Lights, Camera, Action!

Nick’s point of view

I got out of the shower and went to my room to find some clothes. I found a pair of jeans, and while I was looking for a shirt the doorbell rang yet again.
“Ugh!” I exclaimed out of frustration. I went downstairs, still shirtless, and opened the door. “What?” I asked annoyingly.
“Well it’s nice to see you too baby,” said Kelly grinning.
“Oh sorry Kel, I thought it was one of the guys,” I apologized. Then I saw Kelly eyeing me appreciatively, no doubt due to lack of shirt.
“Do you always answer the door like this?” she asked with a sly grin.
“Funny, now come here,” I said and pulled her into a hug followed by a kiss.
“Mmm, I should come to your house early more often,” commented Kelly after we parted.
I grinned and she followed me into the house. “Can you help me find my shirt?” I asked when we got to my room.
“In this mess?” she asked looking around.
“Well, yeah,” I said sheepishly.
“Nick, I’m surprised you haven’t gotten swallowed up by all the garbage you have in here,” said Kelly shaking her head.
I laughed slightly, that was what Liz had said about my room during the summer. “Yeah well,” I said running a hand through my hair.
“So which shirt are you looking for?” asked Kelly.
“Um, any shirt will do, I just need to get dressed,” I replied. I still didn’t get how my room got that messy. I went on tour and left it pretty clean cause me and Liz had cleaned it, but it was back to its original huge mess. Maybe Liz was right when she said that there was something living in my closet or under my bed, I bet that’s what messed up my room.
“How about this?” asked Kelly holding up a blue shirt.
“That’ll do, thanks,” I said and quickly put it on. I looked at my watch. “The guys are gonna be here any minute,” I said and put on my shoes.
“Why?” asked Kelly.
“I’m gonna tell them about the movie, right before I leave for New York,” I replied. “Oh man, I still gotta pack!” I remembered.
“Nick, you just got back from touring, why would you need to pack?” asked Kelly laughing.
“Well, I’d like to have some, you know, clean clothes when I’ll live in New York,” I said grinning.
Kelly’s face clouded in confusion. “Live in New York?” she echoed.
“Well yeah, I mean I can’t fly back between here and there everyday for I don’t even know how many months,” I said shrugging. “It would be much less expensive to just rent a house for the duration of my stay,” I added.
“Oh, you’re right,” said Kelly. I could see she was sad that I wasn’t gonna be around. Kelly lived in Florida.
“Why don’t you live with me?” I suggested smiling widely. “I mean, it would be boring to live alone,” I added.
“Are you sure?” she asked.
“Of course, I wouldn’t want to be away from you for such a long time,” I said softly.
“I don’t want to be away from you at all,” she said and hugged me.
“Is that a yes?” I asked.
She then kissed me. “What do you think?”
“I think it’s a yes,” I said grinning and kissed her.

