A Chance Meeting

Dawn’s point of view

“Dawn! I’m leaving for work!” yelled Stacey and then slammed the door shut behind her. I rolled over in my bed and sat up. Immediately I regretted making that decision because as soon as I moved, the room started to spin and my head started to pound worse than before. I slowly made my way over to my dresser and looked at my reflection in the mirror. What I saw wasn’t pleasant. My shoulder length blond hair hung limply and my usually clear gray-blue eyes were a dull shade of gray. I knew that the reason for my appearance was the flu I’ve been dealing with for the past couple of days but I didn’t know I looked that bad.
Anyways, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Dawn Tenor and Stacey Renoli is my best friend and roommate. We’re both eighteen and freshmen in college.
I figured that since I was already up, I should not go back to bed because I’ve been stuck in it for way too long now. Instead, I made my way towards my table, sat down, and turned on my computer. After a few minutes of trying to decide what to do, I went online and into a chat room. It’s a good way to distract my brain from everything else.
It’s been a half an hour and I’m just looking through some websites. Oh, wow, look at that, an IM just popped up. It’s from some guy with a screen name NintendoAddictNC. Hmm, I wonder, does he like Nintendo?

Third person point of view

NintendoAddictNC: Hi
XxDawnxX18xX: Hi
NintendoAddictNC: I’m guessing ur name is Dawn
XxDawnX18xX: Yeah, and urs is?
NintendoAddictNC: Nick, nice to meet u
XxDawnxX18xX: U too, so how old r u?
NintendoAddictNC: 20 u?
XxDawnxX18xX: 18, where r u from?
NintendoAddictNC: well, right now I’m in new york, but I live in florida, u?
XxDawnxX18xX: I live in new york, where in NY r u?
NintendoAddictNC: manhattan, u?
XxDawnxX18xX: brooklyn, so what do u do for fun? Except Nintendo that is, lol
NintendoAddictNC: lol I play basketball, hang out with my friends, and I sing, u?
XxDawnxX18xX: I play tennis, listen to music, rollerblade, hang out with my friends, go to the movies. U sing?
NintendoAddictNC: yeah I love to sing
XxDawnxX18xX: cool, so why r u in NY?
NintendoAddictNC: I’ve got some stuff to do
XxDawnxX18xX: ok, how long r u staying for?
NintendoAddictNC: probably a few more weeks
XxDawnxX18xX: that’s cool
NintendoAddictNC: yeah, so what do u look like?
XxDawnxX18xX: blond hair, gray-blue eyes, 5’8” u?
NintendoAddictNC: blond hair, blue eyes, 6’2” u sound very pretty
XxDawnxX18xX: thanks :o) u don’t sound too bad urself
NintendoAddictNC: thanks :) so what r u doing home on a nice day like today?
XxDawnxX18xX: actually, I’m sick, that’s why I’m home
NintendoAddictNC: oh, I’m sorry to hear that, what r u sick with?
XxDawnxX18xX: flu
NintendoAddictNC: sounds bad
XxDawnxX18xX: u don’t know the half of it lol
NintendoAddictNC: lol well at least u still retained ur sense of humor
XxDawnxX18xX: yeah, lol gotta have something left
NintendoAddictNC: lol so what kind of music do u like?
XxDawnxX18xX: Backstreet boys, *NSYNC, 98 degrees, stuff like that u?
NintendoAddictNC: journey, nirvana, stuff like that lol so u like bsb?
XxDawnxX18xX: lol yeah, I know I know, as a guy u hate them
NintendoAddictNC: lol actually I don’t hate them, I enjoy their music
XxDawnxX18xX: wow, a guy who enjoys bsb music and is not afraid to admit it! this is a shock lol
NintendoAddictNC: lol yeah but shh, don’t tell any of my friends
XxDawnxX18xX: lol don’t worry I won’t
NintendoAddictNC: :)
XxDawnxX18xX: :o) so how do u like NY so far?
NintendoAddictNC: it’s great, I’ve been here a few times already and I love it every time I come here
XxDawnxX18xX: u travel a lot or something?
NintendoAddictNC: yeah, u could say that
XxDawnxX18xX: that’s pretty cool, which places have u seen?
NintendoAddictNC: um, there were a lot, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, South America, England, and there were just too many to remember
XxDawnxX18xX: wow! That’s a lot, don’t u go to school though?
NintendoAddictNC: nope, no time
XxDawnxX18xX: lucky u, u work?
NintendoAddictNC: yeah, it’s my job that keeps me traveling
XxDawnxX18xX: sounds wonderful
NintendoAddictNC: it is, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me
XxDawnxX18xX: wish I had something like that in my life
NintendoAddictNC: u still have plenty of time to find it
XxDawnxX18xX: yeah I guess ur right, listen, I’m not feeling too well, I’m gonna go lie down
NintendoAddictNC: ok no problem, just one thing before u go
XxDawnxX18xX: what?
NintendoAddictNC: can I have ur phone number? :) u seem so nice and I’d like to get to know u better
XxDawnxX18xX: sure :o) (917) 622-7837
NintendoAddictNC: thanks :) I’ll call u today or tomorrow and feel better!
XxDawnxX18xX: thanks, I’ll try :o)
NintendoAddictNC: bye
XxDawnxX18xX: bye

