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updated: 01/10/02 - Family Ties

I'm sorry to tell you guys that I am not accepting any more fanfics to host at the moment on this site. I am pretty busy right now and will be very busy pretty soon and it wouldn't be fair to anyone to have to sit and wait to get hosted. If you visit the site that I co-write on, Auctor has agreed to help me with hosting. Go to Click here and email us and we will get you hosted on that site. Thanks for understanding.


Ground Zero - by: Chaos Rainz The last thing Nick remembers is being attacked in his hotel room. Problem is it's a week later, he's recovering from injuries he doesn't remember getting, and he's being stalked by the man who claims to be responsible. Time is running out for Nick to identify the stalker before he strikes again. - not complete but updated frequently.

A Father's Love - by: Billy Burrew a good story definately worth the while to check it out!

A Letter to Santa - by Billy Burrew: A special bond brings a letter for an important request to Santa

Family Ties - by Amy: Nick Carter had grown in the shadows of the limelight, but in doing so he grew away from his family. As the chance arrives to spend a special weekend together true emotions come into play. - *not finished yet* updated 01/10/02

Til Death - by Kerri:

A Christmas Story:Hannah gets to spend Christmas Eve with a BSB.

*Test of Faith - by Heidi: A member of the BSB is hiding the pain he is feeling from his friends. Tragedy strikes at a concert. Will the friendship be enough to keep them together or tear them apart? - *not finished yet* updated 5/19/00

Living In a Nightmare - by Heidi - *not finished yet* posted 6/18/00 Back To Your Heart - by Betty Brian Littrell still loves his ex-girlfriend Emily, except she doesn't realize until one day fate brings them together. Is this love strong enough? What will happen now that Brian is in Emily's presence again?

On A Shooting Star - by Betty: Nick and Rachel start out on a very bad note. She doesn't like him at all yet he likes her a lot. What will happen now?

Guardian Angel by Isaura:Caroline never got over the death of her twin brother, Howard. Check out what happens on her 18th birthday.

Unlikely Bodyguard by *Auctor: Maggie is the manager of a theatre that has the BSB there for an autograph session. Things get out of control and it's up to Maggie to protect Brian from danger.

*Please Come Home by Jessica: Aaron Carter is fed up with being ignored at home and decides to runaway. It's up to Nick and Brian to start searching for him! posted on 5/19/00

*Who Would've Thought by Megan: Kevin Richardson meets a girl named Chloe. See how they start a friendship that may turn into more than that! posted on 5/19/00

*Wish Upon A Star By Sam: Nick and Angela were best friends and their friendship turned into something more. Nick leaves on tour and returns hoping things will pick up to where it was when he left her. Will things ever be the same again? posted on 5/20/00

*The Magic Mandy: The BSB meet some girls with mystical powers.. posted on 5/31/00

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