An Accident

That night, Rachel was sleeping over at Julie’s house. The girls took their sleeping bags and put them on the floor of Julie’s room, kinda like a sleepover. They rented a few movies and bought a lot of junk food.
“This is so much fun!” said Rachel while Julie was trying to do her sister’s hair.
“I know, I always wished that I had a sister who I could do this with,” said Julie twisting Rachel’s hair up in a French twist. “Which reminds me, I’ve been wanting to ask you, what’s up with you and Justin?” she asked grinning.
“What do you mean?” asked Rachel. “We’re friends, we’ve known each other like forever.”
“I don’t know, I think he likes you,” said Julie.
“Yeah right! Good one Julz,” laughed Rachel.
“I’m serious, yesterday when Ms. Neson said that we have good taste in boyfriends and you said that Justin wasn’t your boyfriend, he looked kinda uncomfortable,” said Julie.
“Maybe the couch he was sitting on was uncomfortable,” said Rachel looking in the mirror at her hair. “This is so nice, how did you learn how to do this?” she asked.
“I don’t know; I figured it out. But don’t try to change the subject,” said Julie laughing. “I think that Justin has real feelings for you.”
“And I think that you’re nuts,” said Rachel getting up from her chair and going over to her sleeping bag.
“Ooo, someone’s defensive, maybe it’s because that someone has feelings for Justin too?” asked Julie raising her eyebrows.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Justin and I are friends, that’s all,” said Rachel.
“So I hear over and over,” said Julie and sat down on her sleeping bag. “You know, I think you’re trying to convince yourself that you don’t have feelings for Justin by telling that to yourself over and over,” observed Julie. Then she noticed that Rachel’s cheeks reddened a little. “I knew it!” exclaimed Julie. “You have a crush on Justin!”
“Okay, so what if I do?” said Rachel. “In case you forgot, he’s Justin Timberlake, from *NSYNC, I’m sure he has a very wide selection of girls,” she said.
Julie raised her eyebrows again. “Might I remind you who my fiancé is?” she asked. “THE Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys.”
“So? You’ve known Nick for almost six years,” said Rachel.
“Yeah, and you’ve known Justin for eighteen,” retorted Julie.
“True, but still, I’m sure that he doesn’t like me,” said Rachel, disappointment showing on her face.
“Well, we’ll just have to find out now won’t we?” said Julie mischievously grinning and climbed into her sleeping bag.
“What do you mean by that?” asked Rachel climbing into her own sleeping bag.
“You’ll see,” said Julie mysteriously. She then closed her eyes. “Good night.”
“Hey! Aren’t you going to tell me what you’re planning on doing?” exclaimed Rachel.
“Nope, good night,” replied Julie grinning.
“Ugh, fine, night,” grumbled Rachel and went to sleep.



“Hey Justin,” said Julie when she opened the door.
“Hey Julie, so what’s up?” asked Justin walking in.
“Well, I have a question to ask you,” said Julie walking into the living room, with Justin following her. “Have a seat,” she offered. Justin sat down and turned his attention to Julie.
“Okay, so why did you ask me to come over?” asked Justin perplexed.
“Well, I’ll get straight to the point, how do you feel about Rachel?” asked Julie bluntly and saw Justin blush slightly at the mention of Rachel. Julie grinned, success!
“Well, um…we’re really good friends,” said Justin stumbling over the words.
“Yeah, I’m sure you are,” said Julie laughing at Justin’s discomfort. “Why don’t you ask her out?” she suggested.
“Probably because she doesn’t like me,” mumbled Justin.
“Justin, trust me, she likes you, ask her out,” said Julie.
“How do you know?” he asked.
“I’m not telling you, but I am telling you to ask her out,” said Julie. “You have your cell with you?” she asked. Justin nodded. “Good, dial her number and ask her out,” she said.
“She’s gonna say no,” said Justin but took out his phone.
“No she won’t, just ask her,” assured Julie. Justin sighed and waited for Rachel to pick up the phone.
“Hey Rach,” he said.
“Hey, what’s up?” asked Rachel.
“Nothing much,” said Justin and then took a deep breath. “Willyougooutwithme?” he blurted out.
“What?” asked Rachel, all she heard was ‘will’.
“Will you go out with me?” asked Justin, slower this time. He heard Rachel gasp on the other line and thought about why he believed Julie in the first place.
“Yes I will,” said Rachel, to Justin’s complete amazement.
“You will?” he choked out.
“Yes,” said Rachel overcome with happiness.
“That’s wonderful!” exclaimed Justin. “So I’ll pick you up at 8 ok?” he asked.
“Yeah, but pick me up at Julie’s house okay?” she asked.
“Sure, no problem, see you then,” said Justin and hung up the phone grinning like a fool. “She said YES!!!” he exclaimed and turned to Julie, who was grinning contentedly.
“Told you she would,” she said satisfied.
“You are the best!” said Justin enthusiastically and hugged Julie. “Thank you so much!”
“You’re welcome,” said Julie laughing. Justin looked at his watch.
“Oh man, I gotta go, I have to plan the date, I need everything to be perfect,” he said and ran for the door. “Thanks again!” he called out and slammed the door behind him. Julie laughed again and then heard her phone ringing.
“Hello?” she said.
“HE ASKED ME OUT!!!” came Rachel’s enthusiastic voice over the phone.
Julie laughed. “I know he did, I told him to!” she said.
“That’s what you were planning yesterday wasn’t it?” asked Rachel.
“Yep,” replied Julie.
“You are the best twin ever!” exclaimed Rachel.
“I know I am,” said Julie grinning.
“Oh yeah, I’m on my way to your house, you have to help me prepare for the date,” said Rachel and Julie could hear cars going by in the background.
“No problem, glad to help,” said Julie. “Do you know what you’re going to wear?” she asked.
“No, I was hoping that you have something nice, since we wear the same size and all,” said Rachel hopefully.
“I’m sure we’ll find something, in fact, I think I know the perfect dress,” she said remembering about the black velvet dress she wore on her first date with Nick.
“Great, so I’ll see you there in a few minutes,” said Rachel and hung up the phone. Julie went upstairs to set up everything that they’ll need to get Rachel ready for her date.