Nick’s point of view

I looked at the piece of paper in my hand with Dawn’s phone number on it. I didn’t know what in the world possessed me to ask for her phone number. I was surprised that she actually gave it to me. I didn’t know what it was about this girl but I could tell she was different. I knew that I was definitely going to call her as soon as I could. I took out my cell phone to dial her number but I was interrupted by Brian coming into my room.
“Don’t you knock?” I asked pretending to be annoyed.
“Nope, never did, never will,” said Brian grinning. “Come on, we gotta go or we’ll be late for rehearsal,” he said.
“Already?” I whined. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but right now I really wanted to call Dawn.
“Frack, quit whining,” said Brian and started pulling me towards the door. He then noticed Dawn’s phone number in my hand. “What’s that?” he asked.
“Oh nothing,” I said and quickly tried to hide the paper in my pocket. Brian was faster and grabbed the paper out of my hand before I had the chance to shove it in my pocket.
“Hmm, so who’s Dawn?” asked Brian with a mischievous grin.
“A girl,” I said not wanting to tell Brian that I went online.
“No duh Nicky, I know that she’s a girl, but who is she? And how did you get her phone number?” asked Brian.
“Bri, girls give me their phone numbers all the time,” I said trying to avoid answering his question.
“Don’t try to avoid this question by giving me an answer like that,” said Brian. He knew me like a book.
“Okay, if you must know, and apparently you must, I met Dawn in a chat room today,” I replied and waited for Brian to tell me how nuts I was.
“Nick! Are you out of your mind?” exploded Brian. Yep, here it comes. “You don’t even know who this girl is! And you ask her for her phone number? Don’t tell me that you were actually planning on calling her or even meeting her!” yelled Brian.
“And what if I was?” I shot back. Yeah I knew I was being a smartass but who cares? “Bri, you can’t exactly control my life you know,” I added in a calmer tone. “That’s Kevin’s job,” I said chuckling. Brian smirked. I could see by his face that he was not amused.
“Nick, you are not meeting this girl and that’s final,” said Brian determinedly. “She could be some crazy fan or something!” he added.
“Yeah right Bri, she’s a crazy fan who was waiting for me to go into that chat today and IM her!” I said sarcastically. What’s his problem anyway?
“That’s not the point,” said Brian.
“Oh yeah, then what is the point?” I asked annoyed that Brian was acting like this. I mean the guy is my best friend, he’s supposed to support me in what I do.
“The point is, that whether you realize it or not, you’re famous, and you have to be careful about what you do, especially when it comes to going into chat rooms and talking to people there,” said Brian more calmly. “You didn’t tell her who you were did you?”
“No I didn’t, she wouldn’t have believed me anyway,” I said, then I grabbed Dawn’s phone number out of Brian’s hand. “And I’ll be keeping that thank you,” I said and shoved the number into my pocket. “Now didn’t you say something about being late for rehearsal?”
“Yeah whatever, but this isn’t the last time I’m talking to you about this,” warned Brian.
“Whatever,” I said and walked out of the room.

