Angel's point of view

"Ang! I think you forgot this!" yelled out Nick.
I looked at the suitcase in front of me. What could I have possibly forgotten? I mean, there were two more suitcases in the room that were filled to capacity.
Nick walked into my room holding a toothbrush. He handed it to me grinning.
"Nick, I have to brush my teeth tomorrow you know," I pointed out.
He grinned sheepishly. "Oh, right, I forgot about that," he said running a hand through his hair. He then put his arms around me and hugged me tightly. "I still can't believe you're going on tour with me, this is gonna be so great!"
"I know!" I said enthusiastically.
At that moment Drew walked into my room. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked.
I nodded.
"In private?" he added looking at Nick.
Nick shrugged and left the room.
I looked at my brother. "Okay, so what is it?" I asked.
"Are you sure you can handle going on tour with him?" asked Drew, concern in his eyes.
"I'm fine, how many times to I have to tell you that?" I exclaimed. Enough was enough.
"But if something happens I won't be there to heal you!"
"Drew, listen to me, nothing is going to happen! I'm fine. My leukemia is in remission and it'll never come back. Besides, even if something did happen, you wouldn't be able to do anything about it, so please, just let me be happy with Nick."
Drew sighed. "I can't help but worry, you're all I have left."
My face expression softened at his words. "I know, and I feel the same about you, but you gotta let me live my own life, you can't watch out for me forever."
"I wish I could," said Drew softly.
"I'll be fine, I promise, please don't worry," I told him.
"You're sure?"
"I'm one hundred percent sure," I said with a reassuring smile.
Drew smiled. "But if something does go wrong-"
"-I'll call you right away," I finished the sentence.
"Okay, when did you get so smart anyway?" he asked grinning.
"I always was," I replied and went to look for Nick. I found him in the living room watching TV.
He looked up when he heard me approach. "You know, I don't think your brother likes me very much," he said frowning.
"Nick, don't worry, Drew's just very overprotective," I assured him.
"Are you sure? Cause I really don't think he approves of you going on tour with me," said Nick with hesitation in his voice.
At that moment Drew walked into the room. "Nick, I'm sorry I acted like I didn't approve of Angel going on tour. But you gotta understand, she's my sister and I worry about her, now more than ever," explained Drew, sadness creeping into his eyes.
"I have sisters, I know what it's like," said Nick nodding.
"How many?" asked Drew.
"Three," replied Nick. "And a brother," he added.
"You're the oldest?"
"Yep," said Nick grinning. "At least I'm the oldest somewhere," he said with a laugh.
Drew shot him a confused look.
"I'm the youngest member of the group," explained Nick.
"Oh, well, I'm sure you'll take care of Angel," he said honestly.
"I will," said Nick nodding.
"Nick, come on, we still have to go over to your house and pack up your stuff," I said breaking into the conversation. Hearing my brother and my boyfriend talk about me like I wasn't in the room was annoying.
"Of course, how could I forget?" groaned Nick. Hmm, did he really hate packing that much? Then again, with his life…I laughed slightly at the thought.
"Come on, let's go," I said grabbing his arm and dragging him towards the door. "We'll be back in a few hours!" I called out to Drew and slammed the door behind me.
"I hate packing," complained Nick as he unlocked his car.
"Apparently," I said laughing.
Nick shot me a dirty look. "Oh yeah? Well, do it a gazillion times a year and then we'll see who'll be laughing," he said, but couldn't hold back a smile.
I laughed and got into the car. The drive to his house only took a couple of minutes. Nick had driven to my house only because he was too lazy to walk, I suspected.
I had been to his house only a couple of times and I always marveled at how huge the place was. We crossed the well-manicured lawn and Nick unlocked the door.
"Home sweet home," I announced cheerfully, grinning at him.
"Not for long," he mumbled.
"Nick, cheer up, packing is not that bad," I told him as we walked up the large carpeted staircase.
"Right," he stated and opened the door to his bedroom.
"Um, Nick, does your room have the perfect climate for a tornado or something?" I asked looking around. While I had been to his house before, I had never been to his room.
"Not really, I'm just…uh…" said Nick grinning and rubbing the back of his neck.
"…A pig?" I finished for him laughing.
"Hey! I resent that!" he said and started tickling me.
"Okay, okay, I take it back, you're not a pig," I said trying to catch my breath.
"That's better," said Nick and kissed my nose.
"Yeah, calling you a pig would be an insult to pigs everywhere," I said mischievously.
"You really want to get tickled don't you?" he said grinning and moved towards me.
"Nope!" I exclaimed and ran out of his room and downstairs to the living room. Nick caught up with me in no time but I was ready for him. As soon as he appeared in the room, I used my telekinesis to launch a pillow into him. Doing it that way was more accurate than throwing it with my hands.
"Hey!" he exclaimed as the pillow hit his chest and bounced off, falling onto the floor. "That's not fair, I can't do that," he complained.
"You have arms don't you?" I said grinning.
Nick grinned and picked up the pillow. "True, very true," he said turning it over in his hands. "But if I throw this at you, you'll just reverse its direction and send it into me once again."
He knew me a little too well already. "And how do you know I'd do that?" I asked.
"Because you can," he said simply and threw the pillow on the chair next to him. "Now, you can't run from me forever," he said grinning and approached me.
"You are not tickling me!" I laughed and moved away. We circled the couch, and I made sure to always be opposite of Nick.
"Guess what?" he said suddenly stopping.
I stopped. "What?"
"I can jump over the couch!" he said laughing and did just that. Before I knew it, I was on the floor getting tickled by Nick.
"Okay…okay…Nick…I…give…up…" I was trying to catch my breath but he wasn't giving me the chance. So I did the only thing I could think of. I started tickling him. I felt his body immediately react and Nick started laughing loudly. "Ticklish, aren't we?" I teased and tickled him harder. So there we were, rolling around on the floor, tickling each other like two five year olds.
"Oh, this is an interesting sight," came a deep voice from the hallway. Nick and me stopped rolling around and looked at whom the voice belonged to.
"Hey Kev," said Nick and got up, pulling me up with him.
"Are you two packed?" he asked.
"I am," I announced cheerfully.
Kevin grinned. "Nick?" he asked, turning his head towards my boyfriend.
Nick looked at the floor sheepishly. "Well, I was gonna…and then there was this tickling fight…and then you walked in," he said trailing off when I ran out of excuses.
Kevin laughed. "How about you go pack now?" he suggested and pointed upstairs.
Nick nodded and held out his hand to me. I took it and followed him up the stairs to his room. "But Nick, I'm warning you, if whatever it is that's probably already growing under your bed or in your closet tries to eat me, I'm suing you," I warned him lightheartedly.
"Yeah yeah," said Nick dismissing it with a wave of his hand and then turned his head to grin at me. That smile, he could get away with anything just by flashing that smile to me, and he knew it.


