Informative Meeting

Julie and Nick got back from Paris on Sunday night and immediately went to the hotel to tell everyone about their engagement. They went to Nick’s room so that he could drop off his stuff. They opened the door and heard:
“SURPRISE!” yelled Brian, Jessica, Kevin, Jennifer, AJ, Angela, Howie, and Stacey.
“WOW!” exclaimed Nick and Julie.
“What is this?” asked Nick.
“It’s a surprise party to celebrate your engagement!” said Brian grinning. “There is a reason to celebrate right?” he asked uncertainly.
“Yep!” said Julie and proudly held out her left hand with the engagement ring on it. She then ran towards the guys’ girlfriends. “I missed you guys soo much!!!” she exclaimed hugging all of them.
“We missed you too! We still can’t believe that you’re here, to stay!” exclaimed Jess.
“Well I am, there’s no way I’m leaving again,” said Julie determinedly.
“We’re so glad to hear that!” exclaimed Jen as the girls pulled Julie into yet another hug.
For the next few hours everyone hung out in Nick’s room and partied. At around 2 in the morning, the guys and their girlfriends retired to their rooms and left Nick and Julie alone. Since Julie’s mom wasn’t expecting her to be home until Monday, Julie stayed in Nick’s room for the night.


“Sweetie wake up, Rachel’s here,” said Nick trying to wake Julie up.
“I’m awake I’m awake,” mumbled Julie half-asleep. She opened her eyes and squinted at her twin. “Did you have to get here so early?” she whined. Rachel laughed.
“Come on, we’re going to meet our birth parents today,” said Rachel excitedly.
“We are?” asked Julie disoriented.
“Yes, now come on, get out of bed already, even Nick is dressed,” said Rachel pointing at Nick who was indeed, dressed and ready to go.
“Okay, fine, but why can’t anyone let me get some sleep?” mumbled Julie on her way to the bathroom. Nick and Rachel laughed. They then heard the bathroom door being closed and the shower being turned on.
“So, weren’t you going with someone?” asked Nick turning to Rachel.
“Yep, he should be here any minute,” said Rachel looking at her wristwatch. At that moment they heard a knock on the door. “And there he is,” said Rachel grinning and opened the door.
“Hey,” said Justin.
“Hey,” said Rachel and motioned for him to come in. “My guess is you already know Nick.”
“Yeah, hi,” said Justin to Nick, who nodded in response.
“So Rach, you told me that you were going to go see your birth parents, no offense, but why is he here?” asked Justin pointing at Nick.
“He’s here because he’s going with Julie,” explained Rachel.
“What?” asked Justin now completely confused. “You told me that Julie was…um…dead.”
“She was, but now she’s alive,” said Nick. Then Julie came out of the bathroom dressed in jeans and a sweater.
“Hey people,” she said. Justin stared at her. “And you’re staring because?” she asked turning to Justin.
“You’re supposed to be dead,” he said.
“Yeah well, I was, but I got another chance,” said Julie grinning.
“Oh,” said Justin trying to process what he just found out. He thought for a few minutes and then grinned. “So I guess we’re all ready to go now right?” he asked.
“No breakfast?” asked Julie. Nick laughed.
“Here, I went to McDonald’s and picked up something for you,” he said giving Julie a Mickey D’s bag.
“Aww, thanks,” said Julie and gave Nick a quick kiss.
“You’re welcome, now come on, you can eat on the plane,” said Nick slipping his arms around Julie’s waist.
Nick, Julie, Rachel, and Justin went outside, got into Nick’s car and drove to the airport.


“Okay, this is it,” said Rachel taking a deep breath as her, Julie, Nick, and Justin stood in front of the twins’ birth parents’ house.
“Nervous?” asked Nick.
“A little,” replied Julie. Nick squeezed her hand for encouragement and then Rachel rang the doorbell. A few moments later it was answered by a woman in her thirties with dark-brown hair and gray-blue eyes, just like her daughters.
“Yes may I help you?” she asked.
“Yes, are you Ms. Neson?” asked Julie.
“Yes I am, and who might you be?” asked Ms. Neson.
“Well, me and my sister might be the babies you gave up eighteen years ago,” said Rachel. Ms. Neson’s eyes widened with shock and surprise.
“You two are my daughters?” she asked her voice trembling.
“We are,” said Julie. She couldn’t believe that she was looking at her real mother. It was very emotional.
“Please come in,” said Ms. Neson moving away from the door so that the girls and the guys can come in. When everyone was seated in the cozy living room Ms. Neson took a deep breath and looked at Julie and Rachel.
“I never thought that you would try to find me,” she began.
“Why not?” asked Rachel. “You’re our real mother.”
“Yes I am, but I thought that you would hate me for giving you up,” said Ms. Neson.
“We don’t hate you, we just don’t understand why you did what you did,” said Julie kindly.
“Well, it was a difficult time for me. I was only 18, the age you girls are now. I wasn’t ready to become a mother but I didn’t want to have an abortion. So I did the only that was left to do, I gave you two up for adoption,” said Ms. Neson her eyes watering at the memory. “It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I didn’t want to give you up, but I couldn’t have given you the life you deserved.”
“But why didn’t you at least try to find us?” asked Rachel.
“I wanted to, but I thought that some things were just better left alone. I didn’t want to intrude in your lives and I didn’t want to cause you any pain. I figured that wherever you were, you were happy and that you didn’t need me to come and turn your lives upside down,” explained Ms. Neson. She turned to look at Nick and Justin who were sitting quietly and listening to the conversation. “Aren’t you two…?”
“Yes we are, I’m Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and he’s Justin Timberlake from *NSYNC,” said Nick.
“Well, you’ve got good taste in boyfriends,” said Ms. Neson to her daughters and smiled.
“He’s not my boyfriend,” said Rachel. “We’re just friends,” she added. Justin looked slightly uncomfortable.
“And he’s not my boyfriend either,” began Julie. “He’s my fiancé.” She said and showed Ms. Neson the ring.
“That’s wonderful, I’m really happy for you!” said Ms. Neson sincerely. “But I’m afraid that this little get together was a bad idea.” Julie and Rachel looked at her puzzled.
“What do you mean?” asked Rachel quietly.
“What I mean is that you two obviously have great lives and you don’t need me. I’m sure you both have wonderful parents back where you live. Where do you live?” she asked.
“New York,” replied Rachel and Julie.
“Exactly, so I’m sure that you will be perfectly happy without me in your lives, just like you were before,” said Ms. Neson and hastily stood up.
“Okay, if that’s the way you feel,” said Rachel getting up. Nick, Julie, and Justin stood up too.
“It’s the way I feel, it really was wonderful seeing how you girls turned out,” said Ms. Neson offering a small smile. Neither of the four teenagers returned it.
“Just one more question,” said Julie before walking out the door.
“What?” asked Ms. Neson leaning on the doorframe.
“Where is Mr. Neson?” asked Julie.
“There is no Mr. Neson,” said Ms. Neson and closed the door.
“Well, that was informative,” said Rachel. Justin put a comforting arm around her.
“Come on, let’s go home,” he said and the four of them went back to the car, which would take them to the airport and back to their lives.

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