Surprising Secrets

“Julie?” Nick managed to choke out.
The girl shook her head and smiled. “No, I’m Rachel, you much have me confused with someone else.” She said.
“But you look exactly like her.” Insisted Nick, looking at Rachel was like looking at Julie, the girls were identical.
“Impossible, I’m sure I just look somewhat like her.” Said Rachel. Nick took out his wallet.
“No, you look EXACTLY like her.” He said showing Rachel a picture of him and Julie that he kept in his wallet. Rachel gasped as she looked at the picture.
“Oh my God! That girl looks exactly like me!” she exclaimed. She looked at Nick. “Who is she? I have to meet her!” she said. Nick’s face filled with sorrow.
“She was my girlfriend, but she’s…gone.” He said trying to hold back tears.
“What do you mean gone?” asked Rachel carefully.
“Hit and run.” Said Nick sadly. Rachel’s eyes widened with shock and sorrow.
“No, that can’t happen! I had a twin and I never even knew her!” she exclaimed in frustration. Nick nodded silently. “When did it happen?” asked Rachel.
“Two months ago.” Replied Nick. Rachel’s eyes filled with tears.
“That’s why you thought I was her?” she asked, Nick nodded. “But wait, if I really was her twin, then that must mean that I’m adopted.” Said Rachel as she came to the shocking conclusion. Nick then realized that Julie must’ve been adopted too.
“Wow, oh by the way, I’m Nick.” Said Nick finally introducing himself.
“Nice to meet you.” Said Rachel absentmindedly. She still couldn’t believe that her life just changed in a matter of minutes. “Where was Julie from?” she asked after a few minutes.
“New York.” Replied Nick. His heart was tearing in two because it was so hard to keep telling himself that the girl standing in front of him wasn’t the one he loved, but her sister.
“I’m from New York too.” Said Rachel in amazement. “Do you think that I could maybe talk to her mom?” she asked.
“Maybe, I can’t promise that.” Said Nick. “Look, I’m heading to New York tomorrow, why don’t you come with me and I’ll take you to Julie’s mom?” suggested Nick. “Unless you’re here with someone.” He added.
“No, I’m just here visiting a friend. Why are you going to New York?” asked Rachel. She didn’t realize that Nick was from the Backstreet Boys.
“Because I’m in a group and we have a concert there tomorrow.” Explained Nick.
“What’s the name of the group? Maybe I’ve heard of you guys.” Said Rachel. Nick chuckled slightly.
“Backstreet Boys.” He said. Rachel looked at him closer. Nick quickly took off his hat and sunglasses and then put them back on.
“I didn’t even realize who you are!” exclaimed Rachel in shock. “You know, that hat and sunglasses could really confuse a person.” She added.
“Yeah, that’s the point of wearing them. But you had a lot more on your mind.” Said Nick.
“You’re right, I do.” Agreed Rachel. “Are you sure that it won’t be an inconvenience if I go back with you?” she asked.
“Don’t worry, it won’t be. There’s plenty of room on the bus.” Replied Nick. Rachel nodded slowly in agreement.
“Okay, then I’ll go back with you.” She said. Nick told her the name of the hotel that the guys were staying at and he told her to meet him in the lobby at 8 o’clock the following morning. She agreed and they went their separate ways.


The next morning Rachel was waiting in the lobby for Nick when she saw Brian walking downstairs. Brian did a double take when he saw Rachel.
“You’re Rachel right?” he asked when he came up to her. Rachel nodded. “I’m sorry for being so shocked when I saw you, you just look exactly like her.”
“Yeah, so I hear.” Said Rachel sadly. At that moment Kevin, AJ, and Howie joined them. Introductions were made and they all stood waiting for Nick. He joined them ten minutes later and everyone piled into the bus. Rachel was fairly quiet on the long ride to New York because she didn’t know what she was gonna say if she met Julie’s mom. She also couldn’t believe that her own parents didn’t tell her that she was adopted. She began to wonder what her birth parents were like. She thought about why someone would want to give up two babies and never try to find them. Her eyes filled with angry tears towards her parents, her birth parents, and towards life itself for taking her sister away from her before she got to know her.
Fifteen long hours later the bus arrived in New York. The guys dropped off Rachel at her house and Nick said that he’d call Julie’s mom and then call Rachel to tell her if Julie’s mom wants to meet her. Rachel agreed and said good night to everyone and went into her house.
She closed the door and saw the light on in the living room. She walked into the room to find her parents watching TV on the couch. They looked surprised to see their daughter.
“Honey, why are you home so early? Is something wrong?” asked Rachel’s mom, Mrs. Jensen.
“You bet there’s something wrong.” Said Rachel angrily.
“What is it?” asked Mr. Jensen.
“Why didn’t you tell me that I’m adopted??” yelled Rachel. Her parents looked shocked.
“How did you find out?” asked Mrs. Jensen softly.
“A stranger on the street mixed me up with my twin sister that’s how!” yelled Rachel.
“Twin sister?” asked Mrs. Jensen.
“Yes MOM, apparently I had a twin but I’ll never know her because she died two months ago!” yelled Rachel, angry tears now spilling over her cheeks.
“Oh my God, sweetheart, your mother and I didn’t know that you had a twin.” Said Mr. Jensen trying to hug Rachel but she shrugged his arms away.
“But you knew that I was adopted! And you didn’t tell me!” Rachel kept yelling because she just couldn’t stop being angry.
“We didn’t know how to tell you. There’s no right time to tell someone that they’re adopted.” Said Mrs. Jensen.
“But you still should’ve told me, maybe then I would’ve found Julie and I would’ve known her and…” Rachel didn’t finish her sentence and started sobbing.
“Her name was Julie?” asked Mr. Jensen approaching his daughter. Rachel nodded. Her parents hugged her and this time she didn’t stop them. A few minutes later Rachel finally calmed down.
“Do you know who my real parents are?” she asked.
“No we don’t. It was done confidentially, we never even saw them.” replied Mrs. Jensen.
“Was I born here?” asked Rachel.
“No, you were born in Tennessee.” Replied Mrs. Jensen. Rachel looked at her with confusion. “We used to live there, but we adopted you and then moved to New York, your father loves the city life.” Explained her mom.
“Oh, so is there any chance of me finding my birth parents?” asked Rachel. Her parents looked at each other.
“Probably, but you would have to speak with the adoption agency.” Said Mr. Jensen.
“Then that’s what I’ll do.” Said Rachel determinately and went up to her room.

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