Dawn’s point of view

I was lying in my bed thinking about Nick. I mean, it’s weird, I just met this guy and I’m already thinking about him and hoping that he’ll call. Something about him seemed familiar though I can’t place what. Oh well. I yawned and rolled over and looked at the big poster of Nick Carter on my closet door. Could that guy be any more gorgeous? Probably not. I felt my eyes closing and soon I fell into a deep sleep.

3 hours later

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing. I was still a little disoriented from sleep but I spotted my phone quickly enough and grabbed it.
“Hello?” I said my voice sounding weird even to me.
“Dawn?” asked the person on the other line.
“Yes, this is her,” I said, noticing that the voice on the other end was unfamiliar to me.
“Hi, this is Nick,” said Nick identifying himself.
“Oh hi, what’s up?” I asked and felt a grin spreading over my face. Yes, he called!
“Nothing much, just got back from rehear…I mean the store. So how are you feeling?” asked Nick.
“Not as bad as I was yesterday that’s for sure,” I said grabbing a tissue because I knew I was about to sneeze. “Ach-hoo!” I sneezed.
“Bless you,” said Nick.
“Thanks,” I said and realized that I was completely stuffed up. Ugh, did I mention that I hate the flu?
“You’re welcome,” said Nick and then I heard another voice in the background. “Hold on a second okay?” asked Nick.
“Yeah sure,” I said. I then heard Nick talking to someone named Brian, who was telling Nick that they had to go already, and I could’ve sworn he said because their concert would start soon. Nah, I probably didn’t hear him correctly, the concert part just didn’t sound right.
“Listen I’m sorry, but I gotta go,” said Nick when he came back on the line.
“It’s okay, I’m glad you called,” I said slightly disappointed that he had to go.
“I’m glad I called too, listen, I’m going to call you tomorrow okay?” asked Nick with sincerity in his voice.
“Yeah, that would be great,” I smiled. Yes, he’s gonna call again!
“Great, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow and feel better,” said Nick to me.
“Okay, I’ll do my best,” I replied.
“Bye.” I hung up the phone feeling a smile on my lips once again. What is it about this guy that makes me so happy? I have absolutely no idea. But I do know that I’m looking forward to tomorrow when he calls again.

Nick’s point of view

“So who was on the phone?” asked Brian as we were walking towards the car that would take us to the venue.
“No one,” I replied. I didn’t feel like getting another lecture from Brian about how I shouldn’t meet anyone from online.
“Yeah right, you called Dawn didn’t you?” asked Brian. Did I mention that this guy knows me too well?
“Okay, so maybe I did,” I replied waiting for another outburst.
“Nick, I’m not gonna tell you that I think what you’re doing is one hundred percent wrong,” said Brian. Oh yeah Bri, thanks for NOT telling me that. “But I am gonna tell you that I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”
“I know what I’m doing Frick, it’s not like I do something stupid everyday,” I said and Brian shot me a look. “Okay, so maybe I do some stupid stuff, but I really have a good feeling about this,” I said.
“Fine, just do me a favor and don’t let Kev find out about this, now HE would give you a nice long lecture, and you can be sure it’ll be louder than mine,” said Brian and then we got into the car.
We arrived at the venue fifteen minutes later and heard the screams of the hundreds of fans waiting outside. I swear; there’s nothing like hundreds of people screaming your name and hoping to catch a glimpse of you. I’ve gotten used to it in the past eight years, but it still surprises me sometimes that all these people are waiting there to see me or any of the other guys, are we that special? Don’t answer that. So we went inside and started preparing for the concert. About an hour later I was standing backstage along with the rest of the guys waiting for our turn to go onstage. When it was time, the guys and me ran out on stage. I was so glad that I had these earplugs in my ears, the noise of the crowd must’ve been ear-deafening, I could still hear the screams a little even with my ears plugged.

