Liz’s point of view

I watched with tears running down my face as Nick picked up his last suitcase. “Don’t do this,” I begged.
“I have to, you know it’s not working,” he replied sighing. “I just can’t handle this marriage and being on tour and doing promotions and rehearsing,” he added.
We had only been married for three months and he was already quitting. “But I don’t want you to leave,” I said.
“Deep down in your heart you know it’s right,” he said and I knew that I would never think that it was right.
“You think it’s right?” I asked.
“Yeah I do, I’m not happy Liz,” he told me.
“Was it something I did?”
“No, it was something we both did, we shouldn’t have gotten married so young, we just shouldn’t have.”
“But Nick, you were the one who proposed and you wanted to get married so badly, so did I.”
“We were young and stupid, just like we still are, we’re not ready for marriage, or at least I’m not.”
“I don’t want to lose you.”
“It’s just the way it has to be.” And with that Nick turned around and closed the door behind him.
“NICK!” I yelled after him.

“LIZ! Wake up! You’re having a nightmare!” yelled Nick as he shook me.
I bolted up in bed and looked at him. Nick’s face was a mixture of panic and worry. “It was a dream?” I asked softly.
“Yes it was, you’re okay now,” he said pulling me into his arms. I leaned back against him and let out a breath of relief. “What was it about?” he asked.
“I dreamt that you left me because you couldn’t handle your career and marriage,” I told him shuddering from the memories of the dream.
“Liz, I would never, and I repeat, never leave you,” said Nick sincerely. “I love you with all my heart and soul and now that we’re married my life is truly complete,” he added.
“I feel the same way, I’m so glad that you proposed to me eight months ago,” I said and kissed him.
“Well I’m glad that you said yes,” said Nick grinning.
“What else could I have possibly said?” I said shrugging and smiling at my husband. I still couldn’t believe that I was Mrs. Nickolas Carter; it was so unreal but so perfect at the same time.
“Good point,” said Nick nodding and then kissed me. “Come on, let’s go back to sleep we still have a lot of work to do tomorrow,” he said.
“Okay,” I said and snuggled deeper into his arms. I was asleep a few minutes later and there were no more nightmares to haunt me in my dreams.

Nick’s point of view

“So where do you want to start?” I asked Liz. She looked around the room that was filled with boxes, which were filled with her stuff and mine.
“Hmm, how about we start with the kitchen and work our way upstairs?” she suggested pointing at the boxes that contained plates, silverware, and other things for the kitchen.
“Not a bad idea,” I said and walked over to the boxes. “There sure is a lot of stuff here,” I commented looking around our new house.
“Definitely,” agreed Liz. She then grinned. “But it’s all ours,” she said happily.
“Yes it is, finally,” I said and wrapped my arms around her. I couldn’t believe that she was finally my wife; it was like the ultimate dream come true.
“Do you think that we’ll be happy here?” asked Liz.
“No,” I replied and Liz looked worriedly at me, “I know we will be,” I finished and Liz smiled.
“You’re so sweet,” she said.
“Yeah, I know,” I said grinning. Liz playfully shoved me and then began opening the box in front of her.
We heard the front door open and close, and a few minutes later Brian, Kevin, AJ, and Howie appeared in the foyer.
“Hey you two, need some help?” offered Howie.
“Definitely,” Liz and me replied at the same time.
“Isn’t it cute how they do that?” commented Brian to the other guys his voice dripping with sweetness.
“Ha ha,” I said. “Now everybody grab a box and start unpacking it,” I told them and gestured towards the kitchen boxes.
“And where do they all go?” asked AJ.
“Bone, think about it, it says ‘kitchen’ on the boxes, so where do YOU think they go?” I asked sarcastically while cracking up. AJ shot me a dirty look and then began taking things out of the box next to him.
“So how’s married life?” asked Kevin.
“Perfect,” Liz and me said in a dreamy voice.
“Guys, cut it out, it’s like you practiced or something,” said Howie laughing.
“Hey, you five practice to say stuff at the same time all the time, now it’s my turn,” protested Liz.
“We have to sing at the same time, not hold up a conversation,” pointed out Brian.
“Either way, he’s my husband now and therefore we gotta say stuff at the same time to prove just how perfect we are for each other,” said Liz and smiled at me.
I smiled back and the guys began making gagging noises. “Oh come on you four, act your age will ya?” I said to them.
“We’re just messing with you two,” said Kevin grinning. “But we all are very happy that you finally got married and moved in together and we’re sure that your marriage will last forever,” he said seriously.
“Yeah, you two are like a match made in heaven,” added Brian.
“Thanks guys,” I said and grinned once again. Ever since Liz and me were pronounced husband and wife I couldn’t get that grin off of my face, then again, neither could Liz.
Several long hours later, we had unpacked the things for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and some of the bedroom stuff. All six of us collapsed in the living room onto the couch and armchairs.
“Anyone up for pizza?” I said.
“Nick, we can barely get up,” complained AJ.
“Who said anything about getting up?” I asked and took out my phone. I quickly ordered two large pizzas and hung up the phone. “I’m not planning on moving from this couch,” I said.
“Someone’s gonna have to get the door when the pizza comes,” pointed out Howie. We all then looked at Liz.
“What?” she asked looking back at us. “Oh I get it, this is because I’m a woman,” she said.
“No, it’s because you’re closest to the door,” I told her.
Liz nodded. “Okay fine, I’ll get the door, but you five will be cleaning up after you eat,” she said grinning. Brian opened his mouth to protest but Liz cut him off. “Not a word Bri, not a word,” she told him. Brian folded his arms and began pouting. “Oh you big baby,” said Liz and threw a pillow at him. Brian grinned mischievously and then threw the pillow back. Unfortunately, he was a lousy aim and the pillow hit me instead of Liz.
“Hey!” I protested and threw the pillow at him, but of course it landed in Kevin’s face. Before we knew it, a full-blown pillow fight had erupted.

