Beautiful Relationship

Nick’s point of view

“I um…uh…um…” stammered Dawn as she tried to come up with an answer.
“Dawn, I want the truth,” I said looking her in the eye.
“So do I,” said Lana coming up to Dawn and me.
Dawn stayed silent for a few moments, then she sighed, “It was John,” she said so quietly I barely heard her.
“What?” asked Lana, she was standing a little further away than I was.
“It was John,” I repeated Dawn’s words so that she wouldn’t have to say them again.
“WHAT??” exploded Lana.
“Dawn why didn’t you tell us?” I asked in disbelief. But at that moment all I wanted to do was find this John guy and beat the hell out of him.
“He said that if I would ever tell anyone, I won’t have just a bruise,” said Dawn tears beginning to fall from her eyes.
“Oh Dawn, I am so sorry,” I said and put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me, careful to avoid her abdomen area.
“The bruise on your arm, you didn’t walk into your door did you?” asked Lana gently. Dawn shook her head. “So why did you go back and see him again today?” asked Lana.
“I wanted to tell him that it really was over and to tell him to stop calling me and trying to get back together with me,” said Dawn through sobs.
“Why didn’t you ask me to come with you?” Lana was very worried about Dawn.
“I thought that I could handle him,” replied Dawn.
“That doesn’t look like you handled him,” I said softly gesturing towards her stomach.
“I know, I was going to keep my distance from him, but when I told him that I never wanted to see him again he just went off. He grabbed me and pushed me from the back and I slammed into a nearby picnic table. He then warned me and if I told anyone what really happened, I won’t be able to walk away from him next time,” said Dawn, she was literally shaking from fear.
“Dawn, you have to go to the police and tell them what happened,” said Lana determinedly.
“I can’t, then he would know that I told them and I don’t even want to think about what he would do,” said Dawn shaking her head.
“He wouldn’t do anything because he would be in jail,” I said, my hatred for John rising with every word Dawn said.
Dawn thought for a few minutes then looked at Lana and me. “Okay, I’ll go, but only if you guys go with me,” she said.
“We weren’t going to let you go alone anyway, now come on,” said Lana grabbing her keys.
Twenty minutes later we were in the police station and Dawn was telling an officer what had happened.
“Okay, now you say that this had happened before?” asked the officer.
“Yes, four months ago, it went on for about a month and a half,” replied Dawn. Lana and me were sitting on either side of her and I had my arm around her shoulders for support.
“I see, why didn’t you go to the police then?” he asked.
“Because John threatened to hurt me a lot more if I did,” said Dawn slightly shuddering at the memory.
“Okay, please give me the address of this John and I’ll send two officers there right away,” said the police officer. Dawn gave him John’s address and the police were sent there immediately.

Dawn’s point of view

John was put in jail a week ago and as soon as I knew that he was gone from my life, it was like a great weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Nick and me were getting along fabulously and I was wondering if he was ever going to ask me out. I was seriously attracted to the guy and we just clicked so well.
I was sitting and listening to my Millennium CD when I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and saw Nick standing there looking as gorgeous as ever.
“Hey,” he said grinning.
“Hey,” I said and let him in.
“What’s up?” he asked and plopped down on the couch.
“Not much, you?” I asked and sat down next to him.
“Just got back from another photo shoot. I think they took enough pictures of all of us to fill calendars for an entire millennium,” he commented laughing.
“Good one,” I said and leaned back. “This is so weird though,” I said and Nick looked at me curiously.
“What’s weird?” he asked.
“This, me and you sitting here. A few weeks ago I was drooling over the poster of you on my closet door and I was wondering what it would be like to see you perform live at the concert. And now you’re right here next to me, it’s like the ultimate dream come true,” I replied smiling at him.
Nick raised his eyebrows mischievously. “You were drooling over my poster?” he asked grinning.
“Don’t act like you’re flattered,” I said laughing. “Girls drool over your posters all the time and you know it,” I added.
“True, but the fact that I know that you were drooling over it makes this easier to ask,” said Nick and took a deep breath. “Will you go out with me?” he asked.
Fireworks probably went off somewhere nearby because I was so happy at that moment. “Of course I will,” I replied and a grin spread over Nick’s face.
“Great!” he exclaimed. “So how about I pick you up tomorrow night at eight o’clock?” he asked.
“Sounds great, I can’t wait,” I responded. I was going out with Nick, finally!
Nick stayed for another couple of hours and then left because he had to get to rehearsal. Lana came home soon after and I told her all about his asking me out.
“So what are you gonna wear?” asked Lana excitedly.
“I have no idea!” I exclaimed and dragged Lana by her hand into my room. “Help me find something!”
“Okay, no problem,” said Lana laughing and we began to search through my closet.

