Love Works In Mysterious Ways

Angel’s point of view

I walked into my class and slumped down in my seat. I did not want to be there. The class was so boring that even the paint on the walls looked more interesting.
“Hey Ang,” said my best friend Kelly while sliding into the seat next to mine.
“Hey Kel,” I replied taking out my notebook.
“Did you hear what happened at the Backstreet Boys concert yesterday?” asked Kelly.
I looked at her as I heard the word ‘concert’. “No, what happened?”
“Nick’s harness snapped and he was almost killed, but thankfully he grabbed onto Brian before he could fall,” replied Kelly.
“Are you serious?” I asked.
Kelly nodded. “Completely.”
‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘The guy’s name that I bumped into the day before was Nick.’ I guessed that he at least listened to my warning and was thankfully alive at that point.
“Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?” asked Kelly suspiciously looking at me.
“Nothing, just thinking about something,” I said. Kelly didn’t know about my so-called ‘gifts’. No one knew except Drew and myself.
“Oh, what about?” asked Kelly.
“Nothing important,” I assured her.
“Was it about a guy?” said Kelly grinning.
“No it wasn’t, now be quiet, class is about to start,” I told her and Kelly rolled her eyes at me. She knew that I hated that class and there was no way I’d actually want to pay attention in it.

Nick’s point of view

“Please?” I whined.
“No, now stop asking,” stated Kevin.
“But why can’t I just sing on the stage while you guys are flying on those things?” I asked.
“Because that would look weird and besides, the harnesses, especially yours, were already checked over a million times, there’s nothing wrong with them and yours is not going to break,” explained Kevin in that know-it-all tone of his.
“What if it does break?” I challenged.
“Nick! You’re going and that’s final, end of discussion,” snapped Kevin and walked away to get into his costume. I folded my arms over my chest and began to sulk. I did NOT want to go up on that thing again. I’d probably be so nervous that I would forget the words to the song.
“Hey Nick,” greeted Brian as he came up to me.
I grunted in response.
“Geez, what’s gotten into you?” he asked.
“Oh I don’t know, could it be the fear of falling and breaking my neck?” I asked sarcastically.
“Nick, that was a one-time thing, it’s not going to happen again,” assured Brian.
“So you say,” I told him and the walked away to get something to drink. As I opened up my bottle of mineral water my mind drifted back to the girl that had warned me about my harness. I hoped that since I bumped into her in Florida, she lived there and there was a chance that I could find her. I wanted to thank her for saving my life. But I wouldn’t be able to do that right away since when the guys and me would get home we would still have to do a show there to make up to the fans for what happened on the previous one.
I sighed and looked at the clock on the wall; thirty minutes before show time. It was time for me to go and get the harness secured to myself. Did I want to go? Hell no.

Angel’s point of view

“Finally!” I exclaimed as my last professor said that class was over.
“Happy?” asked Drew grinning as he walked beside me.
“Unbelievably,” I replied. “This is your last class too right?” I asked.
“Yep, now we get to go home,” said Drew and opened the door for me. We walked out into the warm April afternoon. “So where did you park the car this morning?” asked Drew.
I thought for a minute. “There’s a good question,” I said laughing.
“Ang! You don’t remember where you parked?” exclaimed Drew.
“Calm down, I was just kidding,” I told him. “I parked over there,” I said and pointed at a nearby street, where surely enough, the car stood.
“Oh okay,” said Drew letting out a breath of relief.
“You worry easily,” I said and opened the door on the driver’s side.
“How can I not? You’re my sister,” retorted Drew jokingly.
“Ha ha,” I said. Drew got into the car, we buckled our seatbelts and I carefully eased the car out of its parking space.
We were home in no time.
“So now what?” I asked as we walked into our house and I closed the door behind us.
“Well, I’m going with my friends to hang out for a while, are you going to be okay alone?” asked Drew with slight worry in his voice.
“Drew, I’m the same age as you are, in case you forgot,” I said. He never gave up; he always worried. He acted like he was three years older than me, instead of merely three minutes.
“Sure?” asked Drew.
“Yes I’m sure, go have fun!” I told him and of course mentally shoved him towards the door.
“You really need to stop doing that,” warned Drew while smiling.
“Oh what are you going to do? Read my mind? Ooo, I’m so scared!” I teased.
“I’m warning you sis,” said Drew shaking his finger at me.
I simply grinned and went to the living room.
“Okay fine, but if something happens, don’t come crying to me!” yelled out Drew, laughed, and then left. I laughed softly at what an overprotective brother he was, then plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV, without the remote of course.
After about a half an hour of flipping through channels I got bored because there was absolutely nothing on. I turned the TV off and looked around the room trying to figure out what I was supposed to do to keep myself busy. I decided since I was bored anyway, I might as well work on my telekinesis a little. I wanted it to become stronger and I knew that if I wanted that to happen, I needed to constantly challenge myself. I got up and stood in the middle of the room. I concentrated on picking up the coffee table. In a few minutes I succeeded, the coffee table hovered a few inches above the floor. I gently let it down and then moved onto to the armchair. That took a lot more energy out of me but I managed to raise it about two inches off of the floor. I let it down and took a deep breath. My head was spinning a little. That always happened if I was trying to lift something large. I knew that nothing would happen if I took it a little slower. I looked at the couch and focused all of my energy on it. As the left side of the couch slowly raised itself off of the floor, I got incredibly dizzy. I tried to stop but it was too late, I passed out a second later.

