The Chase

 It was a boring, rainy day while the guys were having some downtime on their Millennium Tour.  Nick sat in the chair in a corner of the hotel room he and Brian shared, drumming the table with his hands, humming a song.
 Brian looked up from his laptop computer. “Nick! For crying out loud, would ya stop it?”

 Nick continued to drum the table, singing a song, ignoring Brian’s request.

 “NICKY! For the love of God!”

 “Wha.....oh, Bri, I am just bored, sorry.”  Nick said as he stood up and looked out the hotel room window.  Looking down at the street, he was not suprized to see a small group of girls staked outside the hotel.  “We did elevator races already twice today, what can we do for exciting fun and entertainment now?”

 Brian, intently working on his computer, didn’t bother looking up at Nick.  “Play Nintendo, watch TV.”

 Nick pressed his face against the cold glass looking at the Toronto skyline.  “Hey, I know! Hows about a game of hide and seek? I go hide and you look for me, okay?”

 Brian mumbled something which Nick took as a yes.

 “Okay, give me five minutes and then start looking for me.” Nick said as he sprinted towards the door.

 “”  Brian replied softly, but Nick had already left the room and didn’t hear him.

 Nick looked up and down the long hallway trying to find a good hiding place.  He spotted a utility closet, and trying the door, was happy to find it ajar.  Nick pushed the door open, pushing a bucket that had apparently held it open.  As he searched for a light, the door slammed shut behind him.  In complete darkness, Nick frantically tried to open the door, but it was locked from the inside! Nick yelled and pounded on the door, but since the room was sound proof, no one heard his cries for help.

 Feeling around in the dark room, Nick found another door. Turning the knob, he was relieved to find it unlocked.  He opened the door to a dimly lit stairwell.

 “Ah, thank god, a way out.”  Nick said as he wasted no time running down the flight of stairs.  On each floor landing, Nick tried the
doors, but every one of them were locked.  Finally, the last door was
unlocked.  Nick excitedly pushed it open and darted out.  The door
slammed shut.  Nick found himself standing barefoot in a back alley
next to the hotel.

 “Oh my god, it’s Nick Carter!”  a girl shrieked.

 Nick looked to his left and saw a group of about 40 girls running
towards him.  Nick ran the opposite way away from them towards the

 As he ran down the sidewalk trying hard to stay ahead of the rush, more and more girls joined in the pack. Due to a misjudgment on Nick’s part, he ran into a dead end alley.  When he realized his mistake, Nick turned around to see over 200 girls screaming and running towards him.

 Winded, Nick managed to scream out as he found the strength in his adrenaline rush to scale and jump over a 20 foot chain link fence.  When he tried to jump down, the fence snagged his jeans and Nick was hanging upside down.  He tried frantically to free himself and could feel the fence sway from the girls pushing on it and reaching for him and pulling at his clothes and hair.

 Nick’s only choice was to unzip and slide out of his jeans.  Once Nick was freed, the girls screamed wildly as they watched Nick run away from them wearing nothing but his underwear and a T-shirt.

 Nick smiled sheepishly when he entered the hotel lobby.  An elderly man pulled his wife closer when Nick walked past them towards the elevators.

 “Aw, come on! Oh, for crying out loud, not now!”  Nick mumbled as he waited for the elevator.  When the elevator arrived, Nick stepped aside to let a little girl and her mother off.  He kept his head bowed, trying not to make eye contact.  Nick felt safe once he got onto the elevator, but was shocked to find that the little girl had pressed all the buttons on the elevator, which meant that he would be stopping on every floor until he got to the 10th floor.

 “Oh, this is just perfect.”  Nick said to himself sarcastically.

 After what seemed like forever to him, the elevator finally arrived on the 10th floor.  Nick dashed to the door of his room and knocked.

 Brian cautiously opened the door to find Nick sweaty, dirty, red faced and out of breath.

 “Don’t say it,” Nick said as he pushed by Brian and collapsed onto the bed.

 Brian chuckled, “Um, okay I won’t, but, ah, Nick, you might want to say something to the girl  and the camera crew from MTV’s FANactic.”

 Nick put a pillow over his face, “Oh, god, why me?”

The End