Liz’s point of view

“So how cool is this?” I asked as me, Lana, and Brad walked onto the set of ‘Fate’.
“Very cool,” replied Lana looking around in awe. All around us, the finishing touches were put on the different places of the set.
“I am so proud of you,” said Brad looking at me with sincerity in his eyes. I smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the lips.
“I cannot believe that I get to work here,” I said amazed, after Brad and I parted. I then spotted a familiar blond head. “Hey Nick!” I called out and he turned around. He was with a girl; I guessed that it was his girlfriend Kelly.
“Hey,” said Nick when he and Kelly came over to Lana, Brad, and me.
“Nick, this is my best friend Lana and my boyfriend Brad,” I said introducing them both.
“It’s nice to meet both of you. This is my girlfriend Kelly,” he said pointing to the girl he was with. “Kelly, this is Liz,” he said pointing to me.
“It’s nice to meet you,” said Kelly smiling widely at the three of us.
“You too,” we all said in unison. Kelly seemed like a very nice girl. I was happy that Nick found someone like her.
“So did you come to pick up your script?” asked Nick turning to me.
“Yep, I got it already, you?” I asked.
“Same here,” he replied.
“So where are you staying?” I asked curiously.
“Kelly and me rented this really nice house on Bedford Avenue and Avenue N,” replied Nick. My eyes went wide with surprise.
“Are you serious?” I asked. “Me and Lana live on Bedford and N!” I exclaimed.
“Really?” asked Nick looking just as surprised as me. “What’s your house number?”
“2510, yours?” I asked.
“2514!” exclaimed Nick. “We live like right next to each other,” he added.
“Wow,” I said.
“Definitely,” he agreed.
“Did you find out when the first day of filming is?” I asked.
“Yeah, the day after tomorrow,” replied Nick.
“That’s cool, although I really hope that we won’t have to work on Christmas and New Year’s,” I commented. It was already December 18.
“Same here,” said Nick.
“You’re no stranger to working on Christmas,” I said to him.
“I know, but it’d be nice to spend it with people I love, like my family,” said Nick wistfully.
“True,” I agreed.
“Guys, as much as we’re all enjoying this nice conversation that’s going on between the two of you, we gotta get going,” said Lana laughing good-naturedly.
“Sorry,” I said apologetically.
“Yeah, me too,” said Nick.
“It’s okay, you guys are friends, you haven’t spoken for a while, you need to catch up,” said Brad understandingly. “But, now that we’re neighbors, I’m sure you’ll have no problems catching up,” he added grinning.
“Good point,” said Nick. He then turned to Kelly. “You wanna go home or go somewhere?” he asked her.
“Um, how about we drop off your script and then go to the movies?” suggested Kelly.
“Okay, sounds like a plan,” said Nick and then turned to the three of us. “Well, it was great seeing you again,” he said to me. “And it was nice meeting both of you,” he said to Lana and Brad. “But Kel and me are gonna go now, I’m sure I’ll see you later, and Liz, I’ll see you on the set,” he said.
“Sure, later Nick,” I said.
“Bye,” said Lana and Brad. Nick and Kelly waved goodbye and then they left.
“Seems like a nice guy,” commented Brad after Nick and Kelly were out of earshot.
“He is,” I said nodding. Brad raised his eyebrows quizzically. I laughed. “But you don’t have to worry, Nick and I are just friends,” I added.
Brad then laughed too. “I wasn’t worried,” he protested. “I trust you completely,” he said and kissed my forehead.
“Isn’t he sweet?” I asked grinning and turned to Lana.
“Oh of course, one hundred percent sugar,” she said laughing. “Now come on guys, I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat,” she added.
“Sure, where do you want to go?” asked Brad.
“Hmm, McDonalds?” asked Lana.
“You okay with Mickey D’s?” asked Brad looking at me.
“Sure why not,” I said shrugging. Since Nick and the guys were basically obsessed with burgers, especially AJ, I got used to McDonalds fairly quick during the summer.
“Okay, Mickey D’s it is,” announced Brad and we all headed for his car.

Nick’s point of view

“So Nick, how do you know Liz?” asked Kelly. It was evening and her and me were sitting in our living room and watching TV.
“She’s my friend, and a friend of the family,” I replied flipping through the channels trying to find something decent.
“Good friend?” asked Kelly once again.
“Yeah, very, I’ve known her since I was little,” I responded.
“Have you ever dated?” asked Kelly and I turned to look at her.
“That’s not really important,” I said slightly uncomfortable.
“I just wanna know,” she insisted.
I sighed. “Okay, yes, we dated for about one and a half months this summer,” I replied.
“What happened?” she asked.
“Time happened,” I answered. “I had to go on tour and Liz had to go back to New York,” I explained. I saw slight worry in Kelly’s eyes. “Kel, you have nothing to worry about, the breakup was mutual, we knew that it wasn’t gonna work so we decided to remain friends,” I said softly.
“I believe you,” she said and smiled.
I grinned back and kissed her. After the kiss, I tried once more to find something good on TV but it didn’t work. I gave up and turned it off. “Come on, let’s go do something fun,” I said getting up.
“Like what?” she asked getting up with me.
“Go to a club,” I suggested.
“Cool, sounds like fun,” said Kelly and we both went upstairs to change.

