Nick Carter's Diary

Please!! I don't know Nick Carter, this is just what I think his diary would look like when he is touring!!

Sunday, March 12, 2000 1:35 p.m.:

Another long, boring trip from Indiana to Michigan. We had just gotten onto I-69, and of course, that brought all sorts of comments from AJ, the sick puppy that he is. Mister 69!! Anyway, we don't have a show until tomorrow night, which is good, leaves us time to rest and relax a little. Spent most of the trip signing pics and reading mail and messing on the computer.

3:45 p.m.:

Already "unpacked" and moved into the 5th floor at the Kellogg Center Hotel. I had to look at the stationary, I never know where we are. Just finished calling home to see how everyone was, of course no answer so left a message on the machine. Brian and Lee are playing cards, how those two can play Uno day in and day out, I'll never know. It's either Uno or Scrabble. We debated on what to do for dinner.

7:30 p.m.:

Me, Howie and AJ walked in the tunnel to the auditorium to check out the set up. It was cool walking in the tunnel underground, kinda spooky too. I ran ahead and hid in a indentation in the wall. Jumped out and scared the shit out of Howie, god, he looked like he shit his pants! The stage was a lot smaller than the promo people figured so I guess they are setting up more seats tomorrow and selling them. Roadies were still finishing up the finals on the set up.

8:35 p.m.:

Got a call from home. They were busy today (on a Sunday?!?) with Les. Everyone was doing good and Mom was getting over her cold, still sounded hoarse, she said she's been feeling "icky" since her birthday the other day, but would survive. Told her I was planning on flying in on Saturday the 1st. Talked to Dad and he told me there was a problem with the alarm at the house in Tampa. I told him I would be sure to check it out when I arrived home on the 16th.

10:00 p.m.:

Phone call from WJXP for a live phone interview. That tied me up for about 40 minutes. God, I was really beat by the time we finished. Jumped online quick before turning in, check my emial and sent a few emails out.

Monday, March 13, 2000:

7:00 a.m.

Woke up to find Brian staring at me! He does that all the time, he can make a guy pretty paranoid! We were going to go to the Hotel restaurant, but after checking the area out, Jay and Steve told us it was not in the best interest for security. Brian and I ate breakfast in our room.

8:30 a.m.:

Call in from WLAR for a live morning interview. Wanted this one to go fast as we had plans to shoot some hoops with MSU players! Brian and I were excited, this was going to be fun. Wasn't informed by Dave that we had to do promo sayings for stations (thank you very much, Dave!) This ended up taking us until around 11:30!! I was pissed. Fortunately, the players weren't expecting us until 1:00 p.m., so we had plenty of time to send Jay to McDonald's to get lunch before we took the tunnel to the practice court. (Gotta love the tunnels!)

5:00 p.m.:

Psyching myself up for tonight's show. I get a bad case of nerves everytime! I spent a little time online to unwind in a chat. Talked with a few online friends, so it was all good. Crowds were starting to form in front of the hotel, which I thought was kinda funny since we would be walking underground to the concert!!!

7:00 p.m.: Walked in with Kevin over to the venue. Howie was already there. Concert people had us go to the players locker room and hang out until it was our time. Some of the road crew were set up in the halls, it gets so cramped!! Spent most of the time messing with a basketball, AJ was getting pissed at me, so I kept it up! Ha! He gets too easily annoyed. We found out there was a camera we could control in the locker room, so we were scoping out fans! We were "pretending picking" girls for each other. I always picked someone's mom for Kevin....I was hoping they fixed the lights under the octogon. We had a hell of a time changing between sets the other night.

11:25 p.m.:

Another concert ended. Two more to go and we were done! It has been such a long tour. I love the fans, but I am really getting homesick and just want to be alone for a week or two. Took the tunnel out to the bus. Lee was already on with the dogs, taking off to Canada. I'm planning on crashing in my bunk until we get there. Will check my email and go to sleep.