“WHAT????” exclaimed Nick. Julie just smiled. “How? Who? Why? When?” he fired off the questions. “You know what, I don’t care, I’m just glad you’re here.” He said and then pulled Julie into a long awaited hug, followed by an even longer awaited kiss. At that moment the other guys came up to Nick and Julie, who were oblivious to anyone but each other. Brian cleared his throat loudly.
“Um, Nick? You wanna explain something here?” he asked. Nick pulled away from Julie and turned towards the guys with his arm around Julie’s waist.
“She’s alive.” Said Nick with the happiest expression on his face. The four guys’ eyes bulged when they heard Nick.
“What? How? Why? Who? When?” exclaimed Brian. Nick and Julie laughed.
“I already covered that, but do you really care about the answer to those questions?” asked Nick.
“Well, yeah, I mean, this is like a miracle.” Said Brian staring at Julie in amazement.
“It’s the miracle of all miracles.” Said Nick looking at Julie. “But I guess I am curious as to how you’re alive.” He said.
“Well, I’m not sure I can explain it. When I went back today after seeing you, they told me that since I helped so many people as an angel, I was being given a second chance at life because mine was taken away so quickly and suddenly.” Explained Julie.
“So that’s it? You’re alive? No catch?” Asked Kevin.
“No catch as far as I can tell, unless I die again.” Joked Julie. Nick’s face expression turned serious.
“I’m never gonna let anything happen to you, ever again.” He promised and pulled Julie into his arms once again.
“Hey, you two can hug all you want, it’s our turn now.” Said AJ and then him and Kevin, Howie, and Brian all pulled Julie into one giant monster hug. When Julie managed to scramble out of the hug Nick came up to her once again.
“I think that you might want this back.” He said while unclasping the chain around his neck and taking Julie’s promise ring off of it. Fresh tears gathered in Julie’s eyes as she remembered the night Nick had given her the ring…


“Ok, now it’s my turn.” Said Nick handing Julie a small velvet box. She opened it and found a white gold ring. It had a heart-shaped light-blue stone in the middle, surrounded by two small diamonds; it resembled the necklace that Nick had given her for her 18th birthday.
“Thank you, it’s stunning!” Said Julie. Nick took the ring and put it on her left ring finger.
“This is a promise ring.” He explained. “This means that I promise we will be together forever and nothing or no one will ever come between us.” He said.
“I love you.” Said Julie.
“I love you too.” Said Nick.

*~*~* END OF FLASHBACK *~*~*

Julie smiled as Nick slid the ring onto her left ring finger once again. They embraced and kissed once again.
“Aww!” chorused the other four guys. Nick and Julie ignored them and kept kissing.

A few hours later Julie and Nick were standing in front of Julie’s house. Julie was nervous about her mom seeing her because she didn’t know how her mom would react.
“Are you ready?” asked Nick. Julie nodded nervously. Nick rang the doorbell and they waited for Mrs. Lanar to answer. Mrs. Lanar opened the door about a minute later and stood frozen in shock, looking at her daughter.
“Oh…my…God, Julie is that you?” she whispered. Tears gathered in Julie’s eyes.
“Yes mom, it’s me.” She said just as quietly and ran into her mother’s arms. Tears streamed from Mrs. Lanar’s eyes as she held the daughter whom she thought she lost forever. Mrs. Lanar cupped Julie’s face in her hands and looked at her.
“I can’t believe it, I thought I would never see you again!” she exclaimed, her eyes still wet with tears.
“Yeah, I was given another chance for helping so many people while I was an angel.” Explained Julie and then hugged her mother tightly again. Julie missed her mom so much that at times it was unbearable for her to even think of her mother.
“You were always an angel in my eyes.” Said Mrs. Lanar lovingly. Fresh tears of happiness began to pour out of Julie and Mrs. Lanar’s eyes once again.
Julie, Mrs. Lanar, and Nick then went inside the house and spent the next couple of hours talking about everything. Julie’s mom had left Julie’s room exactly as it had been before she died. Julie couldn’t believe that she was once again with her mom, in her house, and of course with Nick.

