Hope for the Best

Angel’s point of view

The doctor had left long ago and yet I still couldn’t grasp what he had told me. It wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be happening to me. Nick and Drew were both in shock. They were standing near my bed and staring into space, not wanting to face the truth.
“Guys, can I be alone please?” I asked, my voice cracking, barely able to hold back my tears.
“Ang, I don’t think you should be alone at a time like this,” said Drew softly.
“I really want to be alone,” I insisted.
“Are you sure?” asked Nick, looking at me with his eyes full of tears and fear. I nodded; I couldn’t trust my voice anymore. They said a few more words of encouragement and then left me alone with my thoughts.

Drew’s point of view

“You have to do something!” exclaimed Nick to me as we walked back to the waiting room in a state of shock.
I looked blankly at him. “What do you mean?” I asked.
“What do I mean?” exploded Nick. “You heard what the doctor said, now go and undo it!” he yelled.
“Nick, I can’t help Angel, this is out of reach, even for me,” I replied.
Nick looked grief-stricken. “Are you sure?” he said, his voice now barely above a whisper.
I nodded. “Unfortunately.”

Kelly’s point of view

I saw Nick and Drew approaching and immediately knew the news was bad, really bad. They looked like they were both in shock and in denial.
“What did the doctor say?” asked Brian when Nick and Drew reached all of us.
“It’s bad,” said Drew shaking his head.
“How bad?” asked Howie.
“Imagine the worst, and then multiply that by a million,” replied Nick.
“What’s wrong with her?” asked Kevin.
“Leukemia,” said Drew, his eyes overflowing with tears. Everyone in the room gasped, no one had expected cancer.
“How bad is it?” asked AJ.
“The doctor said that her only hope now is a bone marrow transplant, if she doesn’t get one soon, she’ll…she’ll…” Nick couldn’t finish the sentence and broke down crying, as did Drew. I rushed over to Drew and tried to comfort him as tears spilled from my own eyes and from the eyes of everyone else in the room.

Angel’s point of view

I lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. I refused to believe it; I couldn’t have leukemia. I kept telling myself that it was a bad dream and any moment now I was going to wake up and everything would be fine. But I didn’t wake up and the reality of the situation haunted me.
“You need a bone marrow transplant to survive, otherwise, your chances are non existent,” the doctor’s voice rang in my head like a bell, not wanting to shut up. He said that he will start chemotherapy treatments right away, but the chances of them actually helping were slim to none. I didn’t understand how my life went from perfect to almost over in a matter of twenty-four hours. What did I do to deserve a fate like this?
I heard a knock on the door and when I didn’t respond, Nick carefully opened the door and poked his head in.
“Ang?” he said softly, probably trying to figure out if I was awake or asleep.
“I’m awake,” I told him and Nick entered my room.
“How are you?” he asked.
“That’s a stupid question,” I snapped. “I’m dying and I can’t do anything about it.”
Nick looked hurt. I immediately felt bad for snapping at him, but I couldn’t help it, I was mad at the world.
“I wish I could do something to help you,” he said gently.
“You can leave,” I said coldly.
Nick nodded and left my room. I burst into tears because of how I treated him, and because life had such a plan for me that I would die before being able to fully experience it and all the things it holds.

Nick’s point of view

I returned to the waiting room with my head hung low. I knew that Angel was feeling really hurt and really mad at everyone, but I was very hurt by how she treated me.
“Nick, what’s wrong?” asked Brian when he saw me. “What did Angel say?”
“She wanted to be alone,” I told him and went to sit in the corner of the room.
“Let me guess, she snapped at you, right?” asked Drew.
I nodded without saying a word.
“Don’t take it personally Nick. Whenever Angel is mad about something that’s out of her control, it’s better to stay out of her way, she gets angry at everything, and at everyone, I’m sure she didn’t mean it,” he assured me. “Besides, do you really want to stay in the same room with a girl who has telekinesis and who is really mad?” he asked chuckling slightly. “It would be like that movie ‘Carrie’ only in a hospital instead of a high school,” he added.
“Wait, back up a minute, what did you say about telekinesis?” asked Brian turning to stare at Drew.
“Oh yeah, that’s right, you guys don’t know,” I said.
“Don’t know what?” asked AJ.
“Angel has telekinesis and she can see the future in visions. Drew can heal people and can read their minds,” I told them.
“WHAT?” yelled everyone in the room except Drew, Kelly, and of course myself.
“Surprise,” said Drew lamely.
“You can heal people?” asked Leighanne. Drew nodded. “So why don’t you heal Angel already?” she asked.
Drew swallowed back his tears. “I can’t cure cancer, not even a little bit, I can only ease the pain people go through, that’s all,” he said softly.
“Oh,” said Howie and the others nodded.
“I don’t believe that you can really read people’s minds,” said Kevin shaking his head.
“Try me,” challenged Drew.
“Fine, I’m thinking of a phrase, you tell me what it is,” said Kevin.
“Some chicken would be really good now,” said Drew looking him in the eye.
“Kev, you’re thinking about food at a time like this?” exclaimed Brian and slapped his cousin on the arm.
“I was just thinking a phrase that wouldn’t be obvious,” shot back Kevin rubbing his arm.
“Oh, then sorry about that man,” said Brian apologetically. Kevin shrugged and then stared at Drew.
“You really can do it, wow, I’m impressed,” he said.
“Yeah, for all the good it does me now,” said Drew bitterly.
“Drew, you cannot and will not blame yourself for what happened to Angel,” stated Kelly.
“If I was able to heal cancer, she would be perfectly fine now,” he retorted.
“But it’s not your fault that you can’t,” I said. Drew nodded his head but I could see that he still blamed himself.
“I think we should all go and see if any of us are matches for Angel’s bone marrow,” spoke up Howie.
“That’s a great idea D, let’s go,” said AJ and we all followed him. I was eager to do anything that might help Angel.
Unfortunately, we were back in the waiting room about fifteen minutes later because we were told that there was something wrong with the machines in the hospital and we wouldn’t be able to get tested just yet. We would have to wait.

