
"No kidding, so how have things been going? How's your summer so far?" asked AJ.
"Summer is boring but it's much better now that you're all here, what are you doing in New York anyway?" asked Julie.
"We have a few months off and we're here to record some songs for our new album." Explained Howie.
"That's pretty cool, when is it coming out?" asked Julie.
"Sorry, but even we don't know that yet." Said Brian laughing. Julie realized that Nick hasn't said a word since they all came in.
"So Nick, why are you so quiet all of a sudden?" asked Julie turning her head towards him.
"I don't know, just didn't think of anything to say until this point I guess." Said Nick.
"Okay." Said Julie confused by his strange answer.
"So Julie, we have a proposition for you." Said Jessica.
"What is it?" asked Julie.
"Well, since the guys are staying in New York for a few months, they have a rather large house all to themselves, and all of us girlfriends have been invited to stay with them. There are plenty of guestrooms and we were wondering if you would like to join us there."
"Yeah, that would be great!" said Julie enthusiastically. "I just gotta make sure it's okay with my mom first, but I'm sure she'll be fine with it."
"Great, so when can you move in?" asked Brian. "The other girls have already moved their stuff in and believe me, it's a lot of stuff!"
"Hey, what did you expect? We are girls you know!" teased Angela.
"I think I can move in tomorrow or the day after that, I need time to pack my things." Said Julie.
"Great!" said AJ. "Now there'll be a lot of people around the house and won't be so boring."
"Okay, so unfortunately we need to get going now," Said Howie getting up from the couch. "We still have some unpacking to do and we need to go to the studio later today too. So we'll leave you to pack in peace and call one of us to tell us when you wanna move in. We'll come pick you up."
"Great and thanks for the invitation again." Said Julie.
"Anytime, we need to catch up since we haven't seen each other for such a long time." Said Brian. Then everyone said bye and the guys and their girlfriends were already starting to leave. Kevin, Jennifer, AJ, Angela, Howie, Nick, and Jessica were already out of the door and heading for the car when Julie pulled Brian over.
"Is something wrong with Nick?" she asked. Since Brian was Nick's best friend, if something was wrong, he would be sure to know what it was.
"Nah, he's just tired from touring, don't worry about him, he'll be back to his normal self once he gets some rest." Said Brian reassuringly.
"Okay, so I'll talk to you later then."
"Yeah, count on it." And with that he left.
As soon as everyone was gone, Julie picked up the phone and called her mom at work to make sure it was okay with her that she would move in with the guys and their girlfriends. Her mom was completely okay with it since she knew that Julie was having a lousy summer and that she would have a lot more fun living with her friends. After Julie hung up the phone, she dialed her best friends phone number to tell her everything.
"Hello?" said Christina when she picked up the phone.
"Hey guess what?" asked Julie excitedly.
"I'm going to be living with Howie, Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin, and their girlfriends for the next few months! How cool is that?"
"Wow, that is cool. When did this happen?"
Julie quickly told Christina what happened and kept talking to her while she started to pack. They talked for about two hours when they finally hung up.
The next day, Julie was doing some serious packing because she wanted to move and begin her fun summer as soon as possible. She was done packing in the evening and the following morning she called the guys at home and told them that she was all packed and ready to move. Kevin and Howie came to pick her up an hour later and helped her load everything into the car. It wasn't a very long drive to the house and they were there in a half an hour. Julie stepped out of the car and looked at the house. It was a beautiful three-story house painted an off-white color. She went inside and saw that it was even larger than she had thought. To her right was the living room equipped with the latest video and stereo technology. It had a large L-shaped couch in one corner of the room, a loveseat and an armchair along another wall, and a big screen TV dominated the third wall. She went back outside to help Kevin and Howie unload all of her things and bring them into the house.
"Okay, your room is on the second floor, third door on the right." Said Kevin as they all went up the stairs. "It's right in between Angela's and Jessica's rooms."
"Cool." Said Julie. They entered what would be her room and she was amazed at how beautiful it was. The room was painted a light blue color and the furniture was all white. A queen size bed was in the middle of the room, a dresser with a mirror was on the right, and a fairly large closet was on the left along with a medium sized desk with a chair.