"Ang, wake up," I heard Drew say softly. I made an attempt at a groaning noise and then turned my back away from him. "Nick's gonna be here in a half an hour," he added.
"Just five more minutes," I told him, my voice muffled by the fact that I had stuffed myself under my comforter.
"Not even five seconds," said my brother.
"Dreeew," I groaned.
"Angeeel," he groaned the same way.
"Ugh, fine," I mumbled and pulled my comforter off of my head. "I'm up okay?" I said glaring at him.
"Sure you are, and as soon as I step out of this room, you're going to fall back asleep," he said folding his arms over his chest.
I shrugged.
"Angel, you're going on tour with Nick, I thought you'd want to get up," he told me.
I made a face. "I would've wanted to get up when the sun was at least up," I said, pointing towards my window, which revealed no sunlight since sunrise was not for another couple of hours. "It's four thirty in the morning! Do you know how early that is?"
"Duh, I'm up aren't I?" he asked sarcastically.
"Fine, I'm getting up," I said swinging my legs over my bed and standing up. "Happy?" I asked, matching his earlier sarcasm.
"Ecstatic," he said grinning overenthusiastically.
I rolled my eyes and dragged myself into the bathroom.
Twenty minutes later, miraculously, I was standing in the living room checking to make sure I didn't forget anything.
"Are you sure about this?" asked Drew coming towards me, his silvery-blue eyes full of concern.
"I'm positive, stop worrying," I told him. I held up my cell phone. "I'll call you every day," I promised.
"Just Ang, please don't overexert yourself," pleaded Drew.
I shot him a look. "Did you seem to forget who's going to be up on stage performing? In case you did forget, here's a clue, it's not me!" I said laughing.
Drew sighed at my joke. He really was trying to be serious. That was the problem with my brother, always too serious. "Just please be careful okay?" he said softly.
"Everything will be fine Drew, I promise," I said and hugged him tightly. I was gonna miss my brother.
The doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Nick standing there perfectly awake with a huge smile on his face. How the guy was up at five in the morning, I'll never know.
"Hi," I said tiredly, while yawning.
"Hey you," said Nick and kissed me deeply. I gladly returned the kiss, feeling myself wake up.
"Hey Nick," came Drew's greeting from the living room.
"Hey," said Nick after his lips disconnected from mine.
"Take care of her okay?" said Drew softly, looking at Nick and me.
Nick nodded. "Always."
I smiled at him and he returned the smile.
A half an hour later we were piling into the bus that stood near my house.
"You have everything?" asked Drew anxiously.
I laughed. "Yes, stop worrying already," I told him.
"Come on guys, we gotta go, we still have to pick up the rest of the group," said the bus driver to Nick and me.
I looked at Drew. "I'll be fine," I assured him. I hugged him tightly and then stepped onto the bus with Nick behind me. I couldn't wait for the tour to start; it was going to be so exciting.

chapter 9 coming soon