Nikole's point of view

I walked down the street, not really paying attention to anything around me. My mind was once again on him. You know who I'm talking about. Him, the one, Mr. Right. Call him whatever you wish.
I wondered when and where I would meet him. What he would look like, what he would say.
Then I began to wonder, what if I had already met him and let him go? Wouldn't it be horrible to meet that one person you're supposed to be with and not know it? What if I would never meet him again?
Those thoughts began to haunt me as I walked down the empty street. I hadn't even noticed that I was alone until I realized how quiet it was. For the first time that day, I really looked at my surroundings. No cars passed by, no children played in the street, and there weren't even any pigeons flying around. Kind of strange for mid-afternoon in New York City.
I wondered if maybe I was dreaming, because, all of a sudden, everything seemed so surreal.
I then shook the thought from my head. If I was dreaming, then I would awake soon and my walk would be over, but I didn't want it to end.

Nick's point of view

I readjusted my hat and looked at the empty street stretched out in front of me. I wondered how that was possible since after all, this was New York City.
It then occurred to me that I didn't even need my hat.
No chance of getting mobbed with no people around.
I took another quick look at the emptiness around me and took off my hat. It felt so good to be out in public with not disguise or bodyguard. As much as I loved what I did, there were times when I just wanted to be a normal guy. Not Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, but just Nick.
I wondered when I was going to meet the girl I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to know what she would look like, how her laugh would sound, and would she make me feel like everything was all right in the world whenever we were together.
I hoped that I hadn't met her already and did not know it at the time. Because if that were to happen, life would have no meaning anymore. I mean, what would life be without a person there to spend your every waking moment with?
I sighed deeply and continued walking down the street.

Third person point of view

They came from opposite ends of the street, not seeing one another.
Then, their eyes met, and just for a moment, a spark flashed in both pairs of eyes, one a piercing blue, and the other, a mysterious gray. That spark was an unknown energy, but it contained the most powerful passion in the world.
She took in his blond hair, striking good looks, and relaxed gait.
He noticed her straight dark brown hair, a beauty that shone from within, and the air of confidence with which she carried herself.
Time seemed to stop as the two neared one another.
Seconds went by as slowly as millennia.
Then, in the blink of an eye, it was over.
They passed by one another and continued their journey together, yet alone, in opposite directions of the street.
Both were left wondering what would've happened if either one had stopped.