"You like it?" asked Howie.
"Definitely, this room is gorgeous!" said Julie, she was still overwhelmed by the room's appearance. "I love it!"
"We're glad." Said Kevin. They had brought all of her boxes to her room and were now putting them into different corners of the room so that Julie would be able to unpack them later.
"Where is everyone else?" asked Julie for the first time noticing that the house was very quiet.
"Jessica, Angela, and Jen went to buy some groceries, and Brian, Nick, and AJ went to the studio to check some stuff out," Said Howie. "We decided to stay and help you move."
"Thanks, that was very nice of you." Said Julie smiling at the guys.
"No problem, glad to help." Said Kevin and then they heard a door slam downstairs followed by footsteps.
"I think the girls are back from grocery shopping." Said Howie. "Come on, let's go see what they bought." So the three of them went downstairs to the kitchen.
"Hey." Said Julie to the girls.
"Hey, you're finally here!" said Jen. "Wonderful!"
"Yeah, I'm glad to be here." Said Julie.
"We are gonna have so much fun this summer." Said Jessica, she was putting all of the food into the refrigerator. Julie decided to help her put it away.
While the girls were chatting about all of the things that they would do this summer like shopping and going to the beach, Kevin and Howie went to the living room to watch some TV. Within an hour everything was put away in its place and Nick, AJ, and Brian had already come back from the studio and now everyone was sitting in the living room trying to decide what to do.
"How about we watch a movie?" suggested Jen.
"That's not a bad idea, but which movie and how do we get nine people to agree on the same one?" asked AJ laughing.
"Simple, someone suggests a movie and then we take a vote on it, majority wins." Said Angela.
"Okay, sure that works." Everyone agreed.
After a few movies were suggested and voted upon, everyone finally agreed on watching Scream 3. They turned on the TV, got some popcorn and settled down to watch it. Since Kevin, Jen, Brian, Jessica, AJ, and Angela sat on the couch, and Howie sat on the armchair, Julie had no choice but to sit next to Nick on the loveseat. She was very nervous because until now, she was able to forget about her feelings for him since they were all in a group and she wasn't really anywhere close to him before, but now that they were sitting a foot away from each other, all of her feelings for Nick came flooding back. She tried to concentrate on the movie and forget about Nick, but it was impossible. And when she jumped a little during a scary part in a movie and Nick had placed his hand on her arm, she couldn't take it anymore. She mumbled something about getting more popcorn, grabbed the now empty bowl, ran out of the room, and into the kitchen. She took out some popcorn and then stood leaning on a table trying to calm herself down. It wasn't working. She wasn't sure how long she had been standing there and thinking until she heard someone come into the kitchen. She turned around and saw that it was Brian.
"What happened to you? I didn't know it takes almost 20 minutes to make popcorn." Said Brian jokingly.
"I'm sorry, I was just thinking about some stuff and I guess I lost track of time." Said Julie, she then realized that the bag on unpopped popcorn was on the table next to her, so she took it and put it in the microwave, while carefully avoiding Brian's eyes because she knew that if she looked directly at him, he would automatically know that something was wrong.
"Are you sure you're okay?" asked Brian concerned. "You know that I care about you a lot, you're like my little sister and you can tell me anything."
"I know that and really, I'm fine." Insisted Julie, still avoiding his eyes.
"Well, if you're fine, why are you avoiding looking at me?" asked Brian.
"I'm not avoiding you."
"Yes you are, prove to me that everything is fine, look at me." Said Brian.
"Fine." Said Julie and with that she turned and faced him. But as soon as she looked at him, her eyes filled with tears and she quickly looked away.
"I knew it! Something is very wrong, Julie, please tell me what it is." Pleaded Brian, he hated to see Julie hurting and wanted to do something, anything, to make her feel better.
"You're right, something is wrong but I can't tell you what it is." Said Julie sniffling. She had her back turned to Brian, when he put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face him.
"Does this have anything to do with Nick?" asked Brian and he immediately saw more tears gather in Julie's eyes. He looked at her carefully and then all of a sudden realized what was wrong. "You love him don't you?" he asked. As soon as he said it, all of the tears that Julie had been holding back came pouring out. All she could do was nod.

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