Drew’s point of view

I panicked as I realized that I couldn’t feel Angel anymore, well, feel her thoughts and feelings anyway. It was like our cord of communication had been cut off. I knew that something was incredibly wrong.
“Drew, where are you going?” asked my friend Ken when he saw me get up from the table that me, him, and a couple of other guys were sitting at.
“I gotta get home, something happened to Angel,” I told him.
“But you haven’t even touched your food yet,” protested another friend of mine, Steve.
“I know I know, but I have to get home,” I said hurriedly.
“How do you know that something is wrong?” asked another guy, Tom.
“It’s a twin thing,” I said shrugging.
“You want us to come with you?” offered Steve.
“No that’s okay, I’m within walking distance from my house, I’ll catch up with you guys later,” I told them and quickly ran out of the diner. I was home about five minutes later. “ANGEL?” I yelled out as I stepped into the house. Silence. “ANG!!” I screamed as I ran into the kitchen. No one there. I ran into the living room and my eyes widened with shock. She was lying there near the couch, unconscious. “Oh my God!” I said and ran up to her. I kneeled down near her and felt for a pulse. She had one and she was breathing. But why was she unconscious? I didn’t have time to figure it out. I had to bring her back quickly. I put my hands on her and poured my healing energy into her. About ten seconds later I felt her move and then she opened her eyes.
“Ugh, what happened?” she asked drowsily as she tried to get up.
“That’s what I’d like to know,” I said picking her up and placing her gently on the couch. “What were you doing?” I asked.
“I was just picking up stuff, you know, with my telekinesis. I picked up the coffee table and the armchair, but when I tried lifting the couch, I guess I was too tired and I probably passed out,” she explained.
“Ang, what did I tell you about using your powers like that when you’re alone?” I asked sternly.
“You said not to do it,” she replied sighing. “But I was bored, and there was nothing on TV, so I thought I might do something useful for a change,” she added.
“Passing out is not useful,” I stated. “I nearly had a heart attack when I felt you disconnect, as you might call it,” I told her.
“I’m sorry, I really am, I didn’t think that something like this would happen,” she said apologetically.
“Okay, just promise me you won’t do it again,” I said softly.
“I promise,” said Angel. I then hugged her tightly. I didn’t know what I would do if I ever lost her. She was my entire world.

Nick’s point of view

I was finally home and there were no more concerts for at least three months. Now I could concentrate on finding that girl. But how? The city was big and I didn’t even know where to start. I decided that I would just have to hope that luck was on my side. I was going to go to the place where I first bumped into her, and then just walk around and look for her there. I hoped that that would actually work.
An hour later I was walking down the street when I saw her. There was no mistaking; it was definitely her. I quickly caught up with her.
“Hi,” I said. She looked at me and her face registered recognition.
“Hi,” she replied. “Are you okay?” she asked.
“Yeah, just fine, thanks to you,” I said sincerely.
“No need to thank me,” she said shyly.
“You saved my life,” I told her. “That’s definitely something to thank you for,” I added.
“You’re welcome,” she said and smiled.
“I’m Nick Carter,” I said extending my hand to her.
She shook it. “I’m Angel Haven,” she said.
“Angel?” I asked. She nodded. “It fits you perfectly, I also actually have a sister named Angel,” I said.
“Cool, so you live around here?” she asked.
“Yeah, I just got back from touring,” I replied.
“Oh right, you’re a singer,” she said nodding. “Backstreet Boys right?” she asked.
“Yeah, but I thought you didn’t know who I was that time when we bumped into each other,” I said.
“I didn’t, my best friend is a fan and she told me what happened at your concert, I put two and two together and figured that you were the Nick I had met,” she replied.
“Oh, which reminds me, exactly how did you know that my harness was going to snap?”
“Um, that’s not important, the important thing is that you listened and you’re fine now.”
“How can I ever repay you?”
“You don’t have to repay me,” said Angel shaking her head. “I’m just glad that you didn’t fall.”
“Well, you gotta let me do something, how about I walk you home?” I suggested.
Angel looked thoughtful for a minute. “Okay sure,” she decided and smiled at me again. I noticed that her smile lit up her face and her eyes were the most interesting color of blue, they actually looked more silver than blue.
“Lead the way,” I said and grinned. Angel laughed and we started walking.

