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Chapter 5

The next morning Nick was the first one up. He went through all the cupboards, searching for breakfast and finally he settled some Cap'n Crunch.

Brian trudged down the stairs and started making some coffee.


Brian grunted in response. Nick already knew that he wasn't a morning person, but that wasn't going to ruin his day. The day that Maya was coming.

Brian sat across from Nick and drank his coffee in silence while Nick was munching rather loudly on cereal.

Brian gave him a Look and Nick gave him a goofy grin in response. He looked away and returned to his coffee.

"Hey Bri??"

"What?", he said in a cranky voice.

"You know what today is right?"

"Hmmm.... lemme take a wild guess. Maya's coming?"

"Yup!!", Nick said acting like a child the day before Christmas.

"When's she coming again?", Brian asked getting out of his early morning crankiness.

"12. You wanna come with me?"

"I can't. I promised Leighanne I'd do some last minute shopping with her."


Shantel walked down the stairs in her pjs.

"Hey Shantel.", Brian said.


Nick pretended that he didn't see her come in and occupied himself by reading the cereal box.

Shantel proceeded in getting herself some breakfast and then she sat in the seat next to Nick. The moment she sat, Nick stood up and put his bowl in the sink and went upstairs.

"What's with him?", Shantel asked.

"Beats me."

Finally it was 11:00AM and it was time for Nick to pick up Maya.

Just as he was leaving, Shantel came downstairs.

"Hey Nick. Where are ya going?"

"I'm gonna go pick up Maya.", he answered trying to keep the conversation as short as possible.

"Can I come with you?"

"Umm, I was uh planning on uh taking her out for awhile before she came home."

"Oh okay. Well, have fun.", she said knowing to well what the truth was. I'll get you later, Nicky.

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