2 hours later

Okay, the concert is over and I’m back on the bus completely exhausted. We’re heading back to the hotel to get some sleep thankfully. Since we’re gonna be in New York for a few more weeks, I might get a chance to meet Dawn. Yeah I know, Brian told me not to, but when have I ever listened to him?
“Nick what are you dreaming about?” asked AJ interrupting my thoughts.
“My bed and how I can’t wait to get some sleep,” I said. Okay, that wasn’t a complete lie; sleep did cross my mind, for about a millisecond.
“Nick, it’s only 6, you’re gonna go to sleep?” asked Kevin. No Kev, I’m gonna pretend to go to sleep and then run away.
“Yeah, I’m tired,” I said. My sarcastic comment remained in my head.
“We’re gonna go check out the city later on, you wanna come?” offered Howie.
“Nah, I think I’m just gonna sleep, I’m really tired,” I said trying to yawn to prove my point. Okay, the truth is that I just wanted to get to my room and call Dawn. Yes, I know I told her that I’d call tomorrow, but I really want to hear her voice again.
“If you say so,” shrugged Howie. When we got to the hotel I immediately ran to my room and locked the door in case Brian would decide to pop in again. I found Dawn’s phone number and dialed. The phone ran five times and then I heard her voice mail pick up: “Hey, you’ve reached Dawn, I’m not able to pick up my phone so leave me a message and I’ll get back to you when I get it, *beep*”. “Hey Dawn, it’s Nick, I know I said I’d call tomorrow but I had some free time now so I called. I hope you’re feeling better by now, so I guess I’ll call you later, bye,” I left the message and hung up. Now what am I supposed to do? The guys are already gone and I’m stuck here. Oh well, might as well get some sleep.

Dawn’s point of view

I was woken up by the front door slamming and Stacey running into my room. Her straight black hair was slightly messed up and her green eyes were shining with excitement.
“DAWN GUESS WHAT?” she yelled.
“What? And do you mind not yelling, my headache finally went away,” I said wincing as my head threatened to start pounding again.
“Oh sorry, but you will not believe this! I just won two tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert next week!!!!” exclaimed Stacey. She was just as big of a fan of BSB as I was.
“Are you serious??” I exclaimed bolting up in my bed.
“Yeah, we’re going to see them, and the seats are in the front row!!” exclaimed Stacey once again.
“OH MY GOD!!” I yelled. Yeah I know I’m sick, but who cares? I’ve never been to a BSB concert before and I wasn’t about to let the flu stop me from missing it.
“I KNOW!!” yelled Stacey. We continued to freak out for the next hour or so but then we finally calmed down.
“Oh Stace, I forgot to tell you, I met this really great guy online,” I said remembering about Nick. Stacey raised her eyebrows.
“What’s his name, age, where does he live, what does he do?” she asked all in one breath.
“Nick, 20, right now NY, but he’s from Florida, and he works and travels all over the place,” I said remembering all the details from mine and Nick’s conversation online. Then I saw my cell phone and realized that I had a voice mail. “Hold on, let me check my voice mail,” I said to Stacey and listened to the message. I grinned when I heard that it was from Nick. “Hey, listen to this,” I said putting the phone to Stacey’s ear.
“That voice kinda sounds familiar,” said Stacey after she heard the message.
“What are you talking about?” I asked, how could it sound familiar?
“I don’t know, I just think that I’ve heard his voice before somewhere,” said Stacey and then her eyes widened. “Wait, did you say that his name was Nick and that he was 20 and that he traveled a lot?” she asked.
“Yeah, so what?”
“Hello?? Nick, 20, travels a lot! Ring any bells??” exclaimed Stacey pointing with her head on my Nick Carter poster.
“No way!” I said shaking my head. “There’s no way that the guy I met online is Nick Carter!” I exclaimed.
“Fine, what does he look like, what does he like to do?” asked Stacey.
“Um, blond hair, blue eyes, 6’2” and he likes basketball, Nintendo, hanging out with his friends, oh and he said he loves to sing,” I said. Then I realized that he really did sound like Nick Carter. But that’s impossible; it’s just a coincidence.
“Well?? Now do you believe me?” asked Stacey still pointing at the poster.
“It’s just a coincidence,” I said stubbornly.
“Some coincidence, he sounds EXACTLY like Nick Carter,” said Stacey.
“He does not sound exactly like Nick Carter,” I insisted. What Stacey was saying was absolutely ridiculous!
“You’ll see,” said Stacey. “But in the mean time, I want you to stay in bed and not go anywhere, because you have to beat the flu by next week!” she said.
“Oh believe me, I’m going to that concert, flu or no flu,” I said. There was absolutely no way that I was going to miss the Backstreet Boys.