Liz’s point of view

I walked up to the set building and looked around. I had absolutely no idea of where I was supposed to go. I couldn’t bring anyone with me because no one was allowed on the set except for the actors and the crew. There was a security guard near the door marked ‘staff only’. I came up to him.
“Excuse me, but do you know where I’m supposed to go?” I asked.
“Name?” he asked looking at me.
“Elizabeth Lenie,” I replied.
The guard looked at the list in his hands and checked off my name. “Okay Ms. Lenie, you’re supposed to go into through this door and then go find a prop of the set that looks like a large white house. Go up the stairs and inside, there you’ll see a lot of chairs set up in rows, that’s where the first meeting is being held,” explained the guard.
“Okay, thank you,” I said and went inside. I spotted the house quickly enough and went straight there. I saw that there were a few people already gathered there, I didn’t see Nick, so I just took a seat on one of the chairs.
“Hi,” said a guy coming up to me.
“Hi,” I replied and looked at him. He was about 5’11” with dark-blond hair and green eyes.
“I’m Jeff, and you are?” he asked.
“Liz, nice to meet you,” I said.
“You too, so what part are you playing?” asked Jeff.
“Angel Devine, you?” I asked.
“Matt Strad,” he replied.
“Oh yeah, that’s Angel’s boyfriend before she meets Michael right?” I asked remembering the script. I had read it the night before and it was still clear in my mind.
“Yep, so I guess we’ll be working together,” he said grinning at me.
I smiled. “Yep, guess so,” I said. At that moment a girl with dark-brown hair and brown eyes ran up to us.
“Oh my God you guys! You are NOT going to believe what I just heard!” she exclaimed.
Jeff and I laughed.
“And you are?” I asked.
“Oh sorry, I’m Tanya Jesten, I’m supposed to be playing Carmen Hollar, Angel Devine’s best friend,” explained Tanya.
“Nice to meet you Tanya,” I said. “I’m Liz Lenie, I’m playing Angel Devine,” I added.
“And I’m Jeff Sorenmen, I’m playing Matt Strad, Angel’s boyfriend,” said Jeff introducing himself.
“Nice to meet you both,” said Tanya.
“So what is it that we’re not going to believe?” asked Jeff.
“You are NOT going to believe who I heard is playing Michael Broque!” exclaimed Tanya.
“Who?” I asked, trying very hard not to laugh. Tanya was an obvious BSB fan.
“NICK CARTER!!!” she screamed.
“Really?” said Jeff. “Who’s he?” he asked laughing.
“You don’t know who Nick Carter is?” asked Tanya sharply turning to look at him.
“Nope,” replied Jeff.
“He’s THE Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys,” said Tanya.
“Oh, that’s that boy band right?” asked Jeff.
“Yeah, and they’re not just a boy band, they’re the best!” exclaimed Tanya.
“So you’re a fan?” I asked Tanya.
“The biggest!” she replied smiling. “I can’t believe I’ll get to work with Nick! This is like the happiest day of my life!” she exclaimed.
“He’s just a guy,” I commented.
“JUST a guy?” asked Tanya in disbelief. “He’s like, totally hot, totally nice, and totally PERFECT!” she declared.
“Okay, I just don’t see the big deal that’s all,” I said shrugging.
“Neither do I,” said Jeff, also shrugging.
“You guys suck,” said Tanya folding her arms over her chest. At that moment I saw Nick walk in. He spotted me and came over.
“Hey Liz,” he said sitting down next to me. “What’s up?” he asked looking at Tanya, Jeff, and me.
“Nothing, we’re just sitting here talking,” I replied. It looked like Tanya was in complete shock. She just sat there staring at Nick.
“You know him?” she finally managed to utter.
“Yep, Nick this is Tanya, she’s playing Angel’s best friend, Carmen,” I said introducing her. “And this is Jeff, he’s playing Angel’s boyfriend, Matt,” I said pointing to Jeff.
“Nice to meet you,” said Nick to both of them.
“Same here,” replied Jeff.
“Uh huh,” said Tanya, still in shock. We continued talking for about another half an hour. Then the director and the producer came in and the meeting began.