Angel’s point of view

I climbed back into my hospital bed in sheer agony. I was in so much pain and the painkillers that were being given to me through an IV were not helping. I had just come back from the bathroom from throwing up once again, for like the fifth time that day, and it was only two o’clock. The chemotherapy was horrible, and the way I felt after it was even worse. I couldn’t believe that I had to go through so much just to get a little better, if I got any better. So far, I didn’t feel better, just worse.
A few minutes later my doctor walked in.
“I hope you have some good news for a change,” I told him weakly.
“I do actually, we found you a bone marrow match,” he announced while smiling.
“Really?” I said and tried to sit up in bed, but wasn’t able to. “Who is it?” I asked.
“You might know him,” said the doctor and moved away from the door. Nick walked in.
“You’re my match?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yep, Nick to the rescue,” he said proudly. “You’ll be fine in no time,” he added.
“Thank you,” I said gratefully and he came up to my bed and I hugged him the best I could. “When will the transplant take place?” I asked the doctor.
“Tomorrow, we want to do this as soon as possible,” he replied and a knot of fear appeared in my stomach.
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” said Nick reassuringly and kissed my forehead.
“I hope you’re right,” I told him and tried to look brave.

Nick’s point of view

I sighed with relief when I saw Angel being wheeled out of the hospital room. She was smiling; I missed her smile so much.
“Hey,” I said as I took my position behind the wheelchair and nodded to the nurse who smiled and left.
“Hey,” replied Angel grinning widely.
“How are you feeling?” I asked.
“Better than I have in a very long time,” she answered honestly. “Thank you so much, you saved my life,” she added.
“Just returning the favor,” I told her with a warm smile. She smiled back as we went out into the warm sunshine.
“Where is everyone?” asked Angel. She had noticed that I was the only one who came to pick her up.
“They’re busy doing some stuff,” I told her vaguely.
“Oh,” said Angel and I could see that she was disappointed.
“But they promised to come by your house later,” I said.
We got to Angel’s house and I helped her get back into the wheelchair. Her doctor told her that she had to be in it for another week until she got at least some of her strength back. She was very weak from the chemotherapy.
“Home sweet home,” I announced as I opened the door and wheeled Angel inside.
“SURPRISE!!!” everyone yelled jumping out of their hiding places.
“Oh my God!” exclaimed Angel when she saw all her friends and her brother in the living room. “You knew about this didn’t you?” she asked smiling mischievously while looking at me.
I grinned sheepishly. “It was my idea,” I said.
“Thank you, once again,” said Angel and pulled me down for a kiss.
“Aww!” everyone said and both Angel and I shot them a dirty look but laughed afterwards.

Angel’s point of view

I was sitting in bed and reading when Drew walked into my room.
“Aren’t you supposed to knock?” I asked putting the book down.
“Knocking is highly overrated,” said Drew laughing and plopped down on my bed. “How are you feeling?” he asked.
“I’m fine, you heard the doctor, my cancer is in remission, and I’m one hundred percent fine,” I told him.
“I can’t help but worry. I felt so helpless when the doctor said that you had leukemia. I got used to always being able to help you whenever you got sick, this was the first time I couldn’t do anything and your life was in danger because of it,” he said softly.
“But I’m fine,” I said once again. “Modern medicine is a wonderful thing.”
“But being in remission is not the same as being cured, it just means that your leukemia is kinda like laying low for now, how do you know that it won’t come back?” he asked.
“The doctor said that a lot of people go into remission and never come out of it, which means that the cancer never comes back.”
“But how do you know for sure?”
“I don’t, but I’m going to simply live my life and hope for the best.”

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