Making Plans

"Julie?" asked Nick, his voice barely above a whisper.
"Yeah, it's me," she said smiling at him.
"I'm so glad that you woke up!" exclaimed Nick and then kissed her fully on the lips.
"I missed that," said Julie when the kiss was over. "How long was I out anyway?" she asked.
"Too long," replied Nick tucking a strand of her hair away from her face. "Over twenty four hours to be exact."
"Wow," said Julie.
"Yeah, how do you feel?" asked Nick softly.
"Exhausted," said Julie sighing. "What happened to me?"
"You don't remember?" asked Nick.
"Well, I remember that I was sitting on the rocks and thinking, and then there was a wave…and everything else is just a big blank," she said, frustrated that she couldn't remember more.
"Well, let me fill in the blank. Justin saw you being swept off the rocks and he saved you. He called 911 and then you got here. Justin also called me, but I hung up on him. He called Brian and then Brian finally got me to listen. I came here as soon as I could and I met up with Justin and Rachel. Here's the tough part. You went into respiratory arrest and then crashed, they pronounced you dead about twelve hours ago," said Nick, cringing at the memory. "But you came back and now you're awake, please don't leave me ever again," he begged.
"I won't, not again," promised Julie and Nick kissed her forehead. "Can you call Justin, Rachel, and the rest of the guys and the girls in here?" she asked.
"Sure, I'll have to call your doctor too, tell him that you woke up," said Nick getting up and walking out into the hallway. He saw Dr. Feldman talking to Rachel. "She's awake!" he yelled and immediately, the guys, their girlfriends, Justin, Rachel, and Dr. Feldman all ran into Julie's room.
"How do you feel?" asked Dr. Feldman checking Julie's vital signs.
"Tired, but glad to be alive," she replied.
"Good, I'm sure that you'll be fine now, you gave us quite a scare earlier," he said.
"Yeah, Nick told me," said Julie looking over at Nick, who was standing behind Dr. Feldman.
"Alright, I'll leave you with your friends, but you have to get a lot of rest, so don't let them stay for too long," said Dr. Feldman grinning and then left the room. Everyone crowded around Julie's bed and hugged her.
"Don't you ever scare us like that ever again," warned Kevin kissing Julie's forehead.
"I'll try not to," she replied smiling.
"Good, you better try," said Brian also smiling in relief that Julie was okay.
"Welcome back," said AJ hugging Julie lightly.
"Yeah, don't ever leave," added Jess.
"Thanks you guys," said Julie genuinely smiling at her friends.
"Julz, this better be your last visit to the hospital," said Rachel looking at her twin. "Well, in an unconscious state anyway," she added grinning.
Julie laughed, "Yeah, hopefully."
Justin then came up to her, "I knew you could do it," he said hugging her.
"Thank you Justin, for saving my life. I'll never forget what you did," said Julie her eyes becoming moist as she hugged the person who gave her another chance at life.
"You're welcome, and I'm just glad that I was there," he said, his eyes going moist as well.
"So am I," said Nick coming up to Justin and Julie. "I'm forever grateful to you," he said offering his hand to Justin. Justin shook Nick's hand and then they hugged. Julie leaned back on the pillow and closed her eyes. She was unbelievably happy to see everyone, but the visit had exhausted her completely.
"We should probably let her get some sleep," said Nick looking at his fiancée.
Everyone agreed and left the room, but they all promised that they would be back. Nick was left alone with Julie.
"After I wake up, we have to talk," she said opening her eyes for a minute.
"Yeah, I know," said Nick softly. "Just sleep for now and we'll talk later," he then kissed Julie and she went to sleep.


Julie woke up three hours later and opened her eyes. She saw Nick sitting in the chair next to her bed; he was sleeping. Julie smiled; she was glad that Nick finally managed to get some rest. She took a magazine from her nightstand and began leafing through it quietly. A half an hour later Nick stirred and then woke up.
"Hey sleepyhead," said Julie looking up from her magazine.
"Hey, how long was I asleep?" asked Nick stretching.
"About three and a half hours," replied Julie and put down her magazine. "Feel refreshed?" she asked.
Nick nodded, "Yep, very refreshed," he smiled. "How are you feeling?" he asked concerned.
"Still tired, you'd think after all the sleeping I did, I'd feel less drained," said Julie with a slight laugh.
Nick laughed, "Well, I'm sure that you'll be back to your old self in no time," he said reassuringly.
Julie's face expression turned serious, "Nick, we gotta talk."
"Yeah, I know," said Nick sighing deeply.
"Okay, so how do we deal with this?" asked Julie.
"Well, I know that I am truly sorry for what I've done," began Nick. "But I also know that I don't want to lose you, those few moments when you died, I felt like my life had no meaning anymore, like it was empty without you in it."
"I felt the same way when you left without letting me explain," said Julie, a little harshly.
"Okay, I deserved that, and I am sorry for that too, unbelievably sorry," said Nick his eyes pleading for forgiveness.
"I know you are, and I'm sorry too, for kissing Justin, I should've opened my eyes before kissing him," apologized Julie.
"So, is all forgiven and forgotten?" asked Nick with his mouth in a half smile.
"Well, you are stubborn and you do have a short temper," said Julie as if she was thinking it over. Nick drew in a sharp breath, "But that's why I love you so much," finished Julie and Nick let out a sigh of relief.
"I'm so glad to hear you say that," he said and kissed Julie deeply. After the kiss, Nick sat down on Julie's bed and put his arm around her. "I have an idea for when we should set the date for our wedding," he said.
"Really? When?" asked Julie curiously.
"The most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day," said Nick grinning.
"Nick, that's a wonderful idea! In fact, that's what I was thinking too," said Julie smiling widely.
"Well, great minds do think alike," stated Nick.
"Yes they do," agreed Julie. At that moment there was a knock on the door and a few seconds later AJ stuck his head into the room.
"Can we come in?" he asked.
"Sure, go ahead," said Julie waving for him to come in. AJ opened the door fully and went in. He was followed by Angela, Brian, Jess, Kevin, Jen, Howie, Stacey, Justin, and Rachel.
"Hey Julz!" exclaimed Jen hugging her friend, the rest of the girls did the same.
"Hey," replied Julie cheerfully. "Guess what?" she asked.
"What?" asked Brian.
"Me and Nick set the date for our wedding," announced Julie proudly.
"Well, when is it?" asked everyone excitedly.
"Valentine's Day," said Nick smiling.
A chorus of 'awws' and 'congratulations' was heard all around.
"But that's only in a couple of months!" pointed out Angela.
"Yeah, do you think you guys will get everything ready by then?" asked Stacey. Nick and Julie looked at each other and smiled simultaneously. They knew that they could do it.
"Don't worry, we will," said Nick and then kissed Julie.
"Aww!" said everyone in the room. Julie and Nick finished their kiss and then laughed along with their friends.


"I'm so glad to be home!" exclaimed Julie as she walked into her house.
"I'm so glad that you're finally out of that horrible hospital," said Nick coming up behind her.
"Don't I know it," said Julie turning around to face Nick. He placed his arms on her waist and kissed her passionately. They got lost in the kiss and then heard someone clearing their throat behind them. They reluctantly broke apart and saw Kevin and Brian standing there grinning.
"Do you mind if we come in?" asked Brian gesturing towards the fact that Nick and Julie were blocking the doorway. Nick and Julie laughed and then moved out of the way.
"Thank you," said Kevin and proceeded to go into the living room, with his cousin behind him. Nick and Julie remained in the hallway, just enjoying kissing each other.

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