Nick’s point of view

I sat listening to what Jake, the director, and Todd, the producer, were saying.
“Okay, so basically this is the schedule everyone,” said Todd passing out pieces of paper. “We start working at 7 sharp and finish anywhere from 6 to 10, depends on what scene we’re shooting. Now, not all of you will have to come every day, the schedules say which character’s scenes are being filmed when, so you know when to come in. We do not work on weekends, unless we’re running behind schedule, but I hope that that will not happen,” he continued. “We are going to be working on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve,” he said and everyone groaned. “But, we’ll only be working until 3, the most, on those days,” he assured. All the people relaxed.
“So, if there are no questions, we would like to start shooting one scene today,” said Jake. No one raised their hand to ask a question. “Alright, the scene is the one where Angel meets Michael for the first time. So, we are going to need Liz and Nick to stay, and the extras for the supermarket scene,” he announced.
“This is going to be so great,” said Liz to me.
“Yeah, I can’t wait,” I said. It was true; I was very excited about doing a movie.
“Liz and Nick, please go into wardrobe and make-up,” said Jake; Liz and me nodded and left.

Third person point of view (scene between Angel {Liz} and Michael {Nick})

Angel stood in line at the supermarket waiting patiently. She looked at the person in front of her and saw that the lady had a lot of groceries in her cart. Angel sighed and looked around the store. She was bored.
Finally, ten minutes later it was finally her turn and she took out the money out of her wallet to pay for the ice cream, bread, and cereal that she had bought. After paying, she moved on, to get her groceries from the guy who was putting them into bags. She looked at the bag boy and caught her breath. To her, he seemed perfect. Blond hair, falling slightly into his crystal clear blue eyes, he was tall, definitely over six feet, Angel assumed. He looked at her and smiled. Perfect smile.
“Here you go,” he said handing her the bags.
“Thanks,” she replied shyly and tucked a strand of her blond hair behind her ear.
“So what’s your name?” he asked.
“Angel,” she responded smiling.
“Really?” he said and Angel nodded. “It fits you perfectly,” he complemented and Angel felt herself blushing.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Michael,” he said.
“It fits you well also,” said Angel grinning.
“You think so?” asked Michael slightly tilting his head to the left.
“Definitely,” she replied and Michael smiled. “So I’ll see you around Michael,” said Angel getting ready to leave.
“Count on it,” said Michael.
“Bye,” said Angel waving. Michael waved back as he watched her leave the store.
“I gotta get to know that girl,” he said softly to himself. There was something about her that he felt drawn to.

Nick’s point of view

“That was so much fun!” I exclaimed as me and Liz walked out of the building where the set was.
“I know; I still cannot believe I’m starring in a movie!” Liz said out of excitement.
“Same here, it’s nothing like being on tour,” I commented. “There’s a set schedule and I know what I’m doing when,” I added.
“So when is your next scene?” asked Liz.
“Tomorrow, you?” I asked.
“Same, so I’ll see you here tomorrow morning,” she said.
“Yep, how are you getting home?” I asked.
“I’ll catch the bus,” she said shrugging.
I shook my head. “No way, come on, I’ll give you a lift, I mean we do live next to each other,” I said laughing.
“If you’re offering, I’m accepting,” said Liz grinning and we both headed towards the car that Kelly and me rented earlier.

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