A week later, Nick’s point of view

“I want to meet Dawn,” I said to Brian.
“You’re nuts,” he said and then went back to watching TV. We were hanging out in my room and just passing time before the concert tonight.
“I am not nuts, I wanna see her!” I said and stood in front of the TV.
“Nick, you’re not transparent you know, I can’t see the TV, move!” said Brian and tried to push me out of the way. I didn’t budge.
“I wanna tell her who I am,” I said. Brian slowly turned off the TV and turned to face me.
“Nick, we have a concert in a few hours, there’s absolutely no way that you can meet this girl tonight,” he said in a calm voice.
“I want to invite her to the concert,” I said. Brian sighed in frustration.
“NICK! Do you hear yourself when you speak?” he asked. I figured it was a rhetorical question and decided not to answer. “You’re gonna meet a girl from online, tell her who you are, and then invite her to the concert?” he exclaimed. I nodded.
“So what?” I asked.
“It sounds absolutely absurd!” exclaimed Brian.
“We’ll see about that,” I said taking out my cell phone and dialing Dawn’s number, which I had already memorized from calling so much. “Hi Dawn,” I said when I heard her pick up the phone.
“Hey Nick, what’s up?” she asked.
“Well, I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight,” I asked and prepared to put my plan into action.
“Actually I am, me and my best friend, Stacey, are going to the Backstreet Boys concert! Stacey won two front row seats!” said Dawn excitedly. The second the words were out of her mouth, a new plan began to form in my head.
“Really? That’s great!” I said trying to hide my overwhelming enthusiasm. “Have fun.”
“Thanks, I intend to,” said Dawn, I heard a girl in the background telling Dawn to hurry up.
“So listen, I’m gonna go now, so have fun at your concert,” I said.
“I will, did you want something?” asked Dawn.
“No, it’s okay, I already thought of something else,” I answered hastily.
“Okay, so I’ll talk to you later,” said Dawn.
“Yeah, later,” I said and hung up the phone.
“Nick, why do you have that huge smile on your face?” asked Brian staring at me.
“Because as it turns out, Dawn and her friend Stacey are going to the concert tonight!” I exclaimed no longer able to hide my excitement. “So I was thinking,” I began.
“Don’t hurt yourself,” said Brian chuckling.
“Ha ha, very funny Bri,” I said sarcastically. “ANYWAY, I was thinking that since she was going to be at the concert, I’ll call out her name to come up on stage with me.”
Brian sighed in surrender. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.
“More sure than I’ve ever been about anything,” I replied, and I meant it.
“Okay, then I’m gonna be behind you on this,” said Brian. Now that’s the best friend that I know and love.

Dawn’s point of view

“I can’t believe we’re here!” I shrieked. We finally arrived at the arena where the concert was taking place. We made our way over to our seats and looked around excitedly. There were tons of people everywhere, all of them screaming. I might lose my hearing by the end of tonight, but I don’t care.
“Is my hair okay?” asked Stacey. I looked at her.
“Yeah, it’s fine, and before you ask, you look great,” I assured her with a smile. She smiled back. Stacey was wearing a blue shiny tube top with dark blue tight pants, and black high heels. Her hair was down and slightly curled. I was wearing a sparkly white tank top with black leather pants, and black platform sandals. My hair was simply down, not curled.
Forty-five long minutes later, the lights finally dimmed and we saw five figures come onto the stage. We started screaming along with the rest of the audience and then a bright light flashed and we saw them, the Backstreet Boys.

summary chapter 2