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i like nachos!!!!!

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  • Order 25 tacos at the drive-thru, then just pull off.
  • Demand to speak with that talking Chihuahua.
  • Ask for ketchup with your nachos.
  • Ask if they accept Mexican money.
  • Tell them you want a taco, but tell them without the shell.
  • Scream "VIVA GORDITAS!" the whole time you are in there.
  • Order nachos; without cheese.

    i like nachos i like nachos i like nachos i like nachos i like nachos hahaha i like them and they are nocho arffic. did you know? lets eat some nachos!!!

  • Ask if you can super size your taco.
  • Claim that you are the voice-over guy for that talking dog.
  • Order McTaco Nuggets.
  • Ask if you can push the buttons on the register.
  • Pretend like you can't hear them over the intercom, then peel out loudly.
  • Order a coke, then ask for mild sauce for your coke.
  • Bring in your own food and just sit at one of their tables.
  • Refuse to drink the "Mexican water".
  • Fill your own cup up, then dump it out. Repeat that.
  • Tell the guy you want a chicken fajita without chicken or sauce.
  • Ask if you can test a taco. Eat the whole thing.
  • Ask people outside Taco Bell's door if they know where the local Taco Bell is. Sign My Guestbook i like nachos! View My Guestbook