Nick was packing his suitcase because he had to leave to go back on tour the following day, when his cell rang.
“Hello?” he said.
“Hey Frack,” said Brian.
“Hey Bri, what’s going on?” asked Nick.
“Well, you’ll be glad to know that our tour has been postponed for a week due to some problems somewhere, I’m not really sure why, but the main thing is that we get another week off,” said Brian enthusiastically.
“Great!” exclaimed Nick and dropped the pair of pants, which he was about to put into his suitcase, back on his bed. “That means I get to spend another week with Julie!”
“Yeah, as do the rest of the guys and their girlfriends,” said Brian.
“Well, thanks for telling me Frick, I gotta go call Julie and tell her the good news,” said Nick happily.
“No problem, enjoy your week,” said Brian and then hung up.
Nick quickly dialed Julie’s number and waited.
“Hello?” said Julie; she sounded out of breath.
“Hi baby, did I interrupt something?” asked Nick.
“No, I’m just getting Rachel ready for her date with Justin,” replied Julie.
“Justin? I didn’t know they were a couple,” said Nick.
“They weren’t, but they soon will be,” said Julie and Nick heard Rachel in the background yelling something about her hair. “Listen Nick, I gotta go help Rachel with her hair, I’ll see you later tonight okay?” said Julie.
“Sure, I’ll see you then, I love you, bye,” said Nick deciding that he would tell Julie about the tour later that night.
“I love you too, bye bye,” said Julie and then hung up. Nick wondered which movie he should rent for himself and Julie, when his cell phone rang.
“Hello?” he said.
“Nick?” said a guy’s voice.
“Yeah, who’s this?” asked Nick, the voice sounded familiar, but he couldn’t place it.
“This is Justin, you know, Rachel’s friend?” said Justin.
“Oh yeah, hey,” said Nick, while wondering why Justin would be calling him.
“Listen, the reason I called is because I need your help,” began Justin.
“My help?” echoed Nick.
“Yeah, I have a date with Rachel today and I really like her and I want everything to be perfect,” explained Justin. “What did you and Julie do on your first date?” he asked.
“Well, we went to an Italian restaurant, followed by a walk on the beach; of course that date ended with me getting really sick,” said Nick chuckling at the memory.
“Oh, well, do you have any ideas?” asked Justin.
“Hmm, go for something simple, but romantic,” suggested Nick. “No movies, they’re highly overrated,” he instructed.
“Okay, so what do you suggest?” asked Justin.
“How about a nice romantic boat ride?” asked Nick.
“That’s perfect!” exclaimed Justin. “Thanks man.”
“No problem, glad to help,” said Nick and then he and Justin hung up.

“You look great!” exclaimed Julie as she looked at her twin in the mirror. It was actually a little eerie because Julie looked like that way back on her first date with Nick. Rachel was wearing Julie’s black velvet dress, a silver necklace and matching earrings, black high heels, and her make up was done mostly in silver, black, and white. Glitter was added to Rachel’s face to light up her features.
“Thanks, you think Justin will like it?” asked Rachel.
“I’m sure he will, you should’ve seen Nick’s reaction when he saw me on our first date,” said Julie laughing as she remembered what happened…

Julie opened the door and saw Nick standing there holding a beautiful bouquet of many different kinds of flowers. As soon as Nick saw Julie his eyes went wide and he just stood there holding the flowers with his mouth open like he was going to say something but he forgot how to speak.
“Nick? Are you okay?” asked Julie after Nick stood there for over a minute not saying a word.
“Uh…uh…uh…WOW!!” said Nick after another long pause. “You look…I don’t even think that there’s a word invented for how beautiful and amazing you look right now!” he was still staring, but at least he remembered how his mouth works.
“Thank you, that’s so sweet.” Said Julie and smiled at Nick. Nick then looked at the flowers in his hand and realized that they were for Julie.
“Oh, these are for you.” Said Nick handing the bouquet to Julie. “I didn’t know what your favorite flower was so I decided to get one of every beautiful flower that they had in the store.” He added.
“Thank you, I love them! And I don’t really have a favorite flower, I love them all, so this is perfect, thank you again.” Said Julie and then gave Nick a hug. Julie then put the flowers in a vase in her room and she and Nick went downstairs where all the other guys were sitting and watching TV.