Nick’s point of view

“Guys, I need your help,” I said as we were all resting during rehearsal.
“With what?” asked AJ.
“Well, I’m going out with Dawn tomorrow, and I wanna make it special,” I replied.
“So you need us to help you come up with something?” asked Brian.
“Exactly,” I said. “So anyone have any ideas?” I asked looking around.
“Well, it’ll have to be something on the beach, since we all know that you’re obsessed with it,” said Kevin laughing. I shot him a dirty look.
“How about you rent a boat, then you stop in a harbor and have dinner at this restaurant that I know, it’s right on the pier,” suggested Howie.
“That’s a great idea!” I exclaimed and jumped up from my seat. “I’m gonna go take care of the details right now,” I said and began heading towards the door. Then I felt someone grab my shirt from behind and pull me back. “What?” I groaned as I turned around to see Kevin.
“Right now, we have rehearsal,” he said and I rolled my eyes. “You can take care of the details after we’re done,” he added.
“Fine, but I think this rehearsal thing is highly overrated,” I joked and all the guys threw their towels at me.

Dawn’s point of view

It was seven o’clock in the evening and I was standing in my room looking in the mirror.
“So you really think this is the outfit?” I asked frowning at my reflection.
“Dawn, you look great! Why are you doubting that fact?” asked Lana.
“Because I need everything to be perfect, I mean this is Nick we’re talking about, he’s like the greatest guy I’ve ever met!” I exclaimed.
Lana put her hands on my shoulders. “Don’t worry, you look gorgeous, besides, somehow I don’t think that Nick is one of those guys who bases his opinion on a girl’s looks,” she said.
“I know you’re right, but I still can’t help but feel nervous you know?” I said and looked in the mirror once again. I really did like the outfit that Lana and me picked out, I just wasn’t sure if Nick would like it. I was wearing a black skirt that was a few inches above my knee, a pink v-neck sweater with ¾ sleeves, and black high heels. Lana helped me do my hair and my make-up. My hair was down and parted in the middle. The ends were curled to give it a fuller effect. I had on pale pink eye shadow topped with a shiny white eye shadow. My eyes were lined with black eyeliner and my eyelashes were curled and had black mascara on them. I had on pale blush that put some subtle color on my cheeks and I had on pale pink lipstick with sparkling lip-gloss over it.
“Dawn, everything will go great!” assured Lana.
“I really hope you’re right,” I said and turned away from the mirror.
At exactly eight o’clock the doorbell rang and I took a deep breath, and opened it and saw Nick. He looked great. He was wearing light beige pants with a slightly darker beige sweater, and brown shoes. Nick was also holding four red roses and seven white roses.
“Hey Dawn, hi Lana,” he said smiling. “You look beautiful,” complemented Nick and I felt myself blushing.
“Thank you, you look great too,” I said and I thought I saw Nick blush.
“Thanks, these are for you,” he said and handed me the roses.
“Why are there four red ones and seven white ones?” I asked slightly confused.
“Simple, we met online on April 7. Fourth month, seventh day,” replied Nick grinning.
“Wow,” I said impressed. Nick was sweeter than I had imagined.
“So you wanna go?” asked Nick.
“Definitely,” I replied.
“Have fun guys,” said Lana smiling.
“We will,” I said smiling back and Nick and me walked out the door. “So where are we going?” I asked as Nick held the door of his car open.
“You’ll find out soon enough,” he replied and got into the driver’s seat.
“You’re not gonna tell me?” I asked turning to face him.
“Nope,” he said grinning and started the car.
We drove for about twenty minutes and then I saw that we were at the Boat Marina. “What are we doing here?” I asked getting out of the car.
“We are going for a nice boat ride,” replied Nick and held out his hand to me. I took his hand and we walked to a beautiful boat that was gently bobbing in the water. We went onboard and made ourselves comfortable. We rode for maybe a little under an hour and then the boat came to a stop. We got off and I saw that we were in front of a restaurant that was right on the harbor.
“We’re eating here?” I asked excitedly.
“Yep, do you like it?” asked Nick.
“Of course,” I replied smiling. We went inside and ordered our food. After finishing our meal, we went outside to take a stroll on the beach under the stars.
“Don’t you just love the beach?” asked Nick inhaling deeply.
“Yeah, it’s so peaceful and beautiful,” I said looking at the water.
“It’s not the only thing that’s beautiful,” said Nick and then cringed. “Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best line in the book,” he said grinning.
“True, but it was sweet,” I said smiling at him. We then stopped walking and turned to face each other. As our faces drew closer and closer together I knew that there was nowhere else I’d rather be. When our lips touched, a spark of electricity flew between us. We parted and looked at each other. Then Nick casually slung his arm around my shoulders.
“Dawn, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship,” he said grinning and we began walking once more.
“Yeah, it definitely could be,” I agreed and grinned back. We kept walking further and further down the beach until we were out of everyone’s sight and in our own little world.

chapter 4 the end