There'd Be No Me Without You
Spoken: Dear mom and dad, this song I sing for you and hope that you're proud of the things I accomplished. I love you both very much.

The times I've shared with both of you,
Will never leave my heart
And all the things I couldn't say
I'll say when I depart.
The memories, the happy times,
Are what you left for me.
So now I pray that you'll hear this
And I will let me be.

There'd be no me without you, on ho
How can I live without you? I can't let go
You were my life, my world, my everything
And now that you are gone
The happiness you used to bring is done.

You gave me love; you gave me life
And I can't ask for more
But you'll never get to see me be a wife,
Or a parent like you were.
My tears have dried, I cry no more
I'm left with an empty heart
But you will stay forever there,
That fact I know for sure.

CHORUS - repeat

You are now my angels up above,
And I hope you'll forever be,
The people I'll be dreaming of,
The ones who live inside of me

CHORUS - repeat

Spoken: I love you mom and dad, forever and always