Angel’s point of view

I looked over at Nick from the corner of my eye. He was absolutely gorgeous, no doubt about it. I could easily see why millions of girls were going nuts over him. I never even heard any of his music. When I told that to Kelly she looked like I just told her that I was from another planet or something, she immediately took out a cd from her book bag and told me to listen to it. It was the Backstreet Boys’ Black & Blue cd. I did listen to it a couple of days ago and it was really good. I didn’t know how I hadn’t heard any of the songs before.
“So how old are you?” asked Nick.
“I’m eighteen, what about you?” I said.
“Twenty one,” he replied. “You go to school?”
“Yep, freshman in college,” I said nodding.
“That’s pretty cool, do you like it?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s great, I’m really enjoying all of my classes,” I said enthusiastically.
“What are you majoring in?”
“I’m not sure yet, I’m interested in a few different things, unlike my brother who already decided that he wants to be a lawyer,” I said chuckling.
“Is your brother older or younger?” asked Nick.
“He’s my twin, he’s older than me by three minutes,” I replied. I then looked at the street and realized that we were already at my house. “Okay, this is me,” I said and pointed at my house a few feet away from us.
“It’s really nice,” commented Nick.
“Thanks,” I said. “You want something to drink?” I asked.
“Yeah, that would be great,” said Nick smiling. He had a great smile.
We both went inside and he followed me into the kitchen. I poured us two glasses of ice tea and gave one to Nick.
“Thanks,” he said taking the glass from my hand. Our fingers brushed against each other and my heart started beating a little faster. But then I told myself not to get carried away with this, Nick was famous, there’s no way that he would want a normal, well sorta normal, girl like me.
“So you live around here too?” I asked while sipping my ice tea.
“Yep, I actually live about ten minutes away from you,” replied Nick. “But I’ve never seen you around here before,” he added.
“Well, Drew, that’s my brother, and me only moved here a few months ago,” I said.
“Oh, you live alone? Where are your parents?” asked Nick.
“They were killed in a car accident eleven years ago,” I said softly.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Nick, his blue eyes filling with sympathy.
“It’s okay, I’ve learned to deal with it and move on,” I said sighing deeply. Nick nodded in understanding. Then we both heard a door slam and seconds later Drew walked in.
“Hey Ang,” he said to me and looked at Nick curiously.
“Drew, this is Nick, Nick this is my brother Drew,” I said introducing them.
“Hey,” said Nick nodding to Drew.
“Hey,” said Drew in return. He’s the guy you saved? I heard Drew’s mental question.
Yes. I then turned to Nick and smiled at him. He grinned back and looked at his watch.
“Oh man, I gotta go, I’m supposed to meet my friends in fifteen minutes,” he said getting up. I was sorry to see him go.
“Okay,” I said getting up and following him to the door. “I’ll see you around,” I told him.
Nick nodded. “Definitely,” he said and smiled again. He then left. I closed the door and leaned against it.
“Soo, that was Nick huh?” asked Drew coming into the foyer.
“Yes it was, he saw me on the street and decided to thank me for saving his life,” I replied.
“Ooh, I see,” said Drew nodding. He then looked at me. “And you’ve got a crush on him!” he announced.
“I do not!” I retorted.
“You do too! Face it Ang, you can’t hide anything from me,” he said grinning and folded his arms over his chest.
“Okay fine, so what if I do? It’s not like anything is going to happen between us,” I said shrugging.
“Why not?” asked Drew.
“Think about it, he can have any girl he wants, why would he want me?” I challenged.
“Because any guy would be lucky to have you,” said Drew softly.
“You have to say that cause you’re my brother,” I told him.
“Funny Ang, but you never know what might happen in the future,” he said.
“Drew, of all people, I know best what is or what isn’t going to happen in the future, and trust me, this isn’t gonna happen,” I told him.
Drew shrugged. “Love works in mysterious ways.”

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