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Stories By Me

Hey again! Having fun so far? Hope so! These story(ies) is/are written by me. Don't take them!!!

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the BSB, their mangement, band, record company in ANY way. In other words Don't Sue Me!!

Ghostly Encounters Nicole and Nick have been best friends since the beginning of time. Nothing can separate them. But what about murder?(I've decided to not continue this story)

By Your Side Hope Henderson has nothing left. Her parents were killed in a terrible accident, her boyfriend left her, and she had no real friends. She was about to give up, until she met him.

Back To Your Heart Nick and Maya have been together for three year, but that all ends when Nick goes to Brian's bachelor party. Read the story of what Nick does to get his lost love back for good.

Please send me feedback. I really wanna know what you guyz think of my stories. Thanx. (Please, no hate mail)

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