The following day, Julie and Nick were going to go visit Rachel. Julie couldn’t wait to see her twin; she was so excited. Nick had called Rachel earlier in the morning and told her that he’ll drop by her house with a surprise. Rachel told him that she had good news for him, but Nick insisted that his surprise was a lot better.
Nick and Julie got to Rachel’s house at around eleven o’clock in the morning and Julie stood to the side so that Rachel wouldn’t see her right away. She exchanged a smile with Nick as he rang the doorbell. Rachel opened the door.
“Hey Nick, so what’s the big surprise?” asked Rachel when she saw Nick on the doorstep.
“Well, I hope you’re prepared for this.” Said Nick and then motioned for Julie to come out of her hiding place. Julie came out and stood next to Nick. Rachel stood flabbergasted.
“Oh…my…God!!!!!” she finally exclaimed and hugged Julie tightly. The two girls stood hugging both overwhelmed with happiness over finding each other. “I thought that you were dead!” said Rachel through tears of happiness.
“I was.” Replied Julie, she also had tears running down her face.
“I don’t understand.” Said Rachel in confusion.
“I got a second chance. Apparently, I died too young.” Explained Julie. “But now I’m here again and I’m here to stay!” she added smiling widely.
“I’m so happy! Oh, and I’ve got news, I found our birth parents!” exclaimed Rachel. A look of hesitation passed over Julie’s face.
“Our birth parents?” she asked quietly. “Did you see them already?”
“No, but now that you’re here we can go see them together!” said Rachel bursting with happiness.
“I don’t know about this.” Said Julie uncertainly. Rachel looked at her twin in confusion. “It’s just that, I love my mom.” She said.
“I love my parents too, but don’t you want to know why we were given up for adoption?” asked Rachel.
“Well, I don’t know, I’m gonna have to think about this.” Said Julie thoughtfully. “Where do they live?” she asked.
“Tennessee.” Replied Rachel.
“Oh, that’s kinda far, I don’t know anyone there, how could we possibly find them?” asked Julie.
“I know someone from there, you’ve probably heard of him, Justin Timberlake?” said Rachel looking at Julie.
“Of course I’ve heard of him!” exclaimed Julie. “You know Justin?” she asked.
“Yeah.” Nodded Rachel. “I’ve known him for a really long time.” she added.
“Well, when you’re going to find your birth parents, I’m going with you.” Said Nick joining the conversation. Julie smiled at her boyfriend.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She said and then kissed him lightly on the lips.
The girls and Nick talked for the next few hours and then parted. Julie promised to call Rachel the following day to set up the time and day when they would go see their birth parents. Rachel agreed. Nick drove Julie back to her house.
“Aren’t you coming inside?” asked Julie when she saw Nick stopping at the doorstep.
“No, I’ve got something that I need to take care of.” Said Nick.
“Oh ok.” Said Julie slightly disappointed. Nick picked up her chin with his hand.
“I’ll be back soon I promise.” He said and then kissed her deeply.
“Okay.” Said Julie after the kiss ended. Nick’s kisses had an overwhelming effect on her. She waved to Nick and then he drove off.

Nick was driving down the highway and he dialed Brian’s phone number.
“Hey Rok.” He said as soon as he heard his best friend pick up the phone.
“Hey Frack, what’s up?” asked Brian.
“I came to a decision about that thing I was telling you about.” Said Nick.
“Oh! So what did you decide?” asked Brian excitedly.
“I decided that I’m gonna do it!” said Nick enthusiastically.
“Great! Where are you now?” asked Brian.
“I’m on the way back to the hotel to pick you up.” replied Nick getting off at his exit.
“Ok great, I’ll see you here in a few minutes then.” Said Brian.
“Ok.” Said Nick and then hung up the phone. He looked out the window at the passing scenery. “I hope I’m doing the right thing.” He said to himself and pulled up next to the hotel.

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