Liz’s point of view

I heard the doorbell over the shouts of the guys and managed to scramble out from beneath AJ and Nick who had fallen onto me and were trying to fight off Kevin. I ran to the door and opened it.
“That’ll be thirty bucks,” said the pizza guy. I grabbed my wallet and gave him the money, plus a tip. “Thanks,” said the guy, gave me the pizza and walked away. I closed the door and stood in the doorway of the living room admiring the scene in front of me. Howie and Brian were fighting over one pillow, trying to somehow hit each other with it and AJ, Nick, and Kevin were rolling around on the floor, doing I wasn’t sure what.
“Guys, pizza’s here!” I yelled out and they all immediately froze. Before I knew it, the pizza boxes had disappeared from my hands and were on the coffee table and half of the first pizza was gone. “Save some for me,” I said and squeezed myself on the couch in between Nick and Howie. I grabbed a slice and hungrily dug in.


“That was good,” commented Kevin as we all finished off the last of the pizza.
“Definitely,” said Nick and leaned back against the couch. I leaned against him.
“What time is it anyway?” asked Brian looking around for a clock.
“Don’t you have a watch?” I asked. Brian rolled up his sleeve and showed me his empty wrist. “I see,” I said nodding.
“It’s one thirty at night, um, in the morning,” said Kevin looking at his own watch.
“That explains my exhaustion,” I said tiredly.
“Shouldn’t you guys be going home?” hinted Nick.
“It’s far away,” whined AJ.
“You have a car,” I pointed out.
“Yeah but I gotta drive it and stuff,” complained AJ.
“Oh the horror,” said Nick mockingly.
“How did all of you get here anyway?” I asked turning to the other guys.
“We all came in separate cars,” replied Howie.
“Okay then, in that case, good night!” I announced and began walking up the stairs.
“Bye guys,” said Nick quickly ushering the four guys to the door.
“Okay okay, we get the point, good night,” said Brian. The other guys said their good byes and then left.
“Finally,” I said laughing. “This has been the longest day of my life,” I commented leaning on the banister.
“Same here,” said Nick joining me at the top of the stairs. “Come on, let’s go to bed and sleep till next week,” he said grinning.
“Sounds like a good idea to me,” I said. Nick then wrapped his arms around my waist from the back and together we walked to our bedroom and within minutes we were both happily asleep.

chapter 16 epilogue