“He actually froze?” exclaimed Rachel laughing.
“Yeah, it was hilarious, but look what came out of it,” said Julie referring to the engagement.
“True, I really hope that one day me and Justin can be as happy as you and Nick,” said Rachel wistfully.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will be,” reassured Julie. Then the doorbell sounded downstairs. “Come on, let’s go,” she said and her and Rachel went to open the door. While Julie opened the door, Rachel stood back and tried to calm herself down.
“Hey Justin, come on in,” said Julie.
“Hi, thanks,” said Justin, he looked as nervous as Rachel. He was wearing black pants, a light-blue long sleeved shirt, and black shoes. He had a dozen roses in his right hand. “Hi Rach, these are for you,” said Justin handing the flowers to Rachel. She blushed as she took them.
“Thank you, they’re beautiful,” said Rachel and leaned in to smell the flowers; the fragrance was wonderful.
“Not as beautiful as you look tonight,” complemented Justin, and Rachel blushed once again.
“Thanks,” she said slightly lowering her head so Justin wouldn’t see her cheeks turn red.
“You’re welcome, so shall we go?” said Justin offering his arm to Rachel. She nodded, gave the flowers to Julie, and wrapped her arm around Justin’s.
“Bye,” waved Rachel to her sister.
“Bye, have a good time,” said Julie smiling.
“Bye,” said Justin and then him and Rachel were out the door.
Five minutes after they left, Nick arrived. “Hey sweetie,” he said kissing Julie.
“Hey, so what movie did you rent?” asked Julie after kissing him back.
“’Final Destination’, did you see it?” asked Nick, showing the movie to his fiancée.
“Nope, but I saw the commercial for it a while ago, it should be good. Come on, you know the way,” said Julie, she then took Nick’s hand and they both went into the living room to enjoy a nice evening at home.

“So, where are we going?” asked Rachel as she and Justin were driving in the car.
“You’ll see,” said Justin smiling. About ten minutes later the car stopped and Rachel and Justin got out.
“Wow,” said Rachel looking ahead of her. There, in front of the couple, was a beautiful boat, decorated with small multi colored lights.
“Do you like it?” asked Justin.
“Absolutely,” replied Rachel. She took Justin’s hand and they walked towards the boat. They got on and went inside, there, Rachel saw a table set for two. It had a white tablecloth, matching napkins; two white candles glowing brightly, and in the middle of the table, was a single white rose. Rachel turned to Justin. “You did all this?”
“Well, I had a little help with the basic idea and the setting up,” said Justin grinning.
“Well, it’s simply beautiful,” said Rachel hugging Justin. Then the two of them seated themselves at the table and they were soon eating. After they finished their meal Justin got up from his chair and went over to Rachel’s side.
“Would you like to dance?” he asked holding out his hand to Rachel.
“I’d love to, but there’s no music,” said Rachel getting up.
“I can take care of that,” said Justin. He picked up a remote control and soon Rachel heard the sounds of ‘This I Promise You’ flow from the stereo. “I may be a little biased towards the music, but it’s danceable,” grinned Justin. Rachel laughed and sighed contentedly as Justin took her in his arms. She rested her head on his shoulder and she heard him softly begin to sing, “When the visions around you bring tears to your eyes, and all that surround you, are secrets and lies, I’ll be your strength, I’ll give you hope, keeping your faith when it’s gone, the one you should call, was standing here all along. And I will take you in my arms, and hold you right where you belong, ‘til the day my life is through, this I promise you, this I promise you.” A few minutes later Justin finished singing the song and the music ended.
“That was…magical,” said Rachel softly.
“Yeah, it was,” said Justin just as softly and then lowered his lips towards Rachel’s. Their lips met in a beautiful and passionate kiss a few seconds later.

A few days later, Nick and Julie decided to have a proper engagement party. They invited Brian, Jessica, Kevin, Jennifer, AJ, Angela, Howie, Stacey, Rachel, and Justin. Even though there weren’t many people coming, it was still going to be a ton of fun.
Everyone arrived around twelve and the party began. Julie and Rachel decided to take advantage of their twin thing, and dressed exactly the same. They laughed hard when Justin and Nick tried to tell them apart and failed.
A few hours into the party, Julie went to the kitchen to get more chips when she felt someone cover her eyes with his hands. She giggled, turned around and kissed him without opening her eyes. When she felt his lips on hers, she immediately realized that the kiss felt wrong. Julie pulled away and found herself looking into the beautiful eyes of…Justin.
“Justin! What are you doing? I’m not Ra…” began Julie but trailed off as she saw a familiar figure in the corner of her eye. Her face paled as she turned to look at Nick. He looked like he just had his heart torn out and stepped on. But quickly the expression on his face changed from total and utter shock, to one of complete hatred. “Nick, wait, it was an accident, this isn’t…” said Julie but Nick cut her off.
“I don’t want to hear it, the engagement is off,” he said his blue eyes flashing with anger. He then turned and walked away.

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