I stared at my phone.
Why wasn't it ringing?
What if it was broken and I didn't know it?
I picked it up and heard the steady drone of the dial tone.
Why wasn't he calling?
Better yet, why was I standing in the middle of my kitchen, in my pajamas, at six-thirty in the morning, holding my phone and listening to the dial tone?
I placed the phone back onto its base and folded my arms across my chest.
He said he would call at six o'clock. I had precisely set my stinking alarm clock for five fifty-five just so that I wouldn't sound all sleepy on the phone. Did he call? Of course not.
I paced around the phone staring at it, hoping that it would get annoyed and ring already. No such luck.
After my eighth circle I decided that men were pond scum. No wait, they were worse. They were the stuff that pond scum ate when it couldn't find absolutely anything else even remotely resembling food. Seriously, I wasn't kidding. A freaking phone call was too much for them. How did anyone ever get married in this world? I'd never know.
And this particular man was definitely no exception. He may fool you with his messed-up-but-still-has-the-nerve-to-look-good blond hair. The unbelievably adorable blue eyes that made you want to stare into them forever. The half-smile that made you forget the rest of the world and your own name, just as long as he was there with you. All those things tied together in one guy made a dangerous combination, lethal even. It should be used as a secret weapon of some sort because the enemies would never see it coming.
I looked at my clock. Six fifty-five. Pond scum, definitely pond scum.
I should've never gotten up early in the first place. I had a feeling he wouldn't call and so I should've just slept and actually enjoyed my Saturday morning. But noo, I had to go and be all excited about spending the whole day with him. So much for that plan.
I glared at my phone. Like the contraption was the sole reason for why he wasn't calling.
I grumbled obscenities under my breath and took out a cereal bowl. Didn't seem like I was going to get any more sleep anyway since I was too awake, so I might as well grab breakfast.
I poured in the cereal and added milk.
I was about to put the spoon into my mouth when the phone rang.
I glanced at my watch-7:05 am.
I looked at my